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The ridiculous lines you see below were written by me and are probably just vaguely related to Lost. They are more or less organized in linear order (newer at the bottom). The date stamps are the actual moments of my ridiculous thinking, even if it happens in the future. Yes, I'm creating this page in a flash-forward. -. Grillage .- 23:03, 4 June 2007 (PDT)

Right after Flashes Before Your Eyes

Charlie could very well remain alive until the end of the series, because this "new Desmond reality" already brings different, important details that have been changed enough from what Desmond "remembers".

In the prediction, Charlie was supposed to hear Claire from the beach and then try to save her and drown himself. But here, he is actually far from the beach when it happens - and it should be stressed that he was conveyed (along with Hurley) not by Desmond, but under Locke's request. Then, Desmond runs and when he gets to Claire, she has already passed out. This means, in this reality, Charlie would never hear her cries for help, and it's not due to any actions performed by Desmond, intending to alter fate. Charlie simply wouldn't try the rescue because he would have no reason to do so.

Another thing is, Widmore says Desmond would never drink the scotch, for he would never be a great man. Turns out, Desmond not only sips, but gets drunk on the valuable scotch - meaning he probably is already a great man at this point, after living his life for countless(?) times. The people on the island are already living in a continuum where/when Desmond has "evolved" to be a hero and to finally save them all (not counting the occasional unrelated death, of course, like Boone's and Shannon's).

Desmond didn't travel in time or space; he's been reliving his life, and some still unexplained glitch in his reincarnation process led him to remember similar occurrences in previous incarnations. This is why he's always saying "See you in another life", and actually comes to see those people... in a different lifeline of his'.

In the occasion Charlie really comes to die, there's a chance he could come back the way Desmond does. Considering the above --which could still remain mostly true in any case-- my "eventual Lost scenario" would only make sense if Charlie lives. But the thing is, if he dies and gets back in a future moment, things would start to become too obvious for us, so I'd expect it to happen in the end of the series --and Desmond probably won't "relive" again until that moment, when he's living in another relaity in which he saved Charlie once again. This is the reason why those things I said about Desmond should not be dismissed if Charlie comes to die. -. Grillage .- 23:03, 15 February 2007 (PDT)


Richard and co. (the hostiles) may have been humans turned into demi-gods in the past - by powers of the Island, Hanso's previous research, Jacob's abilities... That would be the reason why they don't age and why Ben asks him about "remembering birthdays". They are now an eternal race - but they can be killed.

If Jacob is also a god of some sort (Ben says, "we all answer to someone", which is typically religious talk for "a higher power"), there's always the argument "He'll only reveal himself to you if you have faith" -- faith being a central theme in Lost. Locke thinks he's got a man in front of him, but it isn't. Jacob would demand a special kind (and amount) of faith to be seen. Also, Ben says Locke is "not ready" (again, religious talk) and that Jacob will be furious if contacted by them -- which counts as "the wrath of gods due to human impertinence".

Now, why the hell is a god asking for help, I have no clear idea. Maybe those demi-gods are actually angels (supposedly, "good people"), and they have been keeping God imprisoned; then, the Island is the prison and the Losties (seen as "bad people") were summoned by God's message in a bottle to save him. Or else, who knows what the DHARMA people could have done there before the purge... -. Grillage .- 01:15, 16 May 2007 (PDT)


It would be pretty lame if, in one of Desmond's flashbacks in season 4, Stayin Alive started playing in the background. But it could happen... -. Grillage .- 23:26, 4 June 2007 (PDT)

Charlie's news

This idea should be considered after reading the oldest section up there (Right after Flashes Before Your Eyes): I believe there's a good possibility we'll be seeing Charlie again in the series. Of course he is dead, as the producers themselves stated. But... what about other people's flashbacks (more obviously), or an upcoming flashforward (less obviously, but now considering the possibility of Jack Shephard), or, even less obviously, if all that is explained below is true? Maybe Charlie has never died by the end of the series... -. Grillage .- 02:58, 20 July 2007 (PDT)

New people

The discussion on the theme of "eyes" on Lost is pretty obvious at this point. What I've just noted is that, of the five actors already cast for the next season, four can be pretty scary-looking, and this is mostly due to their intense eyes.

See the picture below:

If Ken Leung turns out to be really Sun and Jin's son in a flash-forward, as people have been speculating, and the other four are part of the same crew (possibly, related to Naomi's boat), then we already have that common trace.

Rebecca Mader may be beautiful, but in a kinda ghostly way, like Nicole Kidman. She played one of the main characters in the TV series Justice. Lance Reddick reminds me of a voodoo priest or some supernatural entity with those hypnotic, incisive eyes and angular face. That dude is scary even if he's just gently smiling. Jeremy Davies, well, he can go from pathetic bum to sympathetic soldier, then to a freaking horseman of the apocalypse with minor adjustments. Just Google him. And The Lawnmower Man Jeff Fahey was picked, according to the producers, because of his deep blue, kinda sad eyes.

So, is bugged-eyed Ben about to be surpassed? -. Grillage .- 12:42, 3 September 2007 (PDT)

Abaddon and his people

Days after the crash (with Naomi), Abaddon doesn't believe there are survivors. He won't even admit the possibility. Years after the crash (with Hugo), he asks "Are they alive?". So what gives?

The creepy man is not talking about the Losties. He's referring to the crew he sent (Faraday, Lapidus, Miles, Charlotte, Minkowski, Regina, et al.). Whoever he works for, Abaddon and his bosses assume Locke, Sawyer and company are dead. I won't say they are, and I guess it's not safe to assume that about the crew also. Actually, I believe someone who was sent there (most probably Charlotte) gets "converted" at some point and chooses to live there with the people who are left in the end of the series.

Talking about dead people, the man in the coffin is Ben. He's not one of the 6, obviously. He's part of the few who got off the Island anonymously (somehow), while the 6 got all the media coverage. Ben is a man who doesn't exist: nobody would ever go to his funeral simply because nobody cares about his existence outside the Island (the helicopter team carrying the picture is a sign that people know about him, but notice I used "care"). Whenever we think of any other character being in the coffin, we may long conjecture about the reasons why no one would show up; but when it comes to Ben, it's pretty much a given. -. Grillage .- 12:56, 11 February 2008 (PST)

UPDATE: so, obviously, it wasn't Ben. Well, the assumption still makes sense, in the least, and I'm glad we can also easily conjecture on the reasons why no one would show up at Locke's funeral -- mostly considering he wasn't "John Locke". -. Grillage .- 21:53, 3 June 2008 (PDT)

After the first seven in season 4

Well, something kinda unimaginable just crossed my mind. It's the kind of simple thing Lost would do as a mindfuck and that explains a lot at the same time. See, Ben sent the boat didn't send the boat, but he has mostly sent the crew.

Yes, he did.

Abaddon works for him. The boat crew doesn't know about that, and they carry the guns for dramatic effect (so Ben can be more persuasive). Abaddon insists that there are no survivors of Oceanic 815 because that's what Ben wants the world to believe. I can't tell if Abaddon knows he works for Ben, but that's not important for the moment. The only way Naomi would parachute on the Island is through Ben's indications (she doesn't know they come from him, obviously). Widmore hasn't found out about the location of the Island. The crew wants Ben because... What is the most harmless objective Ben could designate for that crew? To find Ben himself and take him with them. He could escape and easily go wherever he wanted after that. He's doing exactly what he wants to keep the Island a secret (his reasons for that also don't come up as important at this moment; one thing at a time).

Maybe people were directed to think they're working for Widmore, but Ben's got more in his sleeve and he has intervened in the process of finding the remains. Abaddon is probably asking Hugo about Ben's enemies which Sayid is now hunting; if not, then the whole thing is probably wrong and he's asking about the boat crew, like I said before.

Now, Ben's reasons to elaborate all this: to divert Widmore from finding the Island, and possibly to manipulate every other attempt of doing so; to generate a response from the Losties, one of self-preservation and the increasing awareness about the importance of the Island; to use Widmore's rescue mission to get new data about how much the outside world knows about the Island and how to get there (hence the qualifications of the crew sent there). Ben's got pretty much everything covered, and that's not a hard thing to believe in. He really needs/wants to keep the Island a secret, for some reason.

Maybe it will be Penny's independent mission that will get a few people out of the Island in the future. Naomi had a picture of Desmond and Penny; this was probably put there by Michael as a diversion. -. Grillage .- 02:11, 20 March 2008 (PDT)

UPDATE: I was thinking about the scientists in the boat when I first wrote the above (I think the military people weren't even shown by then, or not stated as such). The mercenaries were obviously not working for Ben, but we still don't know why those particular scientists were selected to be there, as Naomi said. I'm still guessing Ben was involved in it. -. Grillage .- 21:57, 3 June 2008 (PDT)


I sustain that the presence of red items are a recurring and possibly important theme on Lost. Apparently, most people don't think so -- even if the themes were established by users in the first place. I can't say I know the meaning behind them, but I started collecting the prominent vivid-red sightings on the show, even if just for the sake of it (TBC).

My main point is, most of these things shouldn't have to be there, or shouldn't have to be necessarily red (like flowers or painted stuff). To me, this implies that the occurrences are intentional. Other arguments could come from the meaning of the red color in this or that culture, or its meaning in specific moments of the show -- I kinda doubt that, cause I fail to see any relations between occurrencies. Or they could be meta-tips from the producers (meaning "important", or "secret" or whatever), or maybe red is just like the numbers, in what they just rule that universe and don't have to have any particular meaning. But if the numbers are noticed, so should be the color.

One last thing: most colors on Lost are usually faded or light-shaded, when it comes to clothing, walls, decoration and so. That's just how the red objects came to my attention (considering I figured any of this out right).

I started compiling the list not long ago, and I'll only write down the items from season 4 on:

- The beginning of the end: red drawing with the text "Victory" on the wall at Santa Rosa's.

- Confirmed dead: lights in the helicopter, transponder lights, bag in the metal chest, fence in California, item in Miles' trunk, Rebecca's translator's garment, gallon in the desert, Charlotte's parachute handle, flowers in the forest.

- The economist (no entries; I actually didn't look for them, if there are any)

- Eggtown: (not as prominently as in previous episodes) Sun's shirt, Kate's jumpsuit, taxi back lights in the dark parking lot, Sawyer's book, boathouse item, photographer in the flash-forward, Hurley's shirt.

- The constant: alarm button, inside walls of the phone booth, phone in the room, Penny's door, writing on Dan's book, many items in the sickbay, pipe system tap in the University.

- The other woman: (references included): bicycle, abundant blood on Locke's hands, red wine, Red Sox, drapes on Locke's kitchen, Ben's table and dishes, warning lights, level of danger on the computer screen, countdown bar, flowers at the door of the Tempest.

- Ji Yeon: (fewer, but again prominent) doorknob in the ship, Sun's necessaire, Jin's shirt, Oceanic 815's flight data recorder, flashing red roses in the other baby's room.

- Meet Kevin Johnson: flowers in front of Mrs. Dawson's house (so vivid, even at night), round sign at Tom's door in the hotel. -. Grillage .- 01:36, 31 March 2008 (PDT)

I wasn't able to count items from within some of the episodes (had to watch them in a hurry), and/or maybe they just didn't jump to my eyes like in previous episodes, but here's it back:

- Cabin fever: at least these four items, which came very contrasting and very noticeable in their respective contexts: the "second protocol" folder, Richard's tie, the pen in the teacher's pocket, the stairs in the rehab center.

- There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 (again, only things that seem purposefully red and there): fabric grid in the cargo plane, Mr Paik's miniature car, Hurley's car (again), redshirt on the rescue boat, climbing ladder on the freighter, cloth on Michael's hand. -. Grillage .- 16:49, 22 May 2008 (PDT)


I don't like fans' theories and such. I don't follow them. People will assume the most stupid things and pose them as "interesting theories" -- they are not even theories, only uneducated guesses, mostly. I prefer simple futurology, in which I'm pretty bad anyway:

  • Outside of the Island, Ben is going to be a better character than ever, based on the flash-forwards we've already seen.
  • Kate and Sawyer are now obviously intended to meet again and to possibly be together in the end -- if none of the two dies trying.
  • Daniel will have a hard time in the beginning of next season, then he'll come through some sort of realization and finally get back to the Island, with Charlotte and all. After that, he'll become a sort of "weak hero" there, most possibly at Locke's side, because he'll finally know for sure what the Island is about.
  • The Island was most probably moved back in time, not forward. That's what tachyon theory predicts (no travels towards the future). Also, by moving the Island to the past and to a different location, Ben found the only way for it to be undetectable. In the future, it seems reasonable to presume it would be found again. And this can provide many curious situations for the producers to work with.
  • The Island won't let people die because that would create a time paradox, plain and simple. They have to get back there to restore things back to their proper timelines, and then "be able" to die.
  • Sawyer and Juliet are obviously going to get together.
  • We're probably discovering soon that the Six have not aged in those 108 days, which should be barely perceptible in daily life. Aaron was born in the Island and he's some sort of miracle (because he survived it), so he ages in the outside -- but not normally, I guess.
  • People who died on the Island reapper to the Six because the Island is now in the past, possibly in a time all those people are still alive. The Six now share a connection to the Island, so this connection allows for communication with now-dead, then-living. Michael will probably never come back because the Island has finally let him go, manifestly.
  • It's pretty obvious at this point that we're not talking about science or faith, but about very weird science that scratches on the surface of the supernatural. It's about theoretical physics, mostly, things that simply contradict common sense, logic and intuition, and that are already being studied by theoretical physicists -- like Daniel, who's "almost there" and will get some sort of push, as predicted above. They simply had to insert a theoretical physicist in the show, or we, normal fans, would never understand what the hell they are talking about.
  • Richard and probably all the original Others... what the hell, I think they don't age on the Island, but they do when they get out. But they only get out for a few hours, so this explains why Richard never looks older -- but he actually is, a bit. And they were tripulants in the Black Rock.
  • Desmond actually died on the Elizabeth (was that the name?). Seconds later, he crossed the border of the Island and he was back alive in that timeline. Then he died when he turned the key, but the Island won't let him die because he's not aligned to his original timeline anymore, so he was time-dislocated back and forth, reappearing naked in the woods as if nothing had happened. But the effort hurt his perception of time and he now has visions because his matter is unbalanced (yes, a parallel with "the Force"). It's the "midi-chlorian debate" the producers refer to: nobody can explain why it happens that way, people will only find out what is going on in a larger scale.
  • I don't think Jin is dead, just because it would be too anti-climatic. If he starts appearing to Sun, then he's gone. But one of the people Sun blames is Ben: she'll realize later that Ben killed Keamy and caused the explosion. So she'll be working against Ben and Sayid, and with Widmore, to find the Island. Both sides will be trying to do the same, for different reasons. One side will find it, most possibly hers. She'll then betray Widmore (possibly blaming him as the second person) and rejoin forces with her former colleagues. At one point, Penny will either fight her father and help Desmond (with Sayid and Ben) or breakup with Desmond for good and align with her father.
  • Will Keamy start appearing as some sort of haunting?
  • Charlotte could have met Kelvin Inman. -. Grillage .- 22:12, 3 June 2008 (PDT)




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