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Favorite Episodes

My top ten favorite episodes from Season 1:

1) "Exodus, Part 2"

2) "Numbers"

3) "Raised by Another"

4) "Deus Ex Machina"

5) "Exodus, Part 1"

6) "Walkabout"

7) "The Moth"

8) "Solitary"

9) "Special"

10) "Hearts and Minds"

5x15 I'mYourSon


My top ten favorite episodes from Season 2:

1) "The Other 48 Days"

2) "Maternity Leave"

3) "Live Together, Die Alone"

4) "Dave"

5) "Three Minutes"

6) "S.O.S."

7) "Everybody Hates Hugo"

8) "Abandoned"

9) "Lockdown"

10) "One of Them"


The Tempest Logo

My top ten favorite episodes from Season 3:

1) "Catch-22"

2) "Exposé"

3) "Par Avion"

4) "The Man Behind the Curtain"

5) "Enter 77"

6) "Flashes Before Your Eyes"

7) "One of Us"

8) "Further Instructions"

9) "Not in Portland"

10) "The Brig"

My top ten favorite episodes from Season 4:

1) "The Constant"

2) "Confirmed Dead"

3) "Meet Kevin Johnson"

4) "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"

5) "Cabin Fever"

6) "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3"

7) "The Other Woman"

8) "The Beginning of the End"

9) "The Shape of Things to Come"

10) "Something Nice Back Home"

My top ten favorite episodes from Season 5:

1) "316"

2) "LaFleur"

3) "Some Like it Hoth"

4) "Because You Left"

5) "Dead is Dead"

6) "The Variable"

7) "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

8) "Namaste"

9) "Jughead"

10) "He's Our You"

My top ten favorite episodes from Season 6:

1) "The End"

2) "Across the Sea"

3) "Ab Aeterno"

4) "The Substitute"

5) "Happily Ever After"

6) "Everybody Loves Hugo"

7) "What They Died For"

8) "Dr. Linus"

9) "The Candidate"

10) "LA X, Part 1"

Main Character first and last lines (in order of # of appearances)

First line
Last line
113 1x01 FirstScene
Jack Shephard
"All right, get him out of here! Get him away from the engine! Get him out of here!"
"Where we going?"
108 1x03 Kate
Katherine Anne Austen
"To leave."
106 1X18-HurleyIsland
Hugo Reyes
"Oh, you gotta be kidding me."
"Thanks, dude. I'll see you."
104 1x08 SawyerFlash2
James Ford
"Sure, it's monkeys. It's monkey island!"
"Good to see you too, Enos."
101 1x04lockesfoot
John Locke
"Not really, it's a better game than … checkers. You play checkers with your Pop?"
"We've been waiting for you."
98 1X09 SayidFlash
Sayid Hassan Jarrah
"Hey, you. What's your name?"
93 1x17 JinIsland
Jin-Soo Kwon
"내 옆에서 엎어지면 안 돼. 내가 어디로 가든지 꼭 따라와. 알겠지? 다른 사람 신경쓰지 말고 우린 같이 있어야 돼." (You must not leave my sight. You must follow me wherever I go. Do you understand? Don't worry about the others. We need to stay together.)
"We'll see you there."
89 1X06-SunIsland
Sun-Hwa Kwon
"죄송해요. 저 영어 못 해요. 아 … 저, 제가 영어를 못 해요."
"It's okay. I am safe."
72 1x10 ClaireIsland
Claire Littleton
"Help! Please help me! Help me, please help me!"
"Look at me! This Island's made me crazy, I--I don't want Aaron to see me like this. I don't even know how to be a mother anymore."
65 1x07 CharlieIsland
Charlie Heironymous Pace
"Me? Charlie."
"Hi, Aaron. Hey. Shh. It's okay... Hey, Aaron."
60 3x20 BenIsland
Benjamin Linus
"Help me. Hey, somebody here."
"And, you were a great number 1, Hugo."
54 Maternity-leave-cap830
Aaron Littleton
"Hey, mommy."
49 3x07 JulietFlash
Juliet Burke
"I burnt my hand...and my muffins."
"Kiss me, James!"
48 2x02 Michael
Michael Dawson
"And Hurley, if you ever do see Libby again, tell her I'm very sorry."
46 2X23 DesmondFailSafe
Desmond David Hume
"You alright, brother?"
"What about you, Jack?"
43 Barkin
42 MIB
The Man In Black
"Hello, brother. (as Yemi)"
"You're too late."
35 5x13 Crying miles
Miles Straume
"Back up, handsome!"
"Way to wait until the last second, Jim."
32 2X06 ShannonIsland
Shannon Rutherford
"As if I'm going to start eating chocolate."
32 Waltknife
Walter Lloyd
"Is that Vincent?"
"Yeah. I'm doing pretty good. Well, I gotta go. It was good seeing you, John."
30 Followrick
Richard Alpert
"Thank you for taking the time to let us make our pitch, Dr. Burke. Mittelos Bioscience is based in Oregon. We're just outside of Portland. Uh, these shots might seem a little cheese-ball, but our people really are this happy. Now why? Because we're privately funded."
"We got 'em!"
29 4x02 Frankphone
Frank J. Lapidus
"Yeah, let me speak to your supervisor."
28 1x13 BooneIsland
Boone Carlyle
"You sure?"
"Should I go get 'em?"
26 2x04 BernardLearnsOfRose
Bernard Nadler
"No, we're the survivors of flight 815!"
"I'm sorry."
26 1x09 AStoryOfInsanity
Danielle Rousseau
"Si qui que ce soit puisse entendre ceci, ils sont morts. Veuillez nous aider. Je vais essayer d'aller jusqu'au Rocher Noir. Il les a tués. Il les a tués tous." (If anybody can hear this, they are dead. Please help us. I'll try to make it to the Black Rock. It/he killed them. It/he killed them all.)
"Oh, I'll put in less, next time."
26 2x19 TalkingToLocke
Rose Nadler
"Guess he really had to go."
"You don't have to go anywhere with him."
23 2X08 AnaLuciaIsland
Ana-Lucia Cortez
"Tequila and tonic with a wedge of lemon. Why were you yelling? -- The girl, the check-in counter? You were yelling at her."
"Yeah, that's right. Nice not knowing you."
23 4x02 Poor Dany
Daniel Faraday
"Are you Jack?"
"It's a great pleasure to meet you, Charlotte."
22 2X18-LibbyFlashback
Libby Smith
"I'm Libby."
"You are? You mean, I'm not crazy?"
21 Pleasedont
Alexandra Rousseau
"Wake up."
"Hey, Mom, can Dr. Linus come over for dinner? It's coq au vin night."
21 2x10 WatchingHimFlyAway
Eko Tunde
"Grab the rope. Please."
20 4x02 excavatingcharlotte
Charlotte Lewis
"How many different languages are there?"
"You, too."
20 2x22 HelloSonOfABitch
Tom Friendly
"What's going on? What are you folks doing so far out here?"
"Good, then ditch your phone and go do your job."
19 2x23 ARideWithWidmore
Charles Widmore
"You want a ride?"
"I'm not saying any more, in front of him."
19 105christian
Christian Shephard
"You wanna come in?"
"Let's go find out."
17 Chang Swan
Pierre Chang
"Welcome, I'm Dr. Marvin Candle, and this is the orientation film for Station 3 of the DHARMA Initiative. In a moment you'll be given a simple set of instructions for how you and your partner will fulfill the responsibilities associated with the station. But first, a little history."
"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. May I have your attention, please? Welcome to this very special benefit concert for the Golden State Natural History Museum. I'm Dr. Pierre Chang. Thank you. I think we have quite a special evening ahead of us. So, let's get to it, shall we? It is my pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Daniel Widmore accompanied by Drive Shaft."
16 5x07 JohnAndIlana
Ilana Verdansky
"Actually, she found us."
15 1x01-pilot-cindy-flirts-with-jack
Cindy Chandler
"So, hows the drink?"
"Where are you going?"
15 3X07 Ethan
Ethan Rom
"You did great, mommy. Thanks"
14 2x23 IsItAGoodbye
Penelope Widmore
"The landlord at your flat told me you ran here every day."
12 1x03 FinalTalk
Edward Mars
"Just coffee, sweetheart. Black."
"Hey! Hey! Stop the cab!"
12 4x09 GetYourAssOutHere
Martin Keamy
"What are you doing back?"
"Look behind you, you idiot."
12 4x02 Naomiddon
Naomi Dorrit
"Desmond. Desmond."
"My employer is willing to pay $1.6 million."
11 J visits I
"Now, you're like me."
11 3x01 QuestioningSawyer
Karl Martin
"I wouldn't do that."
10 Hawkingben
Eloise Hawking
"Never done this before, have you?"
"Are you going to take my son?"
10 5x14 ASilentPhil
"Are you kidding me?"
"Hey, LaFleur!"
9 Arzt Explosives
Leslie Arzt
"Sure, you can absolutely wait a few weeks before you launch. I was just assuming you didn't want to die."
"No? No! Wait...what about my parking space?"
9 3X05 LockePatchy
Mikhail Bakunin
"I didn't cross the line. We had a truce. This is my land. You said I could stay here."
"No. I don't think so. Because if you were the person who did this, you would have shot me already."
8 Noor
Nadia Jarrah
"Nobody calls me Noor, Sayid. You of all people should know that."
"May I see some identification?"
7 Normal talahassee-cap916
Anthony Cooper
"Well, this is awkward."
"OK! OK!"
7 5x13 Bramvan
"Just some stuff we need to moved."
"Kill him! Spread out! Get him! Where is he?"
7 EmmaSmile
"Where's my mom?"
"Help us, please!"
6 MySister
"Emma! My sister! My sister! Emma! Emma!"
"Emma! My sister! My sister! Emma! Emma!"
7 LockemeetHorace
Horace Goodspeed
"Hey, welcome to the island, man. Namaste!"
"Easy, easy!"
7 Jason2
"Bite down on this, please."
"No. You have to go through the strenum-like in the movie."
7 3x14 NeverChange
Nikki Fernandez
"We need Jack."
7 Omar4x12
"Who are they?"
"Hey...I'm an Arab."
7 3x04 Golfing
"What happened?"
"I was, afraid, of losing you. If you found the diamonds, you wouldn't need me any more."
7 3X07 PickettIsDead
Danny Pickett
"Lunch. We're gonna need you to keep up your strength."
"I know Ben would rather die than let them go."
7 5x16 Dumb idea
Stuart Radzinsky
"Hey, you understand the concept of knocking?"
"Get in!"
7 5x16 HostileRoger
Roger Linus
"Come on! Damnit, push!"
"Ah, yes. Thank you."
6 3X10 HurleyCarmen
Carmen Reyes
"What are you doing in there?"
"You're going! She's gonna love you! And if she doesn't... we will find someone who does!"
6 4x05 Minkowski Dies
George Minkowski
"Minkowski. Hello?"
"Sure I can. Do you mind if I ask you what you need it for?"
5 4x04 Kate mom
Diane Janssen
"I just want to meet him."
5 LiamRing
Liam Pace
"And the meek shall inherit the Earth."
"Hey! Uh... I'm looking for my brother. He was arrested at the airport on a drug charge."
5 Randy chicken
Randy Nations
"Locke. I told you I need those TPS reports done by noon today. Not 12:30, not 12:15, noon."
"Okay, John.'re fired."
5 Sarahpregnant
Sarah Shephard
"Thank you. Wow, can I get another microphone? I think this one's been drinking. A little over two years ago, I blew a tire out -- flipped over the center divider into oncoming traffic, and was hit head-on by an SUV. My back was broken. They all said it was irreparable. And then there was Jack. And he promised he would fix me, because that's the kind of guy he is. Because you are the most committed man I have ever known -- because you fixed me, I will dance at our wedding. To Jack, my hero, Jack."
"Goodbye, Jack."
5 Goodwinsurgery
Goodwin Stanhope
"Help! There's someone in the jungle, come on!"
"Yeah, probably in the water."
5 6X10 ZoeFindsJin
"Please don't hurt me!"
"Zoe! My name is Zoe! I-"
5 Thefrogster
Neil "Frogurt"
"Hello, Hurley"
"Woah, woah, woah, I don't think so lady, there's a line. There's a line!"
4 ClairesmomFF
Carole Littleton
"Excuse me. May I have a word with you? Mr. Shephard... I'm very sorry for your loss."
"Where are you going?"
4 CassidyUndercover
Cassidy Phillips
"Just you."
"You needed him. Sawyer broke his heart. How else were you supposed to fix it?"

Charlie Hume- "Mommy!"/"Daddy" David- "Don't worry about it."/"You okay?" Matthew Abaddon- "Mr Reyes. Hello. My name is Matthew Abaddon. I'm an attorney for Oceanic Airlines. Can we talk for a few minutes?"/"Hey, I'm just your driver." Caesar- "My condolences. I'm sorry you lost your friend."/"You're not taking anything." Dogen- "誰だ 御前達" (Who are you?)/"It is sundown. Will you choose to stay or go?" Helen Norwood- "Probably a good idea. You know if you get kidney cancer you've only got one."/"This is Anthony Cooper. He's John's father."

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