Welcome to my userpage :D

If you think that I am not here very often go to my "Metroid101's Absence" blog page to see if I am here on taking a break.

Some Info

Heres some stuff you need to know about me, I'm a bisexual... so if you are homophobic, don't talk to me, I'll end up attacking you :D. I'm from Scarborough, Ontario... which is actually a smaller part of Toronto. Theres a lot of lost fans in Canada but in my old school, people only watched anime shows like Naruto and it really got me disappointed because they don't know GOOD T.V. However, now I know a lot of lost fans thanks to Lostpedia :D


Emoticons make me!! Here's what mean

  • 1) :D - Happy Smile or In Your Face Smile
  • 2) :O - Surprised
  • 3) D: - Terrified or Horrified
  • 4) D': - Terribly Sad
  • 5) :( - Sad
  • 6) :'( - Super Sad
  • 7) :') - Happy
  • 8) xD - Laughing
  • 9) >_< - Annoyed
  • 10) :P - Obvious Fact or Comedy Relief
  • 11) XP - Dead
  • 12) $_$ - Wants Money
  • 13) #_# - Confused
  • 14) -__-' - Sighed
  • 15) X_X- Dead
  • 16) D_D - Interested
  • 17) ^_^ - Happy
  • 18) :F - Doesn't Care

Favourite Artists

  • Number - Artist Name - Favourite Song
  • 1) Lights - Drive My Soul
  • 2) Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
  • 3) M.I.A - Bucky Done Gun
  • 4) Lily Allen - F*** You
  • 5) Metric - Gold Gun Girls
  • 6) Kayne West - Monster
  • 7) Kesha - Animal
  • 8) Diplo - EVERYTHING

If you see me get mad

Send me to these videos

Any link will just chill me out like Lights

Memorial to Long "Lost" Users

  • Annied - Despite our "Troll" fight, I enjoyed having you around
  • Just Sayin' - You were a great Lostpedia user. Have a nice life and hope your family does best :D

What I do in my free time

  • Go visit the blogs of Lostpedia
  • Listen to Lady Gaga/Lights
  • Help Wikizilla out from disaster
  • Make Mashups
  • Look up cool remixes on Youtube that make me have Eargasms [1][2]
  • Make stupid arguements on youtube videos [3]
  • Play video games
  • Watch Lost

My All Time Favourite Characters


I really love these 3 characters!!

Nikki Fernandez


Charlotte Staples Lewis


Well, I love this actress so of course I'll love her :D I though making a background character become a main character was genius, I also liked her story. But I wished they kept her old story, like, her first intro was a Stripper Cop thing but then at the end make it secretly be a T.V Show ... That would be Amazing. But her death was pretty cool, but I wished she did a kill bill type thing and buried her way out so that she could be like, "I wasn't dead, I was paralyzed!" ... then she'd say ... "Wait, ... is that paulo's grave beside me" and then have an awesome Nikki cry seen :D


She was freaking gorgeous in the Flash Sideways. I was first attracted to Charlotte for hitting Kate in the back of the head with a gun. BUT I later found out the she is C.S Lewis... You know, like the writer :D ... This made me very interested in her because I loved the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe book :D. Another reason why I like her is because of Indiana jones type background story!


Fell in love him from the beginning ... Like, as the Smoke Monster. I've always wanted to know what it was thinking... the Season 5 came along. I began to notice little hints that Locke was the smoke monster. Then season 6 came along, and he was a character, I felt really sorry for him because all he wanted was to leave, but no... the Mother and Jacob didn't let him, therefore... he went rogue.

Other Favourite Characters

  • Claire - She's always been my Fav
  • Daniel - How can you not hate him!
  • Kate - She's one of the best characters IMO
  • Penny - Again, how can you hate her!
  • Sawyer - He's funny!
  • Miles - again, he cracks me up
  • Walt - He's "Special" to me
  • Hurley - Again, How can you hate him!
  • Ilana - She likes ben, therefore shes good in my books!
  • Ben - OMG Greatest Character of LOST!!!

My Signature

Thanks to Just Sayin' for helping me out!! (more like doing it for me xD) Metroid101 19:58, September 22, 2010 (UTC)


Here are awards I've given people

  • Award of being helpful - Julietfan2626 - for fixing a link on my user page and for giving me such COOL templates :D
  • Award of Acceptance - Everyone - for accepting my bisexuality
  • Award of being cool - HorribleEyes - Come on, she's HorribleEyes!!
  • Award for being a good Admin - Jaberwocky7 - he made me understand why it is bad to SPOIL :O
  • Award for having the coolest theories - BalkofFame - Go read them and you'd know ;)
  • Award for being the most helpful - Just Sayin' - He helped me make this Metroid101 19:59, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

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