First Island Appearance Mummy's foo-foo
Last Island Appearance Definitely NOT my Mummy's foo-foo
Age 42
Origin United Kingdom
Status Alive, hopefully.
Profession Police officer
In Australia... To visit the set of Neighbours
On the flight... to stalk Holly Valance, Alan Dale and Jessie Spencer in LA.
Family Members...

The Family Stone
Sly Stone
Freddie Stone
Larry Graham
Rose Stone
Cynthia Robinson
Jerry Martini


NigelWebb was born a poor black child. He is also The Other's barber. Before arriving on the island, NigelWebb saw Hurley get peckish in a puzzle factory and eat Dave.

Lost: Deleted Scenes

Charlie's Last Laugh

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  • NigelWebb only has four toes
  • NigelWebb made Walt age rapidly.
  • NigelWebb puts eyeliner on Richard Alpert when he's asleep.
  • NigelWebb stole Sawyer's porn.
  • NigelWebb was in the coffin
  • NigelWebb is a nanobot.
  • NigelWebb is a dead nanobot.
  • NigelWebb is a dead nanobot in purgatory.
  • NigelWebb + Shoe-polish = Yemi.
  • NigelWebb lost broke his key off in Locke.
  • NigelWebb impreganated Sun
  • NigelWebb is what Kate did


  • NigelWebb was the first to call Hugo 'Hurley'.
  • NigelWebb is NOT PENNYS BOAT.
  • NigelWebb has a tiny hatch.
  • NigelWebb kisses like a washing machine.
  • NigelWebb licks both sides of the stamp.

Top 5 Episodes

# Title Why
5 3X08 DEsmondWakesUp Flashes Before Your Eyes Desmond's lucid flashback was crammed with details that had my mind spinning for days. It also introduced the idea of fate and destiny being somehow connected to right and wrong, which eventually saw the death of Charlie. Once again, Desmond proves that he is more entertaining than any of the new characters, and even more interesting than some of the original Losties (ahem...Kate!)
4 3X11 PatchyGivesUp Enter 77 Lots of questions answered, loads more asked. While most of season one was about getting into The Swan, it filled me with glee to encounter a new DHARMA station and have it destroyed in the same episode. Lost is often accused of progressing too slow, this episode was the antidote.
3 1x18 hurley Numbers Hurley's backstory was definitely the most enjoyable. Despite family bereavement, curses and general tradegy, it was good to see Hurley's character getting, er, fleshed out and to know that he's not just a light-hearted redshirt on borrowed time. Welcome to the big time, Hugo.
2 2x24 desmond-key Live Together, Die Alone The end of that boring hatch! Woo yay! It was intriguing in season 1, but I didn't want season 2 to be played out in a bunker. There's a whole island out there, I shouldn't have had to wait until season 3 to get to see it. Plus, all the food and washing machines and showers... I like my Losties down and dirty.
1 Normal glass-promo52 Through The Looking Glass My favourite episode ever. Bad Jack was excellent. He was so bad he stole his personality from House MD. He should be like that more often. Get down with your bad self, Hurley! The Big Man becomes a confirmed member of the A-Team by fucking up bad guys in a van. It doesn't get more A-Team than that. It was a shame Mr. Friendly died, I liked him, but Sawyer did have a point about the whole child abduction thing. I'm off Locke's team. He's a maniac! You can't just throw knives at people. No doubt Naomi will retrospectively become a dirty rotter and we'll all be thanking Locke, but not me. The scarred-up slaphead has played fast and loose once too often. Glad to see Charlie leave on a high. Him being a baby-drowner was the worst episode of the entire series. Funniest moment: Danielle's first words to her long lost daughter "Want to help me tie him up?"
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