Whats to say? I'm just a hardcore LOST Fan who is eligible for a Ph.D in LOST, or, as I would call it, an D.Lst... Lol, D.Lst. So yeah, I'm pretty much an expert on all things canon to LOST, however I know nothing of the spin off books, or anything else semi or non canon.

What is my theory for LOST? Hmm... that's a good question. I have no idea, sorry. Usually I just think aboutwhats coming in the next three episodes, I can't imagine thinking so far ahead as to imagine the series finale...

I have season 5 down to Namaste. I can't guess what happens after that episode.

  • 316: Oceanic 6 (or maybe Oceanic 5 seeing as Hurley's current predicament) catch Ajira Airlines Flight 315, along with Ms.Hawking, who later gets shot by Sawyer on their emergency raft.
  • The Life and Death of Jermey Bentham: Johnny Boy goes around talking to Jack and Kate and Sayid and Walt and probably Sun and Hurley. Set as a flashback to 2006, 7, and 8.
  • La Fleur: This is one I'm hazy on. I can only go by the French title being in relation to Pierre Chang, who is clearly French in some way. Seeing as how the synopsis for it states that Sawyer (master liar) perpetuates a lie to protect themselves from mistakes in the past I am going to say... this episode is the clash between The Lostbehinds, the O6, and the DI in its heyday.
  • Namaste: Come on. Could the title be any clearer? In this episode we will see:
    • Danny boy as a DI construction worker
    • The Dharma Booth Video being filmed
    • An explanation as to why there was a filming update involving Jack, Kate, and Sayid in DHARMA outfits.

So those are my theories so far. He's our you---Maybe a new leader, there will almost certainly be somethng about leadership. Whatever happened, happened---this is supposed to be a Ben Centric episode, so instead of theorising about this episode I'm praying for some Annie, Cerberus, Horace Goodspeed, Jacob, and temple. Definently some answers here. Dead is Dead---Christian Shephard, Libby, Ana Lucia, and other dead people should be making appearances, just as the title dictates. Some like it hoth, the variable---I have nothing on these episodes. Nothing. The latter I think should have something about the future. Some like it hoth are supposed to be about aaron and ji yeon so we might have something on the special kids.

Links: [1] Say what you want about how many people recommend it, it IS good. [2] The sections on LOST in here are like crappy lostpedias, except without spoiler bans. [3] All those sneak peeks... oh, and NicoleL88, she knows a bit.

If you want to chat about LOST, or anything that you think I might be interested in, my email is Apoligies to any paedophiles out there, I'm 27.

And thats it. Expect some more updates, as I try and turn this into a general LOST theory/spoiler page... bye :D! Btw, I copped that footer thing from Sam McPherson. Sorry!

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