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Name Chris
Year of birth 06/05/90
Place of origin New York suburbs
Current location (Still) New York suburbs
I'm on the outside looking in

Over and over and over again

- All the King's Horses by Robert Plant

TV Shows
LOST, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Dirty Jobs, The Colbert Report, SNL, SCTV, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Dr. Who, The Simpsons, The Office
Languages I Speak
Spanish, some German, and various Celtic tongues

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About Me

My profile is named after a Robert Plant album of much importance to me. I'm 16 years old, watch Lost semi-avidly, and play guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and banjo. I hope to one day own a theremin.


  • Music: Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Grand Funk Railroad, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, Robert Randolph, John Lee Hooker, The Guess Who, Alice Cooper, King Crimson, etc....
  • Movies: Young Frankenstein, The Producers, The Blues Brothers, Envy, The Dead Zone, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, The Crawling Hand :), Strange Brew, The Haunting, Dark City, Man of the Year, Ray, the Goonies, Arsenic and Old Lace, Good Morning Vietnam
  • Books: The Stand, Hearts In Atlantis, basically anything by Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe Stories/poems, Redwall series, Prey, Dave Barry books/columns, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, All Quiet on the Western Front

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Favorites on the Show:

  • My favorite Lost Character is Desmond (Scottish blood runs in my veins as well)
  • My favorite episode is House of the Rising Sun (1st one I saw)
  • My favorite backstory is Locke's
  • My favorite other is Goodwin

My Favorite Scenes:

  1. JaeLeeDeath

People I'd Like to See on Lost:


  1. Christopher Walken
  2. Gene Wilder
  3. Ron Livingston
  4. Eric Idle (as Desmond's father/brother)
  5. Tom Hanks
  6. Richard Belzer


  1. Kathy Bates
  2. Allison Janney
  3. Catherine O'Hara

Theories (Real)

  • DJ Dan could have been a passenger on Flight 815. This is why he suggests that the show LOST depicts real events.
  • Boone was a part of Locke's commune. Dare I say that Boone's father may have been directly or genetically related to Locke.
  • Richard Alpert is using his communications and travelling privilages to form an allegiance with the Hanso Foundation or Naomi's people. Also, he has been around for ages because he was with the Black Rock crew and found a proverbial "fountain of youth" during the voyage.
  • Jacob is Alvar Hanso's father, creating a parallel between his capture in The Lost Experience and Jacob's imprisonment in the show.

Theories (Fake)

  • Robert Plant is part of Hanso's L.E.P. and is masquerading as Desmond! [1] [2]
  • The DeGroots were hippies who only wanted to find Geronimo Jackson and get their autographs.
  • The Others really were the members of Geronimo Jackson and they have been recruiting new members (Such as Alex Rousseu on tambourine) for years in hopes of fighting Mittlework (who has imprisoned them) and staging a reunion tour.
  • The island is a Hanso created home for supposedly "dead" rock musicians, such as Geronimo Jackson, Mama Cass, Eddie Cochran, Syd Barrett, and now, Charlie.
  • The Ghostbusters will come to the island with Penny to get rid of the "black smoke".
  • The "Real" Sawyer (Thomas Mittlework) bought a red paper clip from Fake Sawyer's dad (Alvar Hanso), which he used to slowly take over The Hanso Foundation via E-Bay.
  • More To Come Soon!!

On Notice in LOST

  • Charles Widmore-For putting Desmond on the island.
  • Tommy-He is a shame to Roger Daltrey and the rock opera in general. Plus, drugs are bad.
  • Appolo Bars-Something's fishy about a candy bar created by a proprieter of mind controlling beverages.
  • DJ Dan-I want to talk to him, but I'm afraid he'll shut me down.
  • Jack-Cause he's a pimp and a doctor. Both of which I can't afford.
  • Polar Bears-Those beasties haven't shown their ugly mugs for a while. Maybe they're running the Valenzetti Equation....
  • Adam (other)-What kind of monster doesn't like Stephen King?

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