Name Paul
Year of birth 1991
Place of origin Drogheda, Ireland
Current location Drogheda, Ireland
"If you say 'Live together, die alone' to me, Jack, I'm gonna punch you in your face."
TV Shows
Lost, Fringe, V, Dexter
Languages I Speak
English, Irish, French


A 19 year old Mathematical Science student and general all-round nerd, I was introduced to LOST at the tender age of 13 (after much persuasion admittedly), and my life was changed forever. In Ireland, we are not exposed to a wonderfully high standard of television, and after too many years of watching programmes such as Fair City and Reeling In The Years, as well as below-par British imports such as Doctor Who, LOST opened new doors for me in terms of pure enjoyment. Never being an avid bookreader or cinemagoer, LOST, representing the world of television drama, provided me with insight into an enriching and vibrant art form, and I instantly fell in love.

Irishflg This user is Irish.

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