Hi there. My name is Krisztian. I am 20 years old. I live in Hungary. The Lost disappeared is my favorite film series since my age of eight. I’m very sorry for that purpose in 2010. My favorite seasons was 3, 4 and 6. I think Lost was one of the best adventure film series in the world.

My favorite pages

Favourite Episodes

Season 1
Pilot, Tabula Rasa, Walkabout, White Rabbit, The Moth, Solitary, Raised By Another, All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Special, Homecoming, ...In Translation, Numbers, Deus Ex Machina, Do No Harm, The Greater Good, Exodus

Season 2
Man of Science, Man of Faith, Everybody Hates Hugo, The Other 48 Days, The Long Con, One of Them, Dave, S.O.S., Two For The Road, ?, Live Together, Die Alone

Season 3
Further Instructions, The Cost of Living, Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, Enter 77, Exposé, The Man Behind the Curtain, Greatest Hits, Through the Looking Glass

Season 4
The Beginning of the End, Meet Kevin Johnson, The Shape of Things to Come, Cabin Fever, There's No Place Like Home

Season 5
Because You Left, The Lie, Jughead, The Little Prince, This Place is Death, 316, The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, LaFleur, Namaste, The Variable, The Incident

Season 6
LA X, What Kate Does, Sundown, Recon, Everybody Loves Hugo, The Last Recruit, The Candidate, The End

My favorite characters

<gallery widths="120" columns="5" orientation="portrait" captionalign="center" bordersize="medium" bordercolor="#8e8e8e" spacing="small" position="center" hideaddbutton="true"> JackS6.jpg|Jack Shephard Season6Katepromo.jpg‎|Kate Austen SawyerS6.jpg|James Ford HurleyS6.jpg|Hugo Reyes Lockeseason5.jpg|John Locke ClaireS6.jpg|Claire Littleton SayidS6.jpg|Sayid Jarrah JinS6.jpg|Jin-Soo Kwon SunS6.jpg|Sun-Hwa Kwon CharlieS3.jpg|Charlie Pace BooneS1.jpg|Boone Carlyle Shannon_new_new.jpg|Shannon Rutherford MichaelS4b.jpg|Michael Dawson Walt.jpg|Walt Lloyd JulietS5b.jpg|Juliet Burke 5x16-Bernard.jpg|Bernard Nadler 250px-5x16_RoseProfile_Kopie.jpg|Rose Nadler AnaS2.jpg|Ana Lucia Cortez LibbySeason2.jpg|Libby Smith EkoS3.jpg|Mr. Eko Danielseason5.jpg|Daniel Faraday MilesS6.jpg|Miles Straume FrankS6.jpg|Frank Lapidus DesmondSeasonSix.jpg|Desmond Hume BenS6.jpg|Benjamin Linus