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Welcome to my theory page. What you see here is the result of nights and nights of serious brain storming (well, it’s true; I have nothing better to do). This list covers many topics, whether it is the “Monster”, or Jack’s Tattoo, its all here.

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--Gateboy42 14:42, 16 February 2007 (PST)

The “Monster”

Let me tell you something. The moment that thing came out and flashed all those images in front of Mr. Eko, I think that the show officially made the crossover from real-world science to pseudoscience. I mean, have you ever seen a swirling black cloud of smoke float right in front of you, make a gurgling sound, and flash pictures at you? Unless you work at the government’s secret research facility under Cheyenne Mountain, I think not.

  • The Monster may be associated with Dark Matter. Scientists have theorized that the mysterious material may be influenced by electromagnetic energy.
  • The Monster is controlled from a separate station. The notion that this station is The Flame is plain speculation.
  • May be another one of DHARMA’s notorious psychological experiments.
  • Is controlled by the others. They obviously are interested in the castaways for a reason we have not yet uncovered.
    • The notion that the others are interested in picking out the “Good ones” from the “Bad ones” supports this. They may be using the monster to determine if a person is good or bad.
  • Locke saw an image of the entire island in the Monster during his encounter with it.

The Island

Ah yes, the notorious island that the show has taken place on for a majority of the series. Who knows what may be hidden under the dirty, hydrogenated soil of this “ghost” island…

  • The Island is likely 1000 miles east of Fiji.
  • The Island is one in an entire atoll of islands.
  • The Island is riddled with tunnels, used as a method of safe transportation for members of the DHARMA Initiative, and perhaps The Security System. These may be the “CV” ducts riddled around the island.
  • The Island is isolated from normal space-time.
  • The mystical healing powers that the island provides can lead us to several ideas:
    • The food from the supply drop may be tainted with some sort of chemical compound that sustains the effects of the initial event that starts the healing.
    • The extensive electromagnetic energy causes physical changes in the human body, regenerating body tissue and even backing up cancer. Extreme levels of electromagnetic energy have been known to cause some rather interesting changes in several organs.
    • As I mentioned earlier, the island may be free from the normal boundaries of space time. This may create a reverse effect on some aspects of the human body; therefore it would appear as negative effects have been reversed. For example, take Rose’s cancer. Any tumors would have appeared to shrink in size until they disappear completely.
    • May be a mystical type of energy that causes mutations and reversals in the human body. For example, there was always the theory that Joop was once in fact a person, and some energy or chemical could have deteriorated his (or her) genetics down to the previous form of humans; a monkey.

The Others

Gee…wow. Now that’s a big topic for theorizing. So what you’ve basically got is this: Airplane crashes on island. 42 people survive. Survivors get worried. Others come and take their kids. Oh wait, here comes the WAAALT!!!!! Survivors meet the others. Now this is the point where they get really mad at each other, and they decide it’s a good time to start shooting each other, too. So what’s next, Island War I?

  • I think it’s pretty safe to assume at this point that the others have something to do with DHARMA. Consider the statistics:
    • Fhenry states that the others are “the good guys”
    • Fhenry also seems to know about The Hatch, stating that “it’s all a joke”.
  • Their camp was not a fake, but they simply vacated it. We obviously know from long ago that they have or had spies in planted within the Losties, and they may have known that Sayid, Jin and Sun were coming.
  • Then it is possible that one of the castaways are double crossing the rest of the group and reporting to the others.


  • There has been speculation over who the true identity of “Him” is. After reading our entry on him, I chose the most likely candidates:
    • Radzinsky
    • Kelvin Joe Inman
    • Mikhail Bakunin, aka "Patchy"
    • Thomas Mittelwerk
    • Dr. Marvin Candle
    • "Jacob"
    • Of course, there is always the chance that there is no Him and the others are simply making him up.

Then there's the debate over whether the infamous "Jacob" will be crowned as "Him". Ofcourse, most of this information came from sporadic quotes from Ben and Mikhail, as well as a LOST podcast in which the producers stated that the "Jacob" we've been hearing about is in fact known as "Him".

But if you beleive them, you might want to check out Neil Frogurt. However, due to the growing possibility that the producers were no joking, our yet-to-be-seen friend Jacob has been added to the list above.

We'll just have to wait and see.

DHARMA Stations

So, we have ourselves six stations so far:

And there’s also The Door located at the other’s false camp, which we found out to be a façade at the end of Season 2 (or is it…). We also have the numbers of some of the station, which is presumably the order in which they were built:

  • The Arrow is Station 1 (Revealed by Lindeloff)
  • No Station 2 identified yet
  • The Swan is Station 3 (Revealed by Orientation Film)
  • The Flame is Station 4 (Revealed by Blast Door Map)
  • The Pearl is Station 5 (Revealed by Orientation Film)
  • No Station 6 identified yet
  • A possible 7th station could be The Looking Glass

So that leaves The Staff and The Hydra. Based on what we know, I’d mark The Staff as number 6, considering there factors:

  • It seems to have sustained the least damage compared to the other stations.
  • It may have something to do with The Sickness.
  • The others were able to utilize its facilities for Claire without any apparent trouble.

That leaves The Hydra as number two. Now, there has been a pretty popular theory circulating around the fan sites lately that states that there are seven stations instead of six, which has been largely confirmed by the discovery of The Looking Glass. There’s even a farfetched one that says that there are nine stations. I’ll leave that for the real experts.

So, following this is a separate little theories nook for each station.

The Arrow

You call this a station?! Common people, it’s just a bunch of dusty boxes inside a rusty room with nothing but a switchbox and a door that reads “QUARANTINE”.

  • There is more to this station than the junk inside those boxes.
    • Apparently Kelvin thinks so too…
  • The Blast Door Map states that the purpose of this station is for “Restocking and Staging Area”. Staging? As in theatrical staging (we did find theatrical glue in The Staff)?
  • Radzinsky might as well have been here.
  • The station will be expanded upon in Season 3.

The Door

What happens when you put a door on a Cliffside, brand it with the DHARMA logo, and put armed guards around it? You get curious, right? Well I do. Especially when the armed guards suddenly leave…

  • The Door may be a psychological research station. The rock wall is an expirement, and there is some way to get past it. For example, it may serve a similar purpose to the blast doors inside The Swan. In fact, they might very well be blast doors that are made of rock, or built to look like it.
    • The fact that there were guards outside the door may have been a part of the expirementation going on inside.
    • The Doors may not even lead to a station, but may be part of an expirement being conducted from a totally different location/station.
    • Could be where the other captives are being held. And/ or be home to where the "tests" that Walt spoke of happen.
  • May be a dileberate distraction by the others to hide their camp’s true location.
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