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About Me

I joined this place in 2006. I dont update the site unless there's something that really bugs me. I'm not good at describing myself, but I am good at describing Lost. You can check out the Top 10's below.

The Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Best Lost Episodes

Top 10 Worst Lost Episodes

  • 10. The Whole Truth
  • 9. Left Behind
  • 8. The Glass Ballerina
  • 7. Abandoned
  • 6. I Do
  • 5. The Long Con
  • 4. ...And Found
  • 3. Whatever The Case May Be
  • 2. Outlaws
  • 1. SOS

The Top 5 Lists

"Because 10 is just too much."

Top 5 Favorite Characters

"Hangovers suck, huh John?

Keep in mind, these are ranked by favorite, not by importance. All past and present, living or deadsies are still included

  • 5. Leonard Simms
  • 4. Hurley
  • 3. Kelvin
  • 2. Desmond
  • 1. John Locke

Top 5 Most Annoying Characters

Im waaaay ahead of you, sister.

Again, some of these folks are important and have crucial roles, but they still bug the pants off me.

  • 5. Pickett
  • 4. Ben
  • 3. Shannon
  • 2. Ana Lucia
  • 1. Juliet
My New Suit

There is no such thing as Jiggly Ball, is there?

Top 5 Best Scrubs Episodes

I'm no Superman, but I do know that these Episodes of Scrubs rocked:

  • 5. My Musical
  • 4. My Jiggly Ball
  • 3. My Way Home
  • 2. My Day at the Races
  • 1. My First Day


Of all the theories posted on Lostpedia, I don't pertain to a single one. My basis of Lost stands as follows

  • Desmond crashed the plane
  • Desmond came back to the island because of the Lockdown Incident
  • There's no such thing as magic in Lost. Everything can be explained mathematically and scientifically.
  • Locke is paralyzed because he tried to kill himself in a flashback. DEBUNKED
  • Science Fiction author Philip K. Dick will become important in the mythos of Lost. Perhaps his book The Man in the High Castle?


  • Pickett, Juliet, Paulo, and perhaps Nikki will die NEARLY CONFIRMED
  • Kate listens to Jack and runs away, but Sawyer stays behind CONFIRMED
  • Locke is alive still CONFIRMED

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