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  • Factoids
    • BTcartoons.com My website (I'm Ben)
    • I'm 7 foot 5 inches tall
    • I am captain of the school's football, baseball, basketball and chess team.
    • I invented the internet.
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Week 1
  • user: phmall - cool colors, well laid-out/written, definitely a model userpage.
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Articles that should have never been allowed to live:
  • Daddy Issues, this is waht we have List of Recurring Themes:Parent Issues for, dady isues copies and pastes info from that page. And it was already deleted once, then recreated.
  • Episode List, Lists the episodes. now, if I'm not mistaken... that's what the season pages are for Correct?
  • Further Information uncomfirned title (that was misread from further instructions)
    • Futher Inormation
    • Further Inormation
  • Billions more
Koolaidman's Buseyisms Koolaidman
Busey Undoes Strong Enormous Yurts
  • LOST - Lonely Or S... uh I don't know
  • FAITH - Free And Intimate Tool (that) Heal
    • The (that) is legal in Buseyisms, Gary once said TRY stands for Tomorrow is Really Yesterday.
  • KELVIN - Keeps Entering Lousey Varibles Includuing Numbers
  • Locke - Lonely Oaf Caused Killing Eko (I like locke, but that one was clever)

CAKE - Charlie's Always Keeping Eats (Munchies?)

Notable Quoteables Koolaidman
Look whos talking now:
  • Sen. Robert Wexler on the july 20 episode of the Colbert Report:
    • he was running unopposed in the 2006 electin and Colbert got him to say things that would lose him the election if he were opposed.
    • "I enjoy cocaine because... it's a fun thing to do."
    • "I enjoy the company of prosititutes for the following reasons: ... because it's a fun thing to do. If you mix the two [prostitutes and cocaine], they're probably even more fun."
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