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Prediction Tally

So, after my major blunder with the username, I've decided to start tracking all of my theories on Lost's many ananswered questions, and keep track of what I got right and wrong. This is more or less so that I can see how much about this show I have right. Theories I get correct will be in bold, theories I get wrong will be italicized, and theories that haven't been answered yet will remain normal. The counter below will be: right - wrong - unanswered.

Total: 3-5-16

  • The Black Rock, containing a Hanso family member, found the island's unique properties and that's what started the Hanso foundation.
  • Widmore wanted the Black Rock ledger to try to trace the island.
  • Later, the Hanso Foundation sought funding to start the DHARMA initiative from Widmore Corporation.
  • Sun's common interest with Widmore is to get back to the island, either to see if Jin is alive or to seek revenge for his death
  • The monster is the physical representation of time and space course-correcting itself.
  • The monster has the ability to take forms of different people/animals in order to fulfill tasks it needs to.
  • Faraday will pick up Jin from the wreckage of the freighter.
  • Faraday will be able to find the island again due to his knowledge of the bearings.
  • Jacob will be revealed as having a connection to Aaron, perhaps through the Shephards.
  • The dead people that occasionally appear are the result of time fluctuations.
  • Libby was hired / coerced to persuade Desmond to go to the island.
  • The hieroglyphs and four-toed statue are the traces of an ancient culture that resided on the island and understood many of its exotic properties.
  • That group comprised most to all of the Hostiles.
  • The real Henry Gale was working for/with Widmore in one fashion or another.
  • Locke will run into difficulties being the "chosen one" because of how he didn't kill his father, didn't find the cabin, chose the wrong item, etc.
  • Claire is dead.
  • Wickman was originally involved with / related to Rousseau's expedition. He later got involved with DHARMA.
  • Miles wants to stay on the island to try and better hone his craft (interacting with the dead).
  • Sawyer asked Kate to take care of his child and meet up with Cassidy.
  • Walt has similar powers / abilities / connections to Aaron, but was too powerful / dangerous for the island.
  • The island gave Jack appendicitis because he was trying to leave the island.
  • The island never physically moved, it just shifted time, so the right bearing will still be able to allow you to go to the island.
  • The bearing Ben gave Michael (325) changed to 305 (according to Faraday) after the purple sky event (and so it has changed once again).
  • Those two stones in the Orchid on the way to the wheel were significant!

Thoughts About Lost

This is Awesome (especially about 6 mins in)

Why I Love Lost

If you're on this site, you probably love Lost. Here's why I do. It's a show that offers the best of both worlds: it's smart and intriguing and makes you think, but has plenty of action and drama and sci-fi elements to keep you interested. It's fun to talk about both the philosophical aspects of the show as well as the plot revelations. The easter eggs are always great to see, especially when you catch it yourself (but finding out about them here is cool, too). It's great when a show rewards viewers who watch religiously by giving them little winks here and there. Furthermore, Lost is one of the first shows to truly embrace its online community. Where else can a character appear and then be killed off due to popular demand only 10 episodes later? You can tell the creators have their own idea of what the show should be but also listen to the audience. They also play well to the fans with their podcasts and Args.

My Favorite Theory

If you haven't read this, check it out: The Vile Vortices Theory. It makes a lot of sense, and would help explain (in theoretical terms) a lot of the supernatural happenings on the island (specifically time travel and the Casimir effect). The Vile Vortices theory isn't specific to lost, it's a theory about our planet. It has a lot to do with wormholes, similar to what is thought about the Bermuda Triangle. I think this ties in fairly heavily with Amelia. As we all know, the creators of Lost usually don't name characters randomly or just to fit an image (i.e. "Brutus" for a tough guy). The name Amelia is likely a reference to the only other well-known Amelia in history. I've heard on other sites and read on the theories page of this site that Adam and Eve might be Amelia and her second navigator, Freed Noonan. I'm not sure if I agree with this. I think the creators just used the name Amelia to hint towards the Vile Vortices theory, but you never know!

Mystery in the Orchid?

I was re-watching "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2" when I noticed something extremely interesting. In the scene where Ben makes his way through the tunnel to the frozen wheel, he passes by two light grey thin stone slabs. The two objects are visible for only a brief moment, but it appears to be tablets or perhaps tombstones! I surprised no one else has noticed this... not here, DarkUFO, The Transmission, DocArzt, The Get Lost Podcast... no one! Perhaps if I'm right, this will redeem me for the "Michael is in the coffin" blunder! :)

Check it out for yourself in the video below (at 0:25).

About Me

I'm a 24 year old geek from Philadelphia. I enjoy swimming, day dreaming, nature, and reading.

So, About That Coffin...

Well, as we learned, Michael is not in the coffin, and now I'm stuck with a bum user name! D'oh! I was so certain of it, too. Here's how I came up with it: I had read that Harold Perrineau was originally scheduled to be in the season 3 finale, but was unable to due to scheduling conflicts. I had also read that the creators of Lost had shifted the ending of the finale around a bit, partly because of this. Now, my original thought was that when Jack goes to the funeral parlor, he opens the coffin then and it's revealed that Michael was in the coffin, and that was when the audience realizes that it's actually a flashforward, not a flashback. I mean, how else would they have revealed Michael as being "the man on the boat" at that point in time on the show?

Also, interestingly enough, I remembered Harold Perrineau saying something at Comic Con 2007, and his ideas aligned with what I thought:

CARLTON: Who do you think is in the coffin, Harold?
DAMON: Yeah, if you had to make a guess, who would you say is in the coffin?
HAROLD: Well, I mean, this is just me guessing, and someone on, I think, online had blown up the article that Jack showed to Kate, and it said that he had left behind a teenage son, so my guess is that the person with the son, it's probably Locke. (Crowd laughs) It's just a guess, I don't know.
DAMON: I think a very educated one.

How stupid of me! I should have listened to exactly what he said!

Retro Gaming

I'm really into video games. The Wii is awesome, and I'd like to buy an Xbox 360 someday (especially for Via Domus!). However, I'm mostly into retro video games, particularly NES & SNES games. Aside from all of the obvious choices (Mario, Zelda, etc), here are some obscure favorites of mine:

Also, I have played the Lost Mobile / iPod game. It's not terrible and is fun while it lasts, but it is incredibly short and a bit lacking.

There's this practice called rom hacking, where skilled programmers take ROM images of old video game cartridges and create entirely new games using the same engine. Here's an example of a rom hack called "Mario Adventure", where the programmer took the original Super Mario Bros. 3 and turned it into a completely new game with new levels, enemies, abilities, and even a dynamic weather engine! ANYWAY, if I ever won the lottery and didn't have to work and had a huge amount of free time, I'd love to make a rom hack based on Lost. I think something like the The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES would be an awesome engine to use. Maybe someone else will be able to do this :)

The Hatch Boxed Set

Hatch diorama

For our anniversary, my beautiful girlfriend bought me the Hatch Diorama. It is awesome! It's made by McFarlane Toys, who are known for making insanely detailed action figures. It came with a cardboard background to put around it which is a little flimsy, but on the whole, it's totally awesome! There's a light from inside the hatch that you can turn on, which looks really cool. If you turn off all the lights in the room, it really highlights the level of detail on Locke and Jack's face.

Furthermore, it reminds me of a different time on Lost. Don't get me wrong, I love the show now more than ever; it's just a refreshing look back on the show, and how totally different our perceptions are since that time. This was way back when we thought:

1) The Others were simply dirty inbred locals of the island
2) The survivors wouldn't get off the island until the very end of the show, if at all
3) And personally, I thought the monster was some sort of giant mechanical / biological hybrid scorpion!

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