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Name Mr. Crabby
Year of birth Yesterday
Place of origin The Hospital
Current location The Island
"I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees,"

- The Lorax

TV Shows
Lost (of course), The Office (American version), The Simpsons, Scrubs
Languages I Speak
English, Gibberish, Pig Latin

Life Before Flight 815

Mr. Crabby mainly wasted time doing pointless things. He had a friend who kept bugging him to watch this new TV called Lost. A typical conversation between me and this friend would go like this:

Friend: Dude, You gotta watch Lost.

Me: It looks stupid, plus I'm not gonna start in the middle of the series.

Friend: Dude, You gotta watch Lost.

Me: How many times to a have to say no?

Friend: Just watch the Pilot with me.

Me: NO!!!

Friend: Dude, You gotta watch Lost.

Me: Is that all you ever talk about?

Friend: We can talk about ponies or flowers or even rainbows.

Me: Go back to talking about Lost.

Mr. Crabby thought Lost was just another stupid show, but after relentless hours of peer pressure, he thought "Maybe if I watch an episode of Lost my friend will leave me alone. So that night I watched the Season 2 premire episode called Man of Science, Man of Faith, from then on I was hooked.

On-Island Life

Now I love Lost and have found this wiki which allows me to be even more obsessive about Lost. I'm in heaven.

My Top Fives and Tens

Top 5 Favorite Characters

5. Sawyer- He's very good at giving out nicknames and gives them out alot. I can't help but wonder what he'd call me.

4. The Rock-Star Hobbit (also known as Charlie)- Although at times his character can get annoying (like in Everybody Hates Hugo or The 23rd Psalm), he's always got a funny one-liner.

3. Ana-Lucia- I know she seems a little to focused on revenge and all that good stuff and I know I'm the only one on the face of the Earth who likes her, but doggonit, I think she's a very fun to watch. Too bad she got killed off.


and the winner is... Desmond

2. Hurley- When I first saw him I just passed him up as some fat character that probably no one liked. Boy, how wrong I was. Hurley is easily the funniest character on the Island. I espically love his quote that went "Who wants to go look in the flaming death hole first".

1. Desmond- I like his Scottish accent and his backstory has a lot of potential. He's the best, brotha.

Top 5 Least Favorite Characters

1X01 ShannonAfterCrash

Sorry Shannon, but spoiled brats are never fun to be stuck with on an island.

5. Locke- It seems like everyone like Locke, but I don't. He's always throwing temper tamtrums or having problems with his faith which I hate because it has nothing to do with any of the mysteries. The one good thing he's done is blow up The Hatch.

4. Ben- He's the leader of the Others. No way I'm gonna cheer for him.

2 and 3. Paulo and Nikki- They're new characters which is never easy and I should give them a chance, but they seem pretty one-sided. It's also really corny how they were in the plane crash, but for some reason we never saw them before.

1. Shannon- The producers tryed to make us feel bad for this whiny brat, but no matter how hard they tried I couldn't find any sympathy for her. the producers knew this too and killed her off. Of course, they'll deny to the end, but it's pretty obvious that no one liked her.

Top 10 Favorite Episodes

10. Man of Science, Man of Faith- My first episode, although it was hard for me to follow (being a newbie), I really liked it.

9. The Cost of Living- Seeing both the Monster and the Pearl in the same episode was fantastic.

8. The 23rd Psalm- We finally got to see what the monster looked like.

3X01 TheOthers2

That was the coolest thing ever.

7. Three Minutes- Although later it turned out what the Others did when Michael was around was just a lie, it still forshadowed good things to come.

6. ?- I know all three of Eko's flashbacks are on the list, but seeing the Pearl was really cool, and it motivated Locke to stop pushing the button.

5. The Other 48 Days- Getting to see what happened to the tail section was great.

4. Orientation- This episode was the episode that made me decide I was going to keep watching Lost. The Orientation Video was really cool.

3. Maternity Leave- Finally we got to see what happened to Claire, and we also know that Danielle is not our enemy. Plus, William Mapother is a great actor.

2. Live Together, Die Alone- We get to meet Desmond which was great and finally, someone doesn't press the button.

1. A Tale of Two Cities- I got a kick out of seeing where the Others lived, the first minute and a half was the most awesome Lost scene ever.


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I like YouTube and here are my all-time favorite YouTube videos. Tell me if you like em.

Tony vs. Paul

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Mr. Crabby Desmond Mini-Desmond3 Shannon Shannon-mini A Tale of Two Cities Translation Tom Mini-TomFriendly
Regedit Hurley Mini-Hurleyr3 Bernard Bernard-mini A Tale of Two Cities SOS  ???
Lewisg Ben Mini-Ben3 Sun Mini-Sun3 A Tale of Two Cities ..And Found Ben Mini-Ben3
Lost On Craphole Island Sawyer Mini-Sawyer3 Shannon Shannon-mini The Cost of Living SOS  ???
Ironman Locke Mini-Locke3 Nikki and or Paulo
Two for the road S.O.S Danny Pickett Pickett1Mini
Mr. Leaf Locke Mini-Locke3 Jack Mini-Jack3 A Tale of Two Cities Outlaws Tom Mini-TomFriendly
Oceanic Flight 815 Zack or Emma Locke Mini-Locke3 The Other 48 Days Fire + Water  ???
Comedy240 Boone Boone-mini Ana-Lucia Ana-mini Live Together, Die Alone Whatever the Case May Be Ben Mini-Ben3
Obi-Dan Kenobi Sawyer Mini-Sawyer3 Walt Walt-mini A Tale of Two Cities Abandoned  ???
Pshyco Smokey Monster 2 Sun Mini-Sun3 Ana-Lucia Ana-mini A Tale of Two Cities Numbers  ???
Dee4leeds Eko Mini-Eko3 Ana-Lucia Ana-mini Lockdown All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues  ???
Blue eagle islander Charlie Charlie-mini Michael Michael-mini Live Together, Die Alone SOS Ben Mini-Ben3
PandoraX Kate Mini-Kate3 Nikki and or Paulo
...And Found S.O.S.  ???
Nomad Desmond Mini-Desmond3 Nikki and or Paulo
Flashes Before Your Eyes S.O.S. Ben Mini-Ben3
Princess Dharma Sun Mini-Sun3 Claire Mini-Claire3 Live Together, Die Alone S.O.S Juliet JulietMini
Santa Desmond Mini-Desmond3 Michael "Waaalt" Dawson
Claire "frowny" Littleton
Live Together, Die Alone
Three Minutes
A Tale of Two Cities
Marik7772003 Desmond Mini-Desmond3 Nikki "Diva"
Claire "Useless" Littleton
Exodus, Part 2
Live Together, Die Alone
House of the Rising Sun
User: Bettyfizzw Locke Mini-Locke3 Sun Mini-Sun3 Two For The Road
Every Man For Himself
The Whole Truth Ben Mini-Ben3
WarthenMan Desmond Mini-Desmond3 You Know Who Not in Portland NoNe Karl Mini-Karl
Gateboy42 Locke Mini-Locke3 Michael Dawson Michael-mini Live Together, Die Alone The Glass Ballerina Ben Linus Mini-Ben3
Beardog KateMini-Kate3 PauloMini-Paulo3 The Long Con The Glass Ballerina JulietJulietMini
Jabdibah Locke and Desmond Mini-Locke3 Mini-Desmond3 None Pilot, Part 1 and Pilot, Part 2 None Ben Mini-Ben3
Overall Favorites Desmond Mini-Desmond3 Nikki and or Paulo
Live Together, Die Alone SOS Ben Mini-Ben3
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