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Dr pilko
Name Ali
Year of birth 1992
Place of origin Sydney, Australia
Current location Sydney
"The island will give us a sign.."

- Locke

TV Shows
Lost, Heroes, Thank God Your Here, My Name Is Earl, Medium, The Chasers War on everything, Family Guy, The Simpsons The Amazing Race etc.
Languages I Speak
English, Persian, a little Spanish

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Jabadibah or maxelali (as known on the yahoo7 message boards)or his real name Ali is a filmmaker in Sydney, Australia. He has worked on his film career for the past 9 years and has made 5 award winning short films.Ali has studied film making in NIDA and has recently been picked up by Channel 7 (which is also the channel that shows LOST on in Australia) for one of his films. He will be going to Korea soon to represent Australia in an international film competition.

Ali Films©

Ali Films is Ali's buisness that he has started. Being a Director/Producer/Writer, he makes films almost full time, which is why he made this company. Heres is a list of all of Alis' Films, ali has made:

    • Abducted
    • The Wrong Track
    • In The Clouds (Series)
    • White Rabbit
    • Addict
    • Zero (Series)
    • What a Life (Series)
    • Lost: The Missing Tale (Series)
    • The Lost Soul
    • Bad Shoulder
    • JaBaDiBaH (series)
    • Y2K - In Pre Production

For more information on Ali Films© go to its official website (link)

Here is Ali's New award winning film "Bad Shoulder"

Here is the just released trailer for Ali Films new feature length film "The Lost Soul":

Here is one of Alis' Films short film, to watch right here:


Here is a list of websites owned by Ali...

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AUSF This user is an Aussie.


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