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I spend the hiatus learning about Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I have found many wonderful online Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionaries and online books. I can honestly say with 100% certainty that the translation is Summon Protection. If you wish to double check me, here are some links to some great information about deciphering the Hieroglyphics. [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

Gardiner's Sign List [14]

Ben's Secret Door ==================

The symbols are [15]

  1. A26 Man with out-stretched arm
  2. S29 Folded cloth
  3. M17 Reed
  4. N35 Water
  5. A24 Man with weapon
  6. W24 Container
  7. Aa27 Unclassified, but looks like a Cross


A26-S29-M17-N35 = Summon

A24-W24-Aa27 = Protection

Hieroglyphs in The Frozen Donkey Wheel/The Orchid ======================

On and the new Season 4 DVD, there is an interview with Damon Lindeloff titled "Mysterious Egyptian Influences" There are several quick looks at the making of the Hieroglyphs in the"Frozen Donkey Wheel" room. I have taken some screencaps of the clip and have been playing around with the Hieroglyphs. Several I have deciphered and confirmed in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary that are online. Here is what I have come up with using Gardiner's Sign List [16]. Since I cannot be 100% certain of the transliteration, or if what we see on the S4DVD is what actually made it onto the walls in FDW, I do not want to put the interpretation on the main page. However, I think it needs to be thrown out for discussion.--Kansasgal71 17:22, 17 October 2008 (PDT)

D2 D21 X1 N31 [17] My best Guess - JOURNEY UP or ROAD TO SKY/HEAVEN

This is for the Glyphs on the top in the middle. [18] O4-G1-G43 Y1:Z2 Confirmed as - VICINITY

M8-G1-S29-D54 [19] Confirmed as - TRAVEL

Aa1 46-P1 [20] Confirmed as - NORTHWARD TRAVEL

N35:T34*G17-M17-O5 D54 [21] confirmed as - TRAVEL/TRAVERSE

This is for the Glyphs on the Left in the Middle. [22] V13:O34-U39 My best Guess - RAISE UP

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