Name Warren Koch
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"All those signs, I knew what they meant. Something you can't invent. Some get made and some get sent."
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Lost, House
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Hobbes enjoys all those old pleasures, such as food, sleep, movies, video games, and TV, but has a special place in his heart for Lost. He is a Council Member at Lost Video Island, a site for Lost music video makers to showcase and contribute their work to the Lost Community. If you have an interest in some of his music videos, or music videos in general, don't be afraid to send him an email! Comments are always welcome.


A term that refers to music-video-making, Hobbes has been a Lost vidder since January 2005, and was appointed as a Council Member at Lost Video Island shortly after. Since becoming a Council Member, Hobbes has seen and voted on over one thousand videos. He also helped in choosing many of the Council Members that joined him over the years, and has made and modified many of the pages in LVI as a co-Webmaster of the site. While initially picked to be a Council Mmber for his skills in vidding, competition has since increased dramatically over the years, and Hobbes' often-slow video production has fallen behind the crowd. Thankfully, he has been improving his skills ever since; adding story, originality, and effects such as his 3D animations to his videos. Lately, Hobbes has taken on more of a teaching role than a competitor role, as he tries to educate new vidders in how they can be great and stand out from the crowd.


Hobbes has dabbled with 3D Animation since 2004, and is responsible for all the animations found in his videos, in addition to a few others, including the Oceanic Flight 815 crash footage in the first installment of Lost: The Other Side.


While still an amateur in coding, Hobbes has created and updated many of the pages at Lost Video Island, and taught himself HTML, PHP, MySQL, and CSS solely to help out at LVI.


  • "Weird Al" Yankovic
  • Coldplay
  • The Arrogant Worms
  • Damien Rice
  • James Blunt
  • Frou Frou
  • Muse
  • Thousands of Others


  • Donnie Darko
  • Anything by Tom Cruise
  • The Lord Of The Rings
  • Lots of others

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