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My Favorite Characters


From most favorite to least favorite:

1. Sawyer 2. Hurley 3. Juliet 4. Desmond

5. Charlie 6. Ben 7. Miles 8. Penny

9. Claire 10. Jin 11. Richard 12. Dogen

13. Jacob 14. MIB 15. Boone 16. Frank

17. Daniel 18. Locke 19. Libby 20. Jack

21. Lennon 22. Sun 23. Keamy 24. Mikhail

25. Sayid 26. Alex 27. Karl 28. Aaron

29. Pierre 30. Walt 31. Tom 32. Emma

33. Zach 34. Cindy 35. Eloise 36. Christian

37. Minkowski 38. Widmore 39. Shannon 40. Kate

41. Zoe 42. Naomi 43. Charlotte 44. Seamus

45. Ilana 46. Bram 47. Bernard 48. Rose

49. Frogurt 50. Arzt 51. Michael 52. Ana Lucia

53. Ed Mars 54. Phil 55. Nikki 56. Paulo

57. Roger 58. Colleen 59. Danny 60. Radzinski


Best Episodes

(of each season)

Season 1

My favorite episode of Season 1 is Exodus (parts 1 and 2). It is a great finale for the first season of Lost, and left us with a cliffhanger, making us want more. The raft gets attacked by the Others and they take Walt; meanwhile, Artz explodes and Jack, Kate, Locke, and Hurley journey to the Black Rock to get dynamite in an attempt to blow open the Hatch; all while Rousseau tells them that the Others are going to raid the survivors’ camp, and then she kidnaps Aaron. Something interesting is always happening and it keeps you looking forward to Season 2.

Season 2

For Season 2, my favorite episode would have to be Lockdown. First, the blast doors came down. Then Locke let “Henry Gale” out to help him figure out a way to get out; but after that, Locke happened to get yet another leg injury and Henry Gale had to try to enter the numbers, but he never did (maybe. We never really learned if he actually did or not). But before the blast doors went back up, a hidden map appeared, and it was so cool looking!! Then, after Locke finally got out, Sayid, Ana Lucia, Charlie, and Jack came storming in, and reveal that Henry Gale lied about everything and he is most likely an other. This episode was fascinating with the map and the Henry Gale thing and the blast doors, which makes it my favorite of season 2.

Season 3

Tricia Tanaka is Dead is a very amusing episode, which is why it is the best of season 3. Sawyer teaching Jin English was great, and all of the stuff with the Dharma van was so fun! The combination of Hurley, Charlie, Jin, and Sawyer was very entertaining with the Dharma beer and Roger and them working on the van. Then they got it started and everyone was having fun on a little joy ride; it was a happy and fun Island memory, and a nice getaway for the group from the Island’s drama.

Season 4

The Constant was such a great episode! Desmond and Penny are the best couple on the show, and you just like want them to be together. Desmond visits Penny on Christmas Eve in 1996, eight years before present time on the Island, and promises her that he will call in 8 years from the day. The phone call scene is awesome. You can see a Christmas tree in the background at Penny’s house, it is Christmas Eve, and Desmond calls her, just like he promised. Even though they couldn’t see each other, it was like they were together, and it is such a happy episode.

Season 5

The Best Episode in Season 5 is The Incident (parts 1 and 2). I probably watched this episode about 20 times in anticipation for Season 6, and it was a very good episode. The flashbacks with Jacob visiting everybody in the past and affecting their lives forever just by touching them were very really interesting. Also, the way they reacted to the incident showed the character growth with everyone (except for Kate, of course). It showed that Jack finally became a “man of faith”; Sawyer had become a much more decent guy, as he fell in love with Juliet; and Juliet kind of sacrificed herself to hit the bomb. Also, Locke’s corpse is revealed to be in the crate and the alive Locke turns out to be the smoke monster. We learn that Rose and Bernard are still alive, too. It was an incredible episode!

Season 6

The ending of Lost; my favorite episode in season 6 would be The End. It wraps up the most amazing show EVER and has all of the characters meet together again in the afterlife. Everybody “waking up” and remembering their old lives on the Island and remembering each other was so awesome, I loved it. Then, of course, on the Island there is the big MIB battle, the smoke monster being destroyed, and Ben and Hurley taking over the Island. There was still some good classical Lost humor in there, some Miles, Sawyer, and Hurley lines, which I liked, it didn’t have to be all serious. It was a sad and happy episode at the same time, but it was great.


Worst Episodes

(of each season.)

Season 1

Whatever the Case May Be, Kate lies to Jack about, of all things, a toy plane. I understand that it has sentimental value to her, so all she has to do is tell Jack or Sawyer that she had an old toy in there, then she could just take it when the case was opened. But no, that's not what Kate does. She has to lie to Jack and trick him out of finding the plane. It's Just A Toy Plane!!!!!! Jack wouldn't have cared at all, but she had to make a big deal out of it. She made everybody wonder what the huge secret item that was so important to Kate that she was willing to lie to Jack was. It's not like she had to tell them that it belonged to the man that she killed. It was really annoying.

Season 2

Fire + Water, Starting a fire and taking Aaron is not something that Charlie would do. Also it's really frustrating that he did all that stuff to get Aaron baptized and then Charlie lost Claire's trust, he didn't even accomplish anything, and everyone was mad at him. Then, after all that, Claire got Aaron baptized anyway. Kind of a frustrating episode.

Season 3

Exposé, well, of course, the Paulo and Nikki thing is going on; everyone knows how they just appeared in the show, then they were annyoing, and then they had the insignificant backstory in this episode. If there were other things going on other than Paulo and Nikki stuff, it would have been a better episode. Although, I am glad that the writers got the one major Paulo and Nikki episode out of the way and killing them, then never mentioning them again until the brief diamond scene with Miles in season 6. But the whole Paulo and Nikki thing made it one of my least favorite episodes.

Season 4

Meet Kevin Johnson, While it's not a bad episode, it is probably my least favorite of season 4. It was kind of uninteresting with the Michael, I mean Kevin Johnson flashbacks. Michael has always kind of bothered me, even since season 1, and he's never been a favorite character of mine. I guess it was kind of interesting with Tom and Ben and the fact that "Kevin Johnson" was spying for the others. But the whole thing was about Michael, and that was annoying. I don't know, definitely not a favorite.

Season 5

Umm, I tried to find a bad episode in season 5, but I couldn't. I liked them all equally, I think. Season 5 was great with the Dharma stuff and everything, and it seemed like every time something kind of annoying happened, something else made up for it. If I really had to choose my least favorite, I guess I would say Dead Is Dead. The only reason is because I looked at all of the other season 5 episodes and by the process of elimination, I got this episode. The other episodes just had better scenes and lines, this one was just average. This one did have some interesting scenes like the Ben and Alex flashbacks; but there were some better episodes in Season 5.

Season 6

Ab Aeterno, don't hate me! I'm pretty sure that everyone here loves this episode, but I have some good reasons of why it is my least favorite of Season 6. I think that the answer to why the statue of Taweret was broken apart was, well, silly. I really don't think a wooden ship from the 1800's would knock down a stone statue. Also, I didn't like how little Richard knew about everything. Every time we saw him in previous seasons, he always acted like he knew exactly was happening, which was cool, if he actually did know everything; but in this episode, we learned that this whole time, he hardly knew anything. He had no idea what was going on with Jacob and MIB and everything; Jacob didn't tell him anything, and apparently, Richard just did what Jacob wanted this whole time without knowing why. Also, They could have covered so much more in the episode. The beginning kind of dragged a little and it was kind of boring, and if they went through the before Island parts faster, they could have covered much more Island stuff. And, I know this is getting picky, but I hate it in a show when there is a ring or, in this case, a necklace, and they like throw it in the water or bury it or something, there's no point in doing that. Why did Richard bury the necklace?!?! Then, of course, he goes right back there to that spot years and years later and unburies it. I just think it's an overused thing in shows. I know I'm being too harsh on Ab Aeterno, it's just that it seems like everyone loves it so much, and I don't really understand why. It got better the more times I watched it, and it's not a bad episode at all, just my least favorite of season 6.

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