The muffin drop. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

The Muffin Drop refers to an incident in "A Tale of Two Cities" when Juliet drops a large tray of muffins. This event occurs at exactly the same time as Flight 815 begins failing, and is believed by some to be related to the mid-air breakup and subsequent crash.

The mobisode "The Envelope" shows the direct follow-up to the Muffin Drop.

The show juxtaposed Juliet's one other recorded experiment, in "LaFleur" with the crash of Ajira Flight 316. The morning after her baking, James received a call. The candidates had traveled in time to the period of Juliet's baking.


Coincidence, I think not

The muffins trajectories in comparison with Flight 815's crash trajectories

  • The muffins and Flight 815's wreckage drop at the same angles.

Unanswered Questions

For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: The Muffin Drop/Theories
  • Did Juliet's dropping of the muffins have any impact on the fate of Flight 815?
  • Were the muffins recovered?
    • Did many of them survive with nothing more than superficial burns?
  • Did Juliet sabotage her own tray of muffins for whatever reason? Is this connected to the time she asked Jack to kill Ben?
  • What kind of muffins were they?
  • What is Juliet's muffin recipe?
  • Where was Juliet's second oven mitt? Was it stolen to increase the chances of a muffin drop?
    • If so, who stole it?
  • Does The Old Lady At The End have a good recipe for muffins?
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