About Me

I'm Nick, and I'm sort of an eccentric person, one that you'll meet and go "oh, he's odd, but still pleasant". I have a lot of free time on my hands, but that doesn't mean I don't do anyhing. I'm pretty involved in my community and my school, and write for my school newspaper and whatnot. I am pretty easy going and-- oh wait, I have to go watch Lost. Bye!

TV Watching

I'm sort of a newcomer to Lost. I have never really been into television that much until summer of 2008, when I got pretty bored and decided to catch up on a whole array of shows, including Prison Break (almost over), Battlestar Galactica (over), Heroes (not over, but gotten kind of dumb), Supernatural (still going strong), Big Love, Pushing Daisies (canceled) Terminator (probably going to be canceled), and many more. I also have been watching a bunch of other new shows, most of which are canceled (Life on Mars) or are going to be canceled (Dollhouse for example). So since I really am about to have nothing to watch next year with a bunch of my shows either ending or getting canceled, I need some new stuff to watch. That being said, if I don't have anything to watch, then I kind of don't care, because one of the other shows I caught up on because I heard it was good was Lost. That show is something I could watch over and over again infinity times. I've watched it through 3 times since the first time I saw it and I am absolutely hooked, and I name it as my favorite show and I've become just as psychopathic as a lot of other Lost fans. I'm a little mad I came into it so late, in the second-to-last season, but I am so glad that I even came into it at all, because I think it is probably one of my favorite things ever for any medium of entertainment, film, books, or television. I have a deep interest in the show and I'm one of "those" fans: the crazy, theorizing kind that watches episodes a few times over in the week leading up to the next episode.

I'm going to compile my favorite Lost things; characters, episodes, moments, etc. whenever I get the time.

Ranking the Main Characters

1. Sawyer

2. Juliet

3. Desmond

4. Ben

5. Locke

6. Sun

7. Hurley

8. Sayid

9. Eko

10. Jin

11. Kate

12. Claire

13. Ana Lucia

14. Charlie

15. Daniel

16. Charlotte

17. Miles

18. Jack

19. Shannon

20. Libby

21. Walt

22. Boone

23. Michael

24. Nikki

25. Paulo

*It's worth noting that I don't dislike any of the characters except for the bottom 4 on this list: Boone, Michael, Nikki, and Paulo. Even though Jack can get on my nerves and he's ranked lower than one would expect, I generally like him when he's not being annoying or stubborn like in Whatever Happened, Happened when he refused to help save Ben.

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