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Is looking forward to Season 5 of Lost baby!
My name is Lewis and i've been on Lostpedia since September 2006. I found this site while playing The Lost Experience. I'm always trying to make meaningful edits, as well as getting involved in the debates.
Naturally one of my aspirations here is to become a SysOp.! Im a huge Lost fan! You can see all my edits on my contribs page, and I think i've made a few good ones.
I currently work for Butlins, found it cool that Butlins was used in "Greatest Hits" (well, the name at least, the pool wasn't Butlins!).
I do odd jobs around Lostpedia, my "long haul" (and believe me.. They are "long haul", but they will be done..), projects currently include transcribing podcasts and revamping the Lost Experience clue pages. Other than that i periodically check the sites pages for spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as wikifying anything I can!
Here's some of my favourites and not so much ones: (Also, coming soon is going to be a huge list of all characters and episodes in my ranking order, along with reasons and such.. but.. be patient)
Some General Thoughts of Mine
I was wrong!
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