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I love LOST! As far as I am concerned it is the greatest show in the history of television. I suppose that some day another show might come along that could knock it off the top spot but I kinda doubt it. LOVE THIS SHOW!!

I love it for the depth of it's symbolism, the references to many of my other favorite stories and ultimately, it's just one heck of a good story. I love how much it has influenced other shows to the point that even after being off the air for several years you still see references to it pop up everywhere.

It does make me sad to see that interest in lostpedia seems to be less than it was when the show was on.

At the moment I have 23 badges. Kinda makes me wonder if I should just stop there. Well, that was short lived; I now have 24. OK, I'm up to 27 now. Oh, forget it, I can't keep up.

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