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Charlie Pace

Charlie Pace crashed on the Island as a heroin addict, lured into the drug culture by his brother. The reason he takes drugs is due to an unfortunate turn of circumstances, which draw him into something that he cannot escape from. ("The Moth") He continued to take the drug after the crash, being forced to do it in secret. Eventually, John Locke realised what was happening, and managed to help Charlie to stop taking the heroin. ("The Moth")

Charlie also committed murder on the Island; he shot Ethan Rom six times in the chest in revenge for the kidnap of Claire, and, afterwards, showed no remorse for his actions. He believed that he did the right thing; indeed, he told Jack that he did it “because he [Ethan] deserved to die.” He later said that he committed the crime in order to protect Claire, so she did not get hurt again. ("Homecoming")

Physical assault has also been on Charlie’s list of crimes. First of all, he punched Sayid in frustration after they had disagreements following the kidnap of Claire’s baby by Rousseau. ("Exodus, Part 1") He also assaulted Sun by dragging her into the jungle with a bag over her head, in an attempt to shame Locke and help Sawyer in giving the Losties a motive to attack the Others. ("The Long Con") He was also an accessory in holding Mikhail Bakhunin captive, although this was for the protection of others. Finally, he knocked Desmond unconscious with an oar in order to stop him going down to the Looking Glass station, so Charlie could fulfil fate. ("Greatest Hits") All of these crimes are not borne of malice, but more due to circumstances that arise. Furthermore, in the majority of cases, Charlie’s crimes are not to benefit himself, but to benefit others.

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