My name is Jeff, I'm 28 and I originally hail from southern New Jersey, outside Philadelphia. I currently reside in near the Jersey Shore in Atlantic County and work at a small newspaper on the Jersey Shore in Ocean County. I've been watching Lost since the beginning and got many family members and friends hooked on the show as well.

I am an editor by day, so I most often edit grammar issues in Lostpedia articles, hoping to clean it up to make it an easier read and mroe enjoyable for other members. I contribute most often to episode pages, particulaly once they become unlocked after the West Coast airing to desipher trivia and Easter eggs.

My favorite characters are Hurley, Libby, Jin, Sun, Michael, Sawyer and Mr. Eko. I hate terms like Jater and Skater. My favorite episodes are on-Island flashbacks. I was one of the few fans to give Nikki and Paulo a fair chance.

Outside of Lost, my favorite shows currently airing include "Heroes," "Scrubs," "The Office," "How I Met Your Mother" and "My Name is Earl."

After taking a long break from this site, I'm back and raring to go for Season 4!!!

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