John Lanigan is one of the more obsessive fans of LOST. He spends most of his life researching the characters and the actors who play them. His favorite main character is Libby and his least favorite is Michael.

Top 10 Characters

1. Elizabeth Smith

2. Shannon Rutherford

3. Boone Carlyle

4. Juliet Burke

5. Desmond David Hume

6. Penelope Hume

7. James Ford

8. Hugo Reyes

9. Danielle Rousseau

10. Alexandra Rousseau

Bottom 10 Characters

1. Michael Dawson

2. Jack Shephard

3. Katherine Anne Austen

4. Phil

5. Roger Linus

6. Stuart Radzinsky

7. Charlie Hieronymus Pace

8. Johnathan Locke

9. Diane Janssen

10. Randy Nations

Lost Farewell Party

Lost Farewell Party

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