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Name David Mulqueen
Year of birth 14 August 1977
Place of origin Ireland
Current location Ireland
i'm an anti-musician; i don’t think the craft of music is relevant to the art of music.
TV Shows
lost (obviously), six feet under (RIP), the sopranos, ER, south park (the best satire being made today), stargate sg-1 (until macgyver left)
Languages I Speak
Dutch, Gaelic, English.

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Tidying large articles and helping to create an underlying metawiki structure for Lostpedia


Irishflg.png This user is Irish.


  • jack
  • tom cruise
  • elitism
  • upper case letters, bar acronyms and proper nouns
  • wednesdays; i have to stay away from lostpedia in case of spoilers. damn.

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