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I love to organize. I love Lost. I love to organize Lost.


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Would you like to use the "GOSH Console" to automatically fix common problems on pages? Read the GOSH page, and/or feel free to ask me any questions!

What I do

Stuff I Do on this Great Site vte
Create stuff Template:Nav-MultiRowTemplateTemplate:Nav-TemplateTemplate:NavRowOddTemplate:NavRowEvenTemplate:NavMinor-TheoriesTemplate:NavMinor-TemplateTemplate:NavMinor-CulturalReferencesTemplate:NavMinor-RecurringThemesTemplate:EpTemplate:ItTemplate:LinkTemplate:CrossrefCultural references
Help with stuff Organizing episode trivia into 'cultural references' and 'recurring themes' • Organizing episode theories • Fixing case issues • Fixing episode names • Writing code to automatically do all of this

Medal HW bw Hard Work Medal

This user has been recognized as a Lostpedia Hard Work Medal recipient.

For doing a great job with the "ep" templates as well as the lostpedia cleanup javascript. An overall great contribution.

Medal AAA bw Article Attack Award


This user has been awarded the "Triple A" for carrying out the most valued edits on the Animals article, which was flagged to the Lostpedia community as the article of the week in need of attention.

This user has made every single edit on Lostpedia (just kidding).

Other Stuff I Do vte
Create and maintain a company-wide wiki • Use a personal wiki to organize my whole life
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