Name Mitchell Allison
Year of birth December 7th 1992
Place of origin United Kingdom
Current location England
If you say "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1" to me Jack I'm gunna punch you in your face.

- Rose

TV Shows
LOST, 24, Friends, Bo Selecta, Scrubs
Languages I Speak
English, Australian, American (all the easy ones)

Favourite Characters

1. Locke

  • Cannot get enough of this guy ! He's a guy on a mission. What that mission is we will never no. But as far as I'm concerned, as long as hes walking, hes happy ! STATION DESTOYERS 4EVA !!!!11

2. Charlie

  • You're gonna die brother. Charlie is one of the best character of the show because...wait for it...hes British ! He's one of the very few actors on american television with a REAL british accent

3. Hurley

  • Come on how can you not love him? Hurley's one of the unluckiest guys i have ever seen, but does he moan? No ! He gives hope not only for the survivors, but for the show.

4. Jack

  • Hehehehe Jackface. Jacks a leader. Without him the whole beach would fall apart. I think he brings the show together and was exceptionally glad he cannot leave on the sub !

5. Kate

  • I love kate flashbacks , apart from Locke they are one of the most exciting on the show. Even on the island she will never stop running. Maybe she should meet Forrest Gump...

6. The artist formerly known as Henry Gale

  • OMG Ben is fantastic! You never know what his motives are or what he's doing. He manipulates people and makes them do what he wishes, which is why he is a natural born leader.

7. Juliet

  • Juliet is like the best female other. She has an interesting backstory , I mean who saw the bus coming (he didn't lmao !).

8. Desmond

  • Brother

9. Boone

  • I miss Boone but I know that every so often he will be back. Or is he just a figment of our imaginations?

10. Tom

  • Tom adds a comedic element to the others. He is definitly my second favourite male other :D

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