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Name C. Augusto Valdés
Year of birth 1974
Place of origin Mexico City
Current location Mexico City
I have no heaven to pay
I have no hell to resist

- Luxt Archangel

TV Shows
Languages I Speak
English, Spanish.


  • Playwright and writer, has licenced his work with a Creative Commons license.
  • Born and raised in Mexico City, where LOST can be seen in cable TV's channel AXN mondays at nine.
  • Banned from Uncyclopedia for a time, over a controversy about hello.jpg also known as the 'Goatse man'.
  • Perma-banned from the Image Comics forums over a discussion with PVP artist Scott Kurtz.
  • Supporter and firm believer of the Wiki project and the Creative Commons License.
  • Devout discordian. Helped write part of the Discordian dogma.
  • Contacted by Rev. Ivan Stang, as he discovered one of the long lost relics of the Subgenius Mythos; The One True Portrait of Connie.
  • Second last name (customary in mexican names) is Rodríguez, no relation whatsoever with Michelle Rodriguez.


  • Earned Sysop privileges by singlehandedly categorizing all entries and rooting out spammers.
  • Tried to reach out to the legendary vandal known as BOB, a menace to this wiki that used spambots to deface the whole database. BOB would take it personal on him, until his defeat.
  • Manages and updates the Front Page News on a weekday basis. Has done it since January 29, 2006.
  • Favorite category: Parodies (which he created)
  • Absent on thursdays, as he has to catch up with the show by download, a common practice outside the US.
  • The second Lostpedian with a personalized signature.


  • Mexico's greatest Lostaway.
  • Full name is César Augusto Valdés Rodríguez.
  • Somehow refrains from speaking about LOST with girls.
  • Has an outspoken sympathy for freaks.
  • Username is a reference to favorite novel: God Emperor Of Dune.
  • Joined LOSTpedia as a regular user on November 27th, 2005
  • Appointed Sysop on January 28th, 2006
  • On 27th August 2006 became the first Doppelsysop, being sysop in both the english and spanish version of LOSTpedia. However in the Spanish sysop has the title of bureaucrat.


  • They are not in hell.
  • Joop will become very important in the third season. Don't think he has something to do with The Security System.
  • The second season will finish with an insight of another hatch controlled by the Others.

Stuff I have said

  • (In general)
    • 'That's why I am not allowed to take vacations'.
  • (Regarding canonicity)
    • 'And that's why I hate Star Trek'
  • (During Natedog/Novajoe23 attack)
    • 'I am not even supposed to work today!'
  • (During the Bob Incident)
    • Get Lost, will you?
  • (Regarding fanfiction)
    • 'I want every single piece of fan fiction out there with its own entry, reviewed and categorized, I want to know who imagined the first slash pairing Charlie/Hurley. I want hot Kate/Shannon action!'
  • (The Doorman discussion).
    • I don't want a cold template doing the work that we are supposed to do, a new user asking how to create a page is invaluable, it only takes me a minute to answer and magic! I have made a new friend.
  • (A new user in the forum discovers LOST and asks why we didn't tell him earlier)
    • 'I would have told you but you were too busy watching that 'Gilmore Girls' marathon you TiVo'ed... For the seventh time'
  • If confused and/or mildly annoyed
    • Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

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