aka Monts

  • I live in Out of the book club (I guess)
  • I was born on January 24
  • My occupation is Student, Fangirl.
  • I am Female
Name Monts Castro.
Year of birth January 24th.
Place of origin {{{Origin}}}
Current location Mexico City.
"So yes, I lied. That's what I do."

- [Benjamin Linus].

TV Shows
LOST, The Mentalist, Dexter.
Languages I Speak
English and Spanish.

Hello there my fellow friends. I'm an awkward LOST obsessed gal at day, and a monster at night. A smoke monster. I think I should tell you that my real name is Montserrat, but call me Monts. Sometimes I scream 'WAAAAAALT!' with no reason, and I ask "You guys got any milk?" even if it's not relevant at all. That's my everyday life. But hey, I like it! Thanks to [Daniel Faraday] I get good grades in physics, even if I hate the subject with a burning passion. - Am I a woman of science or a woman or faith? Neither. I'm not the science person type, AT ALL. But I'm a skeptic, so I can't be a woman of faith. -Other stuff about me? Beware, I can be very sarcastic and cold. I have a passion for the horror genre. I'm a workaholic who will never go to rehab and my favorite band is My Chemical Romance.

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