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Verena Murphy is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Her character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. However, under the alias of "Roxanne Mercer", Verena was mentioned by Ilana in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham".

Before the Crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

Getting an Education

Verena took pre-med at Columbia University, but her marks were not good enough to become a doctor, so she took nursing instead. During one spring break, Verena visited downtown New York City to get a birthday present for her mom. During her visit to New York City, Verena got a call from her mother telling her that she had cancer. (Pre-Med)

While home for Christmas in 1995, Verena was driving and hit a deer. When she woke up, she was being helped by Hunter and Andrew. While Hunter drove off to call for help, Andrew broke the window of Verena's car in order to get her out. Soon after, Hunter returned and he officially met Verena. (Ageless)

Dating Hunter

Half a year after meeting Hunter, Verena began dating him. (Hardest Decision) A year later, Verena got a call from her mother, saying that her father was sick and that she should come home. By the time Verena got home, her dad was already dead. (Home Sweet Home) Half a year later, Hunter proposed to Verena, but she didn't give an answer, initially, because she was concerned about her mother. However, her mother told her that her cancer was gone and to marry Hunter. (Hardest Decision) At the reception, Hunter made a toast to Verena, saying that she had saved him, not the other way around. (Home Sweet Home) Four days after the wedding, Verena talked to her mother, who urged her to focus on Hunter now, promising that she would be fine. (No Trace) Soon after, Verena moved to Australia with Hunter. (Hardest Decision)

Living in Australia

A few months after getting married, Hunter returned from work one day with a rose for Verena. He reminded her that it was a year previous to that that he had proposed to her. He told her that he would be with her every year on that day until she died. (Home Sweet Home) A year later, after getting in an accident, Verena helped Claire into the hospital. (Life Support) About a year later, Verena helped treat Mrs. Stillman at the hospital after a car crash. (Home Sweet Home)

In April of 2004, Verena went to the hospital after her father-in-law, Scott, had a heart attack. Her brother-in-law failed to arrive before Scott died. (Passed Away) One day, about half a year later, Verena was supposed to bring Amon some crutches at the hospital, but Dr. Woodruff brought him crutches instead. (Break a Leg) Less than a week later, Verena got a call from her mother saying that her cancer was back and aggressive. When Hunter got home, he suggested that she go see her mother before the cancer won. (Life Support) Exactly three years after starting work at the hospital, Verena saw Walt arrive with his mother and step-father. (Hardest Decision) The day before leaving to visit her mother, Verena met Janelle and Joanna briefly at the hospital. (Settlement)

Verena went to the airport with Hunter on the day of her flight. He left to check people in. She overheard many conversations as she walked through the airport. (Gate 23) Shortly before boarding the plane, Verena met up with Hunter, saying final goodbyes, promising to see each other about a month later. (While You're Gone) On the plane, Verena awoke due to the turbulence. After waking up, she met Sayid, who told her that the plane ride would get better. However, shortly after that, the plane hit more turbulence and began to crash. (Flight 815)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

During the immediate aftermath of the crash, Verena was approached by a man who asked her for a pen, before running off again. (Flight 815) That night, after finding a camera bag belonging to "Howard Zahn" she asked Neil and Amon if they knew who that was. They told her where to find him. (Twin Telepathy) She heard Kate talking to Jack and later gave Howard his camera case, which she'd found. Soon after that, she heard the monster. Around noon, the next day, she got in an argument involving Sophia, Howard, Sawyer, Larry, and Arzt. The argument was broken up by Walt. After realizing that Sophia was gone, Verena berated Sawyer for being rude to her. Later that day, she found Howard and told him that they should go with a group of people to higher ground to try the transceiver, but when they returned to the makeshift camp, the group was already gone. Then she was told by George that Faith had saved him. Shortly after that, Verena saw a picture that Howard had taken of the wreckage with Dexter. However, Verena noted that Dexter was in the jungle when the picture had been taken. (Flight 815)

Two days later, after noticing that Amon was gone, Verena began asking around to see if anyone knew where he was. Howard and Sophia volunteered to help her look for Amon. While looking for Amon in the jungle, the group heard the monster. Verena and Howard ran away, leaving Sophia to face the monster, alone, but she survived.
Pilot Part 1 Pilot Dead

Verena saw the pilot's body in a tree.

They found the pilot's body left in a tree soon after. The next morning, before anyone else got up, Verena, Sophia, and Howard got up and went into the jungle to look for Amon. While stopping to take a rest, Verena got to know Sophia. Soon after, Howard returned from looking for fruit and showed them a door he'd found. They saw three people exit the underground building. Then the group explored the station. The next day, at the beach, while trying to figure out where Amon could have gone, Verena, Sophia, and Howard were told about someone drowning. Later that day, while looking for Amon, they heard a noise in the vegetation. Someone fell out of the vegetation and the group discovered it was Amon. (See the World) That night, after returning Amon to the beach, Verena heard Jack give his "live-together-die-alone" speech. (Picture Perfect) The next day, after waking Amon up, Verena, Howard, and Sophia discovered that he had no memory of his disappearance. The day after that, while at the caves getting water, Verena witnessed a cave-in and ran to the beach to get Howard to help. (Picture Perfect) The next day, Sophia told Verena about Shannon's asthma attacks, which prompted Verean to take Howard to the door in the ground to look for some medicine. They set up camp that night in the jungle.
Locker room

Verena inspected the lockers long before Kate even found the Staff Station.

The next day, while walking through the jungle, Verena got to know Howard better. They arrived at the door in the ground before too long. While searching the station for medicine, Howard and Verena heard some people arrive at the Station. They overheard a conversation between the three people, revealing that one of their people had given them information about their camp. The next day, on their way to the caves, Verena and Howard discussed what they'd heard the day before. When they arrived at the caves, Sophia told them that Sun had figured out a remedy for Shannon. The next day, Locke asked Verena if she'd seen Ethan. After Ethan found them, Verena remembered that one of the people at the station had mentioned Ethan specifically. (Pre-Med)

The next day, Verena visited Hurley's golf course. (Pre-Med) Later that day, at the caves, Howard told Verena that he had heard something in the jungle. Three days later, at the caves, Verena witnessed Sayid's return and Hurley's revelation that Ethan hadn't been on the plane. After hearing this, Verena ran to the beach and told Howard that the guy at the station had been talking about Ethan from their camp and that Ethan had attacked Claire. (Mother's Day) Four days after that, Verena talked to Janelle at the caves about how they had been clueless about Ethan not being on the plane. The next day, Verena helped carry luggage up the beach as the tide came in. After Larry snatched Janelle's dive bag, Verena tried to get it back, unsuccessfully, before Amon eventually punched Larry to get it back. (Camera Case)

A day later, Verena was walking to the caves with Faith when Howard arrived to show her a picture he'd taken of a man who hadn't been there before he took the picture. Soon after, George found them and told them that Amon had run off into the jungle. (Camera Case) Two days later, Verena and Sophia went looking for Amon, but had no success. Three days later, after Amon was found, Sophia told Verena and Howard. When it was suggested to get Amon some water, Verena volunteered to go with Sophia to get it. After getting the water from the caves, Verena went back to the beach alone to give it to Amon. (Tryouts) Later that night, Craig told Verena that Claire was back. (Life Support)

Verena left the beach early the next morning to get to the caves to see Claire. After she arrived, she learned from Janelle and Sophia that Claire couldn't remember anything. After thinking of an idea to help Claire, Verena headed towards the beach, only to see Ethan threatening Charlie, saying that he would kill one survivor each day until he got Claire back. The next day, Verena asked Dexter to talk to Claire, since he was majoring in psychology in college. Later, during the rain, Verena hid found shelter with Dexter and they heard four gunshots. Soon after, they saw Ethan's body being carried onto the beach. The next morning, Verena saw Hunter in the jungle and stood in shock as he walked away and disappeared. (Life Support)

About a week later, Verena saw Hurley freaking out at the caves. Later that day, Verena told Sophia that she figured she was going crazy, because she was seeing things. She'd planned to talk to Jack about it, but he'd gone off after Hurley. The next day, Verena talked to Sophia and Howard about Amon's disappearances, noting what they'd heard the Others say at the Staff Station. She brought up the point of one of the men mentioning Ethan by name, meaning the "spy" they were talking about was not Ethan. (Volume)

Four days later, Verena saw Kate talking to Sawyer about the alcohol Jack needed for Boone's emergency surgery. Later that day, Sophia found Verena and requested that she help Claire give birth, but they found out, almost immediately after, that Claire had already given birth. (Gate 23) Three days later, Verena was awoken when Danielle arrived at the beach camp. She heard Danielle's speech about what happened to her, involving the black smoke and the Others. Later that day, Jack told Verena, Sophia, Faith, and Janelle to wait at the caves until they returned. Soon after, Verena wrote a message to her mother and her husband to put in the bottle. That night, she stayed behind at the beach with Larry, Janelle, Jerome, and Howard when everyone else went to the caves. When it was dark, their fire went out and the group heard whispers. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

After lighting some torches, Verena went to the caves with Janelle, Jerome, Howard, and Larry. The next day, Verena went looking for Amon with Faith. They talked about their time on the Island and Verena shared her knowledge of the Paradise Parrot with Faith. Soon after, they heard a cow and, as a result, found the Flame Station. After seeing Mikhail, they ran back to the beach. (Ashes to Ashley) The next day, Verena asked Faith and George if they'd had any luck finding Amon, but they hadn't. That night, Hurley gave Verena some cookies from the Swan pantry. (Real Estate)

A few days later, after Larry and Richard found Amon, Verena instructed them to put him in his tent. After Amon was in his tent, Verena asked Howard to find out if Amon had any sons. A few days later, Howard told Verena and Sophia that Amon had two sons. Soon after, Dexter told them that Michael had run off to find Walt. (Complications) The next day, Verena assured a worried Sophia that Howard, Amon, and Lance would be fine, despite not returning yet. However, Sophia still wanted to go after them. Janelle agreed to go with her and showed them her gun, which scared Sophia and Verena. A couple days later, Verena and Tracy saw Hurley playing cards with Sawyer. After Tracy said that Hurley and Libby would make a cute couple, Verena likened them to Tracy and Steve. However, Tracy told Verena that she and Steve were just friends. Soon after, Verena saw Howard, Janelle, Lance, Sophia, and Amon returning. Along with them, she went to the Swan Station to talk about what they'd found out and the guns they'd obtained. (A Friend Indeed)

The next day, with the Tracy's help, Verena fixed her shelter. (One More Time) A day after that, Verena was at the beach with Doug and Chris when they heard someone screaming out in the jungle. Later that day, when Amon was being confronted by Craig about why they didn't need to fear the Others, Verena bailed Amon out, preventing him from mentioning the guns to Craig. The next day, while walking through the jungle with Sophia, Verena saw Sayid talking to Danielle. Later that day, Janelle ran over to Verena in a panic, after finding out that her diary was missing. (Let It Go)

The next day, Sophia told Verena that she thought she was going crazy because she'd seen her mother and her friend in the jungle. Then Verena told her that she'd seen her husband in the jungle. Just then, Howard turned up and told them that Amon was missing again. Soon after, Verena told Janelle and Faith to meet them at the kitchen tent. Later, at the kitchen tent, Verena, George, Faith, Janelle, Howard, Sophia, and Dexter gathered to talk about what to do about Amon. Verena, Howard, and Sophia told the group what they'd heard the Others say and what they'd figured out so far. Verena decided that they would confront Amon and use force if necessary. (Settlement)

The next day, Verena told Howard about seeing Hunter and about Sophia seeing Andrew and her mom in the jungle. Then Bernard turned up and told them that Sun was pregnant. Just then, Verena saw Hunter in the jungle again and chased him into the jungle, with Howard close behind. (Settlement) After running through the night, Verena and Howard found themselves lost. Suddenly, they heard the whispers and saw a teenage boy, who told them which direction to go in order to find the beach camp. Just then, they heard the monster and then went back toward the beach. The next day, Verena and Howard found their fellow survivors pillaging the pallet drop. While near the pallet, Verena told Sophia about seeing the teenage boy in the jungle. Sophia immediately knew it was Andrew she'd seen. (Big Scoop)

While eating a mango on the beach, a couple days later, Verena saw Hurley trying to surprise Libby with a picnic. (My Brother's Keeper) The next day, Verena attended Ana Lucia and Libby's funeral and saw Desmond's boat. That night, she saw Desmond at the beach camp. (I Was There) Two days later, after Howard, Janelle, and Amon returned to the beach, Verena told them about Ana Lucia and Libby's deaths and Desmond's arrival. (We're the Good Guys)

Season 3 (Days 76-91)

About a week after the light in the sky, Janelle told Verena that Larry, Richard, and Craig had found some DHARMA stuff. A couple days later, Howard told Verena that Jack had been with the Others without a bag over his head. Then Verena told Howard that Larry, Richard, and Craig had found some guns and binders and had put them with their stash. (Crime Scene)

The next day, Verena, Sophia, Lance, and Doug carried Amon to the Staff Station after he started having memory flashes. After Amon mentioned the secret room behind the lockers, Verena opened it up, but found nothing useful inside. With Amon's memory flashes coming faster, Verena started to worry for him, until Amon mentioned a walkie by the ultrasound. Amon radioed Ryder and Ryder told Verena to inject Amon with something that would stop the memory flashes. (Memory Lapse)

A few days later, Howard told Verena to radio him if anything major happened while him and Amon were gone. (Vacation) About a week later, When Sawyer played a recording that Juliet had left for Ben, it mentioned Kate's name. At the mention of Kate's name, Verena instinctively looked at her. Prior to leaving the beach, the next day, Verena radioed Howard and told him not to return to the beach, but to go to the radio tower instead. Soon after, Jack made sure that Verena had enough water. The next day, at the radio tower, Verena was overjoyed after Jack radioed the freighter to pick them up. (Family Roots)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

At the radio tower, Verena told Amon that she was excited to go home and see her mother. That night, at the cockpit, Verena chose to go with Jack. (Choose Your Battles) The next day, After Juliet arrived at the beach, she asked Verena where Desmond was and Verena pointed her in the right direction. The next day, worried about Howard, Sophia, and the rest of Locke's group, Verena attempted to radio Howard, but ended up talking to Tracy instead. Verena asked Tracy to send Steve and Richard to the Staff to meet with her. Soon after, Verena recruited Craig and Lance to go with her and take some guns to Locke's group. They arrived at the Staff Station a day later and handed four guns over to Steve and Richard. On their way back, they saw Juliet talking to one of the Others. (Hardest Decision)

The next day, Verena wished Jeff a merry Christmas. Then she realized he was a little worried. He explained that he didn't want to leave the Island and he only went with Jack because he saw something the day he heard about Naomi. Verena asked what he saw, but he didn't want to tell her because he figured she'd think he was crazy. Verena told him about seeing her husband in the jungle and Jeff was about to tell her what he saw, but they were interrupted by commotion caused by Kate's return. (Home Sweet Home)

A few days later, while helping to prepare for Jack's surgery, Verena saw Howard and Faith arriving at the beach with Sophia's body. Verena went into the jungle with Howard and helped bury Sophia. Two days later, noting Howard's solemn behavior, Verena asked why he wasn't running to the zodiac raft. In reply, he asked the same question to her. She told him that she was worried about him. Howard expressed anger about Sophia's death, but Verena reminded him that the mercenaries were on the Island and it wasn't safe anymore. Howard explained to her that he was staying on the Island because he'd been born there and wanted to learn more about it. Verena offered to stay with him to find his answers, supposing that if her mother had survived that long she could survive a little longer. Later that day, Verena, Howard, Richard, and Lance saw the smoking remains of the freighter and then they heard the chopper heading in their direction. As they watched the chopper approach the Island, the sky began to light up. (Membata)

Season 5

The light cleared and Verena realized the camp was gone. (Ageless) Soon after, when Faraday started trying to explain the current phenomenon, Verena asked Janelle if she understood what he was saying. Some time later, Verena talked to Howard, who felt they were in danger. Verena decided to get the guns from Steve and Richard. After another flash of light, Verena retrieved two guns from Steve, who told her not to get herself killed. The sky lit up soon after. Soon after the light cleared, Verena gave a gun to Dexter and a gun to Larry. In doing so, Richard decided to return his guns to Verena. He also gave Howard's camera to Verena. She gave one of Richard's guns to Lance. Then the sky lit up again. (Just Survive)

At night, after another flash of light, when the camp was attacked with flaming arrows, Verena ran from the beach with George and Craig, but tripped during the escape. George ran back to help her up, but was hit by an arrow in the process. Verena got up and ran from George's body. After getting off the beach, she found Howard. Soon after, they encountered Ryder, Dawn, and some others. Howard recognized one of them as his dad. (Just Survive)

The next morning, Verena found herself sitting by herself as Howard talked to Nancy, who he had learned was his cousin. Zander and Eli approached her and told her that the day after the crash Sonya had died, but not before telling them to tell her that Hunter would keep his promises, despite dying. The news of her husband's death hit her hard. Then she remembered seeing him twice on the Island, on the days he'd promised to be with her. Soon after, Verena saw Marc screaming in agony as he recovered his lost memories. After Ariel heard some Hostiles nearby, the group ran away from their camp, but soon found out that Nancy, Ariel, and Marc had been captured by the Hostiles. She was shocked when Howard decided to go after them. After Howard, Zander, and Ryder left, Verena headed towards the beach with Dawn, Eli, and Jim. The sky lit up soon after. (Faulty Memory)

Some time later, on their way to the beach, Verena figured out that Dawn was pregnant. Soon after, Verena told Dawn that she needed to tell Ryder. Later, the sky lit up again. Some time after it cleared, Verena, Dawn, Eli, and Jim arrived at the beach and looked through Howard's tent to find that the guns and DHARMA books were gone. Soon after, Verena asked Dawn why she was worried about dying because of her pregnancy. Dawn told her that pregnant women on the Island die. (Reading Lips) While hiding from the rain at the beach, after another flash, Jim asked Verena if Janelle, Jerome, Joanna, and Amon were alive. Verena replied that only Janelle was still alive last time she knew. Later that night, Verena reunited with Chris and Craig when they arrived at the beach with Dieter. (Family Matters) Later, she reunited with Elliot when he arrived at the beach with Ryder, Ariel, and Oscar. Soon after, she saw Ariel pass out. (Twenty-Six Years) Later that morning, some DHARMA gunmen arrived at the beach and scared the survivors into the jungle. After running into the jungle, Verena ended up with Dawn, Chris, and Jim. Soon after, Verena narrowly missed an encounter with the monster before reuniting with Elliot, Dieter, and Craig. Soon after, the sky lit up again. (Conditional)

Some time later, after the light cleared, Verena arrived at the lagoon with her group just before the sky lit up again. After a few more flashes, Verena began to get impatient for Ariel to arrive, so Chris, Dieter, and Elliot decided to go find them, so that the group didn't miss the Via Domus. Just before they left, Verena gave Howard's camera to Chris. Soon after, a group of DHARMA gunmen appeared and shot Craig and Andrew. Just then, Ryder showed up and killed some of them. Then the sky lit up. The light cleared and the group at the lagoon saw the Via Domus again. Ryder told them to get on the Via Domus and get Dawn to safety before it was too late. Verena got on the Via Domus and left the Island with Jim, Andrew, Marc, Dexter, and Dawn. (Conditional)

After the Island

Season 5

A day after leaving the Island, Dexter told Verena that Janelle was his half-sister. He told Verena that he was going to go back to the Island one day to rescue Janelle, even if it killed him. Six days later, Verena, Andrew, Dawn, Marc, Dexter, and Jim found land. They went to Wal-Mart to get a change of clothes. Then, after Andrew realized that some of the survivors made it to the mainland, the group went to Simon's Butcher Shop, where Jill gave each of them a new identity. At that point, Verena took on the name of Roxanne Mercer. After leaving the butcher's shop, Verena went with Dawn to her in-laws' home. After arriving, Verena and Dawn explained to Sarah and Ivan what really happened after the crash. After Robbie and Ron got home, Verena realized that it was because of the Island that Ron had been healed. (Home Sweet Home) The next day, Verena and Dawn left the Goldman house and flew to Washington, where Verena reunited with her mother. A few weeks later, Verena and Dawn drove to New York City, where Dawn reunited with her father. (Tales from the Tail)

Months later, Verena hid in the kitchen when Dr. Arreglo came to talk to Verena's mother. After Dr. Arreglo left, Verena's mother told her that her cancer was probably back. (Wonderwall) A couple months later, Verena's mother told her that the cancer was definitely back. About a month and a half later, Verena thought she saw Hunter's face in the mirror. (The Prestige)

Half a year later, Andrew came to see Verena. He begged her to come back to the Island with them. Verena ended up telling him that her mother's cancer was back. Andrew tried to tell her that if she returned to the Island, her cancer would disappear again. Verena got angry with him, sure that the cancer returning had nothing to do with the Island. She demanded that Andrew give her a good reason to go back. Andrew mentioned Howard and told her that he had deduced that she loved him, because she looked at Howard the same way he used to look at Sophia. After that, Verena forced Andrew out of the house. After he was gone, Verena broke down into tears. (The Prestige)

Months later, Verena sat by her mother at the hospital and told her mother that it was her fault that she was dying, because she'd left the Island. Not long after that, her mom died, and as she died, she felt Hunter's prescense and saw him sitting with her. She expressed her love for him and felt him reciprocate it. (The Prestige) Four days later, at her mother's funeral, Verena mourned leaving the Island, saying that it had caused her mother's death. Then Andrew showed up and told her that they had to return to the Island. Verena finally agreed to go back. (Conditional) More than a month later, Verena returned to Los Angeles in preparation for returning to the Island. At her hotel, one day, she saw a news report about a car crash. The report mentioned Jack. (The Prestige)

A few days later, Verena was on her way to the airport to return to the Island when she saw Ben shoot Desmond at the pier. After running off from there and getting to the airport, Verena was able to coerce Hurley into giving her some money to buy a plane ticket. (Flash of Light) Jim found Verena in line. He gave his condolences about the death of Verena's mother. Then they saw Jack ahead of them in line. Aboard the plane, Verena saw Dexter boarding with Daisy. Some time into the flight, Verena saw Jack go to sit with Kate. Then she heard the pilot talking on the PA. Then she saw Jack go up to the cockpit to talk to him. Some time later, as the plane hit turbulence, Verena began to tense up, in anticipation, and began breathing heavily. (The Prestige)

Back on the Island

Season 5 (Days 1-5)

Verena woke up on the plane, after a crash landing. Jim helped her out of her seat. Later, at the beach of the Hydra Island, Verena saw Caesar arguing with the pilot. (The Angel) Right after that, Verena went exploring in the Hydra Station with Jed and Caesar. (Flash of Light) That night, Verena saw a man further down the beach and told Ilana about him. (The Angel) The next morning, Verena suggested, to her friends, that they needed to find a way to get to the main Island, since their friends would likely be there. Then she followed Jim down the beach to where there was an outrigger, which she took to the lagoon on the main Island with Dexter, Marc, and Jim. (Time Capsule)

The next morning, she followed Marc to where their friends had left their time capsule, which included Howard's camera. While watching the video on the camera with Marc, Dexter, and Jim, she smiled when she heard Howard's voice. The next day, Verena headed out towards the Barracks with Marc and Dexter as Jim went back to the Hydra Island. (Time Capsule) Later that day, Verena arrived at the Barracks and found out that Marc's gun vault was empty. Just then, Verena remembered that the stash of guns at Howard's tent had been missing during one of the flashes and speculated that the guns might not be gone yet. (The Kite Runner)

On their way to the beach, Verena, Marc, and Dexter ran into Jessica, who was looking for Andrew, so they sent her to the Barracks, where she would find Andrew. (Tuck Everlasting) Later, they arrived at the beach and they retrieved the gun stash from Howard's tent. (Flash of Light) While they were there, they saw the Others resting at the survivors' camp. Later, after Andrew radioed them, they headed toward the four-toed statue where they reunited with Dawn, Derek, Andrew, Jessica, and the rest. As they arrived, Ilana also arrived and showed Locke's corpse to the crowd. (Tuck Everlasting) Right after that, Verena handed out some guns to her friends. (Flash of Light)


  • She was the first character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • She was the fifth character to have a flashforward in Lost 4Ever.
  • Sometime during the first timeline of the crash, Verena interacted with Elliot, as noted in "The Inconstant".
  • Verena appears to know a fair amount about birds. (Ashes to Ashley)

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