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Zander is one of the background tail section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. His character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815.

Before the Crash


One night when Zander was four-years-old, he woke up screaming from a nightmare. His mother came into the room and sang him back to sleep. (Some Starless Night)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

When he was only five-years-old, Zander's mother took a trip to Singapore. On her return flight, the plane crashed. She survived the crash, but later died. (Twenty-Six Years) The day she was supposed to come home, Zander's brother, Lance, saw their dad crying and he asked Zander why their dad was upset. Two years after his mother's death, Zander's dad remarried and, four years later, Zander's step-mother gave birth to twins. (Brothers in Arms)

As an Adult

After his brother abandoned his step-mother at his graduation, Zander went home to find him sitting on the couch. Zander got after Lance for making their step-mother cry, but just made Lance upset. Years later, after Lance started dating Nancy, Zander talked to his father, worried that Lance was shacking up. His dad told him not to make any assumptions about his brother. Two years later, Zander went on a humanitarian mission in the Philippines with Sullivan and some others. After their mission was over, they went sight-seeing in Australia. Zander and Sullivan stayed an extra day to see some more sites and left, the next day, on Flight 815. (Some Starless Night)

On the Island

After the crash, Zander swam to the shore and heard Seamus screaming for his wife. Zander offered to help find her. The next day, Zander watched with Eli, as Sonya died, despite their efforts. (Some Starless Night) A few days later, Zander went to look for fruit with Nancy. While looking, Zander learned that Nancy was his brother's girlfriend and that Lance had been on the plane. He told Nancy that Lance could have survived the crash. (Tales from the Tail) A few days later, Zander sat with Nancy as they ate some chicken. Zander apologized to her for his preconceived notions about Lance dating her. (Some Starless Night) A few days later, Zander was captured by the Others at night. The next day, Zander woke up in a cage on the Hydra Island, along with the other captured survivors. (Dream a Little Dream) Later that day, after Richard Alpert talked to Nancy and Eli, they returned to the cages and told Zander that Lance was alive. (Some Starless Night) About a week later, Zander joined the Others along with eight other tail section survivors. He met Ariel that day and she recognized him as Julia's son. (Twenty-Six Years)

Zander overheard Ryder telling Juliet that they had captured Michael the day before. After that, Juliet prepared to leave for the Tempest with Colleen. Zander inquired about the journey and Juliet explained that they were going to get gas masks and not to worry because it was just a precaution. (Tales from the Tail) A few days later, Zander traveled to the survivors' beach with Eli to find out who Verena was. (One More Time)
3x19 locke column

Zander saw the ruins while living with the Others.

After arriving at the ruins, Zander offered to help Eli with his tent. Shortly after, he marveled at the ruins around them and that they didn't faze anyone expect the people that had been on the plane. (In Danger)

Shortly after Locke arrived at the Others camp, Andrew took Zander and a group of others away from their camp. Not long after leaving, the sky lit up. (Ageless)

Season 5

During the Time Shifts

After the light cleared, Zander was dazed. After walking through the jungle for a bit longer, Zander went with Eli to get some fruit for the group. (Ageless) After two more flashes of light, while looking for fruit with Eli, Zander found the Flame Station and told his group about it, indicating that they were in the past. Later, he agreed with Nancy's suggestion to go to the beach and see if their friends were okay. (Just Survive)

While traveling to the beach, after another flash of light, Zander and his group encountered Howard and Verena. (Just Survive) The next morning, while Howard talked to Nancy, Zander and Eli told Verena that Sonya had told them to let Verena know that Hunter would keep his promises, despite his death. Later, Zander noticed Marc acting weird as he recovered lost memories. After Marc, Nancy, and Ariel were captured by the Hostiles, Zander offered to help rescue them, because Nancy was his brother's girlfriend. Shortly after leaving Verena, Jim, Eli, and Dawn, he was captured by the Hostiles, along with Howard and Ryder. After being rescued by Susan and Peter, the sky lit up, freeing them from the Hostiles. (Faulty Memory)

After the light cleared, Zander, Howard, and Ryder found Locke's group in a clearing. Ryder read Locke's lips, revealing to them that some people had left the Island. Later, after Ryder stumbled, Zander suggested that he rest, because he had stayed up through the entire night. Ryder lied and told Zander that he didn't need to rest. He passed out immediately afterwards. After waking up, Ryder told Howar and Zander that he knew where to find Nancy, Ariel, and Marc. Shortly after telling them, the sky lit up. Right after the light cleared, Zander, Howard, and Ryder started running through the jungle. (Reading Lips) After another flash of light, While running through the jungle in the rain, Zander asked if they were going the right way. Howard replied that they were headed towards the Pearl Station. Finally, they found the Pearl Station and reunited with Marc, Nancy, and Ariel, as well as a group of other people, including Lance, Zander's brother. (Family Matters)

Later, after hearing the monster, Zander ran into the jungle with Lance and Nancy. (Conditional) Later, after a series of seven time flahes, Zander, Nancy, and Lance found Larry, Janelle, and Jeff. Soon after, the group saw a giant statue above the trees in the distance. The final flash of light began soon after. (The Dreamer)

After the Time Flashes

A week after the time flashes ended, Jeff suggested splitting up to look for their people. Zander expressed his opinion that it was a bad idea. Later, after giving into Jeff's idea, Zander left with Lance and Nancy. Later that day, Zander, Lance, and Nancy found a beach that was across from the Hydra Island. He admitted to Lance that it was where they had kept Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Immediately after, they heard a noise in the jungle, only to find out that it was Elliot, Dieter, and Oscar. (Tales from the Tail) About a week later, Zander, Elliot, Oscar, Dieter, Lance, and Nancy sat around the campfire at the beach adjacent to the Hydra Island. Suddenly, they heard some people nearby and ran away with Elliot and Dieter. (The Angel) About a week later, they were found by Ariel in the jungle and she brought them to the Barracks. The first person Zander saw when he arrived was his brother, who was thrilled to see him. (That's a Maybe) Four days later, Zander was talking to Nancy about the Phoenix Project and Lance overheard them talking. He prodded them into telling him what the Phoenix Project was and developed an obsession about it afterwards. (Burning Heart)

About two years after joining DHARMA, the time traveling survivors recorded a video message for their friends in the future. In the video, Zander explained that they were living with the DHARMA Initiative. (Time Capsule) The next day, Lance asked Micah about the Phoenix Project, but got no answers. He asked Zander why they didn't do something about the project and Zander replied because he didn't want to die. (Burning Heart) One day, about a year later, Zander had breakfast with Eli, Elliot, and Howard before leaving for work. (Heroes) Two days later, Zander talked to Nancy and Lance after an incident at the Barracks. Nancy wondered why Horace thought that someone in DHARMA would help a prisoner escape. Zander guessed that it could have been someone that knew the prisoner wasn't really a Hostile. Lance, however, suggested that someone found out the truth about the Phoenix Project. Then Lance suggested that they try to sabotage the Phoenix Project, but Zander didn't want to be involved with his brother's crazy plan. (Burning Heart)

Later that day, Howard ran into Zander's house and told him that Tyson and Clive were coming for him. As Howard tried to rush him out of the house, Tyson arrived at the house. After Tyson and Clive broke into the house, Howard helped rescue Zander by knocking out Tyson. After Howard struck Tyson, Clive attacked Zander and was about to kill him, but was killed by Howard before he could. After that, Zander and Howard fled the Barracks. As they drew closer to the fence, they encountered Dieter, who was returning to the Barracks. As they talked to Dieter, Tyson arrived with Eli. In a struggle that ensued, Dieter killed Eli and Howard shot Tyson. As Dieter held his gun at Howard, after killing Eli, he readied himself to pull the trigger, but Zander shot him first. That night, in the jungle, Zander told Howard about his mother singing him to sleep when he was scared. Just then, they saw Marc and Erik talking about Ben. (Some Starless Night)

The next morning, after realizing they were in Hostile territory, Zander and Howard readied their guns in case they needed to use them. Soon after, they saw a crashed DHARMA van with Ryder inside. They ran over to the van and helped him out of the van. Soon after, they found a creek for Ryder to clean the glass out of his arm. As they arrived, they were surrounded by Marc, Eric, and two other Hostiles. (The Day After Tomorrow) After explaining that they were running from DHARMA, Howard asked who one of the Hostiles were. He stated that his name was Charles Widmore. (Some Starless Night) After Ryder explained them out of the situation, Zander asked Howard why he hadn't said anything to his father. Howard replied that his father wouldn't recognize him anyway. It was then that Ryder realized his wedding ring was missing. (The Day After Tomorrow) They traced their steps back to the van to find the ring, but were soon found by some DHARMA shooters. They hid behind trees and shot. Zander managed to kill one of them. Soon after, they were rescued by Susan and Peter. (The Kite Runner) Later that day, they found Ariel, Oscar, Austin, Elliot, and Josh and rescued them from DHARMA shooters. However, Josh and Susan were shot in the process, though Susan survived the attack. Some time later, they found the Swan site and, not longer after, reunited with Chris, Janelle, Simon, Morris, Sally, Steve, Robert, Bob, and Jake. Just then, Micah arrived with some shooters. Zander was able to avoid being killed and, after arriving at the Swan site again, he saw Dr. Chang's arm being crushed. Soon after, he saw a flash of light. (Tuck Everlasting)

Season 6

Shortly after the light cleared, Zander reunited with Chris, Ryder, Bob, Oscar, and Peter. Not long after that, they found Susan, Howard, Jake, Morris, and Elliot. No sooner had they reunited than Ryder, Peter, Howard, Susan, and Bob decided to go to the Staff Station to save Susan. Later that night, Morris suggested to Zander that they go to the Temple, leaving the others behind. However, Zander refused to leave his friends. Instead, the group headed to the beach camp. (We're Back)

Soon after arriving at the beach camp, the group realized there was no use being there, so they headed to the Tempest to find guns. Upon arriving at the outside of the Tempest, the group saw Tyson and Derek leaving the station. Inside the station, they got guns, but Oscar ran off and Elliot left the group, chasing after him. (Score to Settle)

Alternate Timeline

Flash-sideways Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 lands at LAX)

Shortly after Flight 815 landed in Los Angeles, Zander got in an argument with his brother about why Zander wouldn't talk to their father. (Score to Settle) Later that day, Zander helped Nancy into a hospital after she'd collapsed at the airport. They were helped by Dr. Maxwell. (Sinking Feeling)


  • Zander's name was not given in his first appearance, but we know he was there because all nine of the captured tailies were present, including Zander. His name was later given during one of Kristi's dreams in "In Danger".
  • Each member of Zander's family calls him a different variation of his name:
  • He was the thirtieth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.

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