Jerry Smith
Name Andrew
Year of birth 3.3.19..
Place of origin Russia
Current location Russia

- Season 5 slogan

TV Shows
LOST, Fringe
Languages I Speak
Russian, English


I'm from Russia, and I've been watching LOST since 2005, when our Channel 1 started showing the first season of the series under the name "Остаться в живых", what means 'Stay Alive'. I got really interested and in 2007 I started to watch LOST very intensively. Now in 2009, I follow all the new episodes of Season 5. All the characters are great, and I cannot determine a character in the series whom I particularly like. Well, that's all. "Namaste, thank you, and good luck!" :)

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You are similar to Daniel Faraday!
A physicist, Faraday was one of the science team. He is kind and caring despite being a bit strange. Danielseason5.jpg
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