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  • I live in Rural NY
  • I was born on January 31
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Illyrias Acolyte
Name Jacob
Year of birth 1988
Place of origin NY
Current location NY
It only ends once. Everything else is just... progress.

- Jacob

TV Shows
Six Feet Under, Supernatural, Pushing Daisies, Angel (obviously), Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, Full Metal Alchemist, et al.
Languages I Speak
Just the one

Contrary to popular belief, I am in fact a college-aged male. I like LOST, but I don't love it. However, I do recognize the show's high caliber, and I've been to many other fan-edited wikis, and they're either cesspools or ghost towns. Lostpedia is, without a doubt, the best one I've ever come across. Encyclopedia Dramatica is a close second.

I always get picked on for not caring about Richard or Widmore, but they just bore me straight to tears, although that's changing. Instead of boredom, I know feel a strong tug of indifference towards them. I'm also not a huge fan of Rose or Sun. Sun is just too wishy-washy and Rose's sudden ghetto attitude and hair bothers me.

It's been suggested that I'm a huge butthole, but it just ends up sounding that way whenever I type. If I offend you, I don't particularly care, but feel free to try and get me to apologize. :)

See here for my talk page, here for my Sandbox, here for a quick list of my ideal Lost cast and here for my list of all 111 episodes, in order.

Top 10 Characters

See here for a longer list.


John Locke

1x07 locke #2

Ben Linus

5x15 IsHeCrazy

James "Sawyer" Ford

3x04-Sawyer #4

Juliet Burke


Ana Lucia Cortez

AnaShootingJason #6

Danielle Rousseau


Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin dharma #8

Bernard Nadler

2x16 BernardLookingForPearls

Sayid Jarrah

5x15 Sayid shoots #10

Libby Smith

6x12 RememberMe

Bottom 10 Characters


Kate Austen

2x13 kate #2

Charlie Pace

1x15-Charlie Shooting Ethan


Achara #4

Stuart Radzinsky



5x16 Phil dead #6

Danny Pickett


Eloise Hawking

5x14 eloisefb #8


2x19 rose 2

Charles Widmore

5x14 WidmoreHawking #10


3X09 IsabelCage

Mysteries That Interest Me the Most

  • Why did Cindy join the Others?
  • Why can't Ben just kill Widmore?
  • Why did Walt appear to Shannon?

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