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I've been a fan of LOST since I started caught the last half of the Season 1 episode "Walkabout". I was so intrigued by Locke being able to walk on the island, but being paralyzed off of it, I knew that this wasn't another show that was going to focus on the how the survivors found food, & survived on a deserted island. I knew it was going to be special. At that time I had missed 3.5 episodes & if ABC had them on the internet, I didn't know it. As hard as it was, I decided to wait until the whole Season was over & they showed re-runs every week. I watched every episode & read the full transcript of the one's they skipped. I have not been disappointed as this is the best TV show I have ever seen.

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I found out about Lostpedia about halfway through Season 4. I was so intrigued by all the info & learned a lot that I had missed. I only joined & have been posting since around February 2009, & I'm hooked. Thanks to all who have helped me get started with editing, autosig, etc.

I am a huge sports fan. My username comes from the late, great coach of the NC State Wolpack, Jim Valvano. He was a great coach & an even better man. His famous speech while dying from cancer was to "never give up" in anything you do. I am also a huge NFL & Carolina Panthers fan.

Blogs/Theories that I want to track to see if they prove true/false

Whatever Happened, Happened

The Black Rock

Did Ajira 316 depart in 2007 or 2008?

  • Celebok's thoughts on Ajira 316 departing in 2007/2008 as related to Locke's passport.
    • LOSTmyMIND makes another good point about the "30 years earlier" tag comming after a hospital scene in ("The Variable").
    • We also have to remember that having a time discrepancy going to the island on the wrong heading is keeping continuity within the show as that is what has always happened. Now a jump of over 1 month hasn't been seen, but doesn't mean it's not possible. Personally, I don't believe we will get an answer to this, since admitting error here (by D&C) isn't necessary. It really won't affect the show.


The Loophole


  • (Faraday's age) We know that Faraday was a professor at Oxford in 1996, as that is when Desmond meets him (during his mind flashes). We also know that Eloise is his mother and she was pregnant (maybe not Daniel) in 1977 ("Follow the Leader"). If she is pregnant with Daniel then, he would be an 18-19 yr old. professor at Oxford. He does make the comment that he is the youngest student to graduate from Oxford. This could be the writers way of explaining away the continuity error in this time discrepency.
    • Another way is this. Someone wrote this theory at Follow the Leader/Theories. Eloise is pregnant with Daniel in 1977. But, due to some type of time travel (either The Incident, or she turns the FDW), she travels BACK in time and gives birth to Daniel then. That would make him a couple of years older as a prof. at Oxford.

My UQ's

New revelations from each episode

Even though this is a little late in the series of the show, I have decided to start keeping a record of new facts/revelations revealed in each show. I have wanted a place to write these down for a while but, only found Lostpedia about 3 months ago. If you are another Lostpedia user looking at this, remeber these are my personal revelations & they may not be new to you.


Lost: The Story of the Oceanic 6 (recap show)

Narrated by Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert)

  • Confirmed that Charles Widmore was the one who staged the found wreckage of Oceanic flight 815.
  • Confirmed that Ajira flight 316 arrived on the island the year was(is) 2007. (While all the info given on the show points to it departing in 2008, that hasn't been confirmed by a cannon source yet and could be a continuity error. More thoughts on this here.)
  • I noticed that on the floor of The Lamp Post, was a map of the globe with what seemed to be all the different locations the island has been (since it is constantly moving). The swinging pendulum was marking the current location with a * like symbol, & there were multiple locations marked on the globe.
  • When speaking of Nadia's murder, the narrator said "Ben claimed" he had proof Widmore was the one who ordered it done. CLAIMED being the operative word. Makes me think otherwise.
  • They re-showed Ben's conversation with Locke before he killed him. When Locke told Ben that Jin was alive, I noticed that Ben seemed very insincere in his 'surprise'. I thought, why would Ben have even had a reason to believe that Jin was dead. He didn't know that Jin was on The Kahana when it exploded.

The Variable (ep.5x14)

  • It is not yet revealed how he knows this, throughout the episode Faraday seems to have knowledge of "when"(down to the minute) that certain things are going to happen.
Examples: Knowing exactly when Chang was going to arrive at The Orchid./ Giving a specific time as to when the workers are going to drill into the energy at The Swan.
  • Confirmed Desmond was shot by Ben & the bullet didn't just hit the groceries.
  • Narrative cuts from above scene & says "30 years earlier" & then goes to 1977 again (Faraday exiting submarine)
    • If this is literal (no reason to think it isn't. They didn't have to reference it, as we already knew that the year was 1977 from ("Some Like It Hoth")), this would show that Ben shooting Desmond was in 2007 also.
    • This would mean that Ajira 316 actually did take off in 2007 & not 2008. There is conflicting evidence for 2007 & 2008, so it is hard to tell which one is cannon & which isn't. Personally, I accept the blatant "30 years earlier" as the true cannon.
  • DHARMA Headquarters IS in Ann Arbor, MI. (Confirmed by Faraday)
    • Faraday says he came back to the island from Ann Arbor, because he saw the picture of Jack, Kate, & Hurley's new recruit class & said that they weren't suposed to come back to the island.
  • Faraday says that E. Hawking was wrong when she said that it was Jack, Kate, etc.'s DESTINY that they come back to the island.
  • Confirmed that the 1st scene of Season 5 ("Because You Left") with Faraday in The Orchid, happened after he came back to the island from Ann Arbor, MI.
    • In this episode the scene extends to have Faraday talking to Dr. Chang & even tells him that Miles is his son. Which Miles denys & says that Faraday is crazy.
  • E. Hawking is surprised/disgusted to hear that Widmore is funding Daniel's research.
  • Faraday confirms that E. Hawking is the same Elle that was an Other when time flashing. Still don't know how he found that out though.
  • During conversation with Widmore at his home (extinuation of scene from ("Confirmed Dead"))....
    • We find out Daniel's memory problem came from testing his machine on himself 1st.
    • Widmore admits to Daniel that he (Widmore) faked the wreckage of Oceanic 815. He did so stating that Daniel won't remember it later.
    • Widmore says island will heal Daniel's memory.
  • Faraday meets Charlotte on the island & for the 1st time & tells her to leave stating for the 1st time, "Maybe I can change things. Later states to Jack & Kate that maybe things can be changed due to The Variable= PEOPLE, & they have free will.
  • Back to Desmond in hospital..... Hawking says for the 1st time, "I don't know what will happen next."
  • Coversation between Widmore & Hawking, confirmed that Widmore is Daniel Faraday's father (where did "Faraday" name come from).
  • On the island, Eloise shoots & kills Faraday while he tells her he's her son. This confirms that when Eloise encouraged Daniel to go back to the island with Widmore, she knew that she was going to shoot & kill him the whole time.
    • Daniel IS dead. Cannon [1]

Follow the Leader (ep.5x15)

  • Sun asks Richard Alpert if he saw Jack, Kate, Jin, etc in 1977 as apart of the DI. He responds by saying, "Yes, I watched them die."
  • Eloise confirms her age as 17 when she 1st met a man (Daniel) who told her to bury the bomb, Jughead, & then he disappeared in front of her. ("Jughead")
  • Eloise states the bomb has been buried under the barracks.
  • Jack has a conversation with Eloise confirming that Daniel was her son, & tells Eloise that using his journal, they can change the future & cause that event (shooting Daniel) to never happen. Up to this point it has seemed as though Eloise's motivation was to make sure that, WHH. This is the first time we see that maybe she is trying to change things, not keep them the same. But there is possibly something that happens later to lead her to believe that things can't be changed.
  • There is a scene from ("Because You Left"), when Richard finds Locke at the Beechcraft & Locke has been shot in the leg (by Ethan, during the time jumps). This is when Richard bandages Locke's leg & tells him he is going to have to die to come back to the island.
    • In this episode, we see this scene from a different point of view. It is from the point of view of Locke (ressurected), Ben, & Richard. After Locke returns to the island via Ajira 316, he finds Richard & takes him to this spot & "ressurected" Locke is the one who tells Richard that he has to remove the bullet from "time jumping" Locke's leg & also tell him that he has to die to return to the island. Richard does this & then comes back to "ressurected" Locke & Ben, while they watch "time jumping" Locke dissappear in a time flash (that they don't see).
    • Ben asks Locke how he knew the exact moment this was going to happen in order to be there to witness it. Locke states, "the island told me."
  • Ben has never actually seen Jacob.
  • In an attempt from Locke to get Richard to take him to Jacob, Locke asks Richard if he (Locke) is still their leader. Richard says "yes."
  • Jack, who used to talk about science, is now saying that it is their "destiny" to stop Oceanic 815 from ever crashing. He believes that is why they were transported back to 1977.
  • Eloise & Richard take Jack & Sayid to find Jughead in an attempt to do as Daniel suggests & detonate it to prevent The Incident.
    • They dive into a small lake & swim through a tunnel to arrive in a room with heiroglyphics on the columns. Richard states that these are the "tunnels". They seem to go to various places under the island. They follow some of the tunnels to the place where Jughead is located. It isn't buried in a traditional sense, like dirt all around. It's just under the ground in the tunnels.
  • Locke tells all of the Others, left in 2007, that Richard is going to take him to see Jacob & he is letting all of them come. Richard states to Ben that, maybe Locke is going to be a problem.
  • While leaving to go see Jacob, Ben tells Locke of the above conversation with Richard. Locke states that despite what he told Sun, they aren't going to see Jacob to save the Losties from 1977.
    • He states is going to see Jacob to KILL him. It's unknown whether he is serious or just messing with Ben for all the times Ben lied to him.

Lost: A Journey in Time (Recap show prior to Season Finale)

Narrated by Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse & Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus)

  • Confirmed that Jack starts flying again (after leaving the island) due to Locke telling him that he saw his dad on the island (in the FDW chamber).
    • Also, Locke dying makes Jack finally believe that he needs to go back to the island.
  • When Sawyer, Daniel, etc. were flashing through time, EVERY flash took them to a "significant" period in time.
  • The reason that Sun, Frank, etc didn't travel back to 1974(1977), with Jack, Kate, Hurley & Sayid is because they weren't able to fully re-create Oceanic 815 on Ajira 316.

The Incident, Part 1 & 2 (ep.5x16-17)

  • 1st scene is of Jacob & an unknown person LP is calling Jacob's nemesis.
    • Important Conversation about a boat(Black Rock??) that Jacob has brought to the island:
Nemesis: "They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same."
Jacob: "It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress."
Nemesis: "Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?.... One of these days, sooner or later... I'm going to find a loophole, my friend."
  • We learn at end of episode, he (as Locke) has found his loophole.
  • Jacob meets some of the cast off island. He meets them AND touches them (order given in this episode)...
Kate- as a young child when she gets caught for stealing in a convenience store. He pays for the item she stole to get her out of trouble.
Sawyer- at his parents funeral, when he is writing the Sawyer letter to give to Anthony Cooper if he ever meets him.
Sayid- at the time when Nadia was killed in a hit and run.
Ilana- at a hospital where her face is bandaged. He asks her if she will help him. She seems to know him prior to that meeting.
Locke- right after Anthony Cooper pushes Locke out of the window to kill him. Jacob touches Locke & seems to keep him from dying.
Jin & Sun- at their wedding. He gives them a blessing.
Jack- after his 1st major surgery (the one he told Kate about in ("Pilot, Part 1") when she was stitching him up), when he is in the hall after talking with his dad.
Hurley- after he gets out of jail. He tells Hurley that his visions of dead people make him special, not crazy. He convinces Hurley to go back to island.
Juliet's flashback is the only one that DOESN'T include Jacob. We see her & her sister being told by their parents that they are getting a divorce. She's very upset.
  1. Eloise IS pregnant in 1977. (still not sure who the child is?)
  2. He doesn't age because Jacob made him that way.
  3. Eloise IS the leader of the Other's at that time (1977).
  • Radzinsky says the he came to the island to "change the world". He thinks he can do so by building The Swan station to manipulate the properties of electromagnitism.
  • Bram asks Ilana if Frank Lapidus is "a candidate?" Theory: Possibly to join their side of the "war." Maybe Miles was a candidate.
  • Bram, Ilana, Frank & crew go to Jacob's cabin.
    • The ring of ashe around the cabin was broken. Theory: Most likely, Jacob's nemesis was the one in the cabin & Jacob had him imprisoned with the ring of ashe.
    • There is a picture of a Polar Bear in the run down cabin.
    • The big tree outside had white paint on it.
    • Ilana find's a canavas with the Statue on it. This clues her in that Jacob is now at the Statue.
  • Jack tells Richard in the tunnels (when asked about Locke's leadership of the Others), "I wouldn't give up on Locke."
  • Roger Linus shoots Sayid while he & Jack are leaving the Barracks after getting there through the tunnels.
  • Ben confirms that he was acting when he 1st took Locke to Jacob's cabin. He was surprised when it started shaking also.
    • Also means that he was lying when he said Jacob hates technology.
  • Easter Egg- Jack gets an Apollo bar from a vending machine at the hospital.
  • Jack confirms he still loves Kate & wants her back.
  • Pierre Chang's arm is crushed by a falling beam during The Incident.
  • Locke convinces Ben to kill Jacob. Ben does so because that he is frustrated that he gave everything for the island at the request of Jacob (through Richard) & even sacrificed his daughter, but not once did Jacob agree to meet him directly.
  • Locke is in the box that Bram, Ilana & crew are carrying. He is dead. She said they found him in the cargo hold of Ajira 316
    • It now seems that the Locke that we have seen in on island in 2007 is Jacob's nemesis. Not sure yet how this happened.

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