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Nick683 aka Pacific Gilly 1992 (English Lostpedia Minor)

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About Me
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Hi, i am James, but my friends like to call me Gilly and I am from Wales (If you can find Wales on the map I will give you a dollar)
I love Lost because of the whole mystery thing on the island where things happen a bit different than other places so you don't really known whats going to happen next. Even though it can have the rear occasion of comedy in this Drama its one of the best the is.

Anyway Hope you enjoy my User Page...
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What I do!

Though I have very little permission on this lostpedia I still do my best to edit the most interesting parts of Lost where i see if i can add another page to all this. These include:-

This might not be that impressive at the moment but the has been pages got deleted right at the last moment and others I can't think of.

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My Favourites
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Thanks to Sawyer Hadley and his work which inspired me to create this page.

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Just when you where getting to know me.
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Its amazing the amount of edits you do over the weeks.
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Year of Birth
Place of origin
Great Britain
Wales, Great Britain
Favourite Quote
"Anything that goes up must come down?"


TV Shows I Like to Watch
LOST, Family Guy, Doctor Who, Heroes
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My Major Contributions
  • Created new pages for lostpedia as described on the left
  • Adapted

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Parody Theories!

Like parodies? Check out a few of the following:

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The Best Pages!
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Here i will be posting all the best pages from the whole lostpedia website just for you with a sub-heading for Lost Season 4 Spoliers.

Lost Season 4 Spoliers

Lost Season 1

Lost Season 2

Lost Season 3

Characters of the Month

Film Crew of the Month

Here when you think Lostpedia gets boring.
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