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+++ Long time no see! But with season 5 on its way I'm back too and I'll update my user pages over the next few days +++

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Ain't it a beautiful island?
Take a moment to forget about all the
horrible things happening and just enjoy
the gorgeous view of the Island...

Did I miss a great picture?
Please let me know!

I'm from Germany, the country where...

...one of the tail section survivors is from who is captured by the Others
...Liam gets a fix while his wife Karen gives birth to their daughter Megan
...the Dharma van (a Volkswagen Type 2 van) with which Hurley runs over Ryan was invented
...Sayid kills Elsa and meets with Ben in a veterinarian's office
...actor Dominic Monaghan was born and raised until the age of twelve


...hopefully a lot more of the Lost story will take place ;)

When I'm bored ... I count dudes!

One boring winter evening I just didn't know what to do with myself.
So I thought about Lost and I really wondered how many times Hurley had said dude so far.
After some unsuccessful research I decided to count them on my own -
et voilà, here is my main contribution to Lostpedia:

Hurley's dude count


I'm also busy making lists of all dude quotes (transcript excerpts):

season 1season 2season 3Missing Piecesseason 4Others' dudes

(Yet non-existing pages will be created soon!)

Some of my favourite characters

Of course there are "good old fun time" Hurley, "the Iraqi MacGyver" Sayid,
Locke who's "responsible for the well-being of this island", time traveling Desmond,
my sweet little Claire and the way too early deceased Charlie.

Hurley-mini.jpg Sayid-mini.jpg Locke-mini.jpg Desmond-mini.jpg Claire-mini.jpg Charlie-mini.jpg

But here are a few less prominent or newer characters that could
(or better: must!) play an important role in the future of the show:

DanielS4a.jpg Daniel "That is far more than weird" Faraday
Yeah, Dan, tell us about it. I really count on him to solve a few more of Lost's mysteries. Carry on with your experiments!
Penelope.jpg Penny "With enough money and determination you can find anyone" Widmore
Sure enough she has both money and determination. From the bottom of my heart, I hope she will find her Desmond!
AlpertRich.jpg Richard "You're gonna have to be very, very patient" Alpert
Of course, as a Lost fan you have to be patient, and I am. But I still can't wait to see him again, leading the Others to the temple!
Ms. Hawking.jpg Ms. "The universe has a way of course correcting" Hawking
She creeps me out. But I still hope to see her again giving more insight into the course correcting universe!

My favourite episodes per season

It's pretty hard to choose the best episodes because there is a very high standard in Lost. Nevertheless, here is my choice of the best episodes per season:

4x05 DesmondLooksOn.png Season 4: The Constant
Time travel of the consciousness - mind-blowing! Probably the best Lost episode so far with the first visit to the mysterious freighter!
So it begins.jpg Missing Pieces: So It Begins
The shocking final Missing Piece where Christian tells Vincent to wake up Jack because "he has work to do"! What the hell...?
SuicideJack.jpg Season 3: Through the Looking Glass
The excellent season finale with an unexpected first trip to the future and the most moving death scene in the history of Lost!
2x01 Jack.png Season 2: Man of Science, Man of Faith
The journey down into the hatch was the discovery of the amazing DHARMA Initiative and one more brilliant character: Desmond!
Pilot-Jack.jpg Season 1: Pilot, Part 1 & Part 2
The very beginning of Lost with a breath-taking opening sequence and a question we still don't know the answer to! "Guys, where are we?"

You can find out more about my favourite episodes on my episode ratings page!

What I just can't understand
Charlie dies and...
Charlie heroically dies in the Looking Glass. Only two days later, Claire seems to be entirely happy living in New Otherton, making coffee and doing laundry.
How about some mourning?
4x04 KCA porch.jpg
...Claire doesn't care?

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