About Me

I originally got into the show because of the amount of detail poured into it and the retro-technology of the DHARMA Initiative in season two. For various reasons my sympathies as far as characters on the show have tended to be with the Others.

As of February 9, 2008 I'm a Lostpedia Sysop.



I have the ability to extract full resolution images from the season three blu-ray release. If anyone wants a particular image, I'm willing to extract images on request.

Interesting Stuff

  • I added material to the B.F. Skinner article with regard to his ideas about utopian communities (his book Walden 2 from 1948). The most interesting thing I discovered was that there are at least two utopian communities created based on his ideas in 1967 and 1973. And they both are still going.


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This user has been awarded the "Triple A" for carrying out the most valued edits on the The Island article, which was flagged to the Lostpedia community as the article of the week in need of attention.

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