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Tyson Stanford is one of the background DHARMA Initiative members. His character is not featured on the show, but is depicted prominently in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. He also appeared in "Find 815" under the name "Oscar Talbot".

On the Island

The Early Days of the Phoenix Project

In the fall of 1970, Tyson, with the Phoenix Project, captured Andrew with Vernon's help. After sedating Andrew, Tyson and Vernon took Andrew to the Phoenix Project headquarters where they injected him with a dose of the Phoenix Project serum. (Tuck Everlasting)

After Eli was stranded in DHARMA times after the time shifts, he was captured by the DHARMA Initiative. During the early part of his captivity, Eli was taken by Tyson and Micah to the Phoenix Project headquarters where Tyson held him, while Micah got Andrew's blood to heal Eli with. (Tuck Everlasting)

Tyson was part of the group of DHARMA gunmen who attempted who attacked the time-flashing survivors and succeeded in killing Craig. He attempted to shoot Dawn, but someone tackled him into the water, preventing him from doing so. Shortly after, Tyson planned to take a break from work to visit his girlfriend in Miami and to meet his son. He agreed to let Oscar go with him on the trip. (...In Time)

Off the Island

The Miami Disaster

After arriving in Michigan, Tyson traveled to Miami where he reunited with his girlfriend, Theresa Wolfe, and met his son, Oscar Wolfe. A few days after he arrived, he took his son to Theresa's sister's home. When he returned to Theresa's house, she confronted him about the Phoenix Project. He pulled a gun on her and threatened to shoot if she didn't tell him how she knew about the project. She didn't tell him, so he shot her. A day later, Tyson met up with Oscar and they returned to the Island. (...In Time)

On the Island

The Attempted Breakouts

One July day, about a year later, Tyson went to the Phoenix Project building after Vernon called, saying there was a problem. When he arrived with Paul, Tyson saw Lance and, after Paul killed him, Tyson went downstairs where he found Nancy, outside Andrew's holding cell. After Nancy refused to tell him what she did, Tyson killed her. (Burning Heart)

Later that day, Tyson went with Clive looking for Zander, who they believed was in on Lance and Nancy's plan. Tyson asked Chris if he'd seen Zander and Chris directed him towards Zander's house. He broke into Zander's house and found Howard in the house with Zander. After Howard lied to Tyson about keeping Zander there until he showed up, Tyson was knocked out by Howard. When he woke up, he found Eli outside and got Eli to take him to Howard and Zander, who had started away from the Barracks. They found Zander and Howard near the sonic fence talking to Dieter, who told Tyson he wasn't with Howard and Zander. Then Eli got upset with Tyson, recalling what Andrew had told him about the Phoenix Project. Furious that Eli seemed to know about the Phoenix Project, Tyson told Dieter to kill Howard, to prove his loyalty. As Dieter prepared to shoot Howard, Eli tackled him. While Tyson was distracted with the fight, Howard shot him in the side. (Some Starless Night)

Early the next morning, Tyson was found by Ryder, who was heading to the Staff. At Tyson's orders, Ryder helped get Dieter into a DHARMA van. Then Tyson told Ryder to capture Howard and Zander, while he reprimanded the rest of Zander's friends. Later, at the Barracks, Tyson took Jeff to his house, knocked him out, and tied him up. Soon after, Tyson got permission from Micah to reprimand the rest of Jeff's friends, but first, he was told to get Vernon to put Jeff in the extra cell at the project headquarters. Later, after using Andrew's blood to heal his bullet wound, Tyson went with Craig to captured Janelle, and found her with Chris and Cassidy Bell. To show them how serious he was, Tyson shot Cassidy and Chris shot Craig. Tyson tried to shoot Janelle, but Chris shot Tyson in the shoulder first. (The Day After Tomorrow)

Later, Tyson visited Rosie, who was stitching up Dieter's bullet wound. Though she asked, Tyson refused to give her any information regarding how he got shot. Soon after, Dieter woke up and Tyson told him what had already happened that day. After that, Dieter told Tyson that Howard, Ariel, Ryder, and Chris were working with Jeff, Zander, and the rest. Soon after, Tyson spoke to Micah and they eventually agreed to let Dieter join the Phoenix Project. Tyson took Dieter through his orientation to the Phoenix Project soon after. During the orientation, Tyson showed Dieter the cells holding Jeff and Andrew. (The Kite Runner) During a short argument, in which Dieter called Andrew a child, Tyson corrected Dieter and told him that Andrew was twenty-four years old. Then, Tyson told Dieter to inject Andrew with malaria and, after Andrew was healed from that, Tyson left with Dieter, satisfied with the results of the experiment. (Tuck Everlasting)

Later that day, Tyson found Dieter at the Barracks and was confused, because Dieter was supposed to be working. However, he soon found out about Dieter's betrayal when Vernon arrived, having woken up at the Phoenix Project, after being sedated by Dieter. Angry with Dieter's actions, Tyson beat him and took him to the Phoenix Project headquarters. Later, after Vernon captured Andrew again, Tyson shot and killed Dieter. Then Tyson growled at Andrew that he would never get out again. (Tuck Everlasting)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

The Mysterious Confrontation

In mid-November, Tyson came across Marc, who was time traveling, and, at gunpoint, was asked how to reverse the Phoenix Project. (Family Matters) Tyson quickly told Marc to use another dose of the serum they used at the start of the project. Then he told Marc that the serum was kept in Copenhagen at the Hanso Foundation headquarters. Just then, Andrew appeared and Tyson, confused how Andrew could be there and at the Phoenix Project, was shot by Marc. (Conditional)

Off the Island

Visiting Australia

Tyson was at an indoor rock climbing complex at the same time as Nathan and Sonya Hendricks. He helped Nathan when Sonya's rope broke and Nathan had to climb up to help her. Later, he attempted to give words of comfort to Nathan at the hospital while the doctor put a cast on Sonya's leg. (The Climb)

Aboard the Christiane I

Under the name Oscar Talbot, Tyson worked as the supervisor on the Christiane I. When Mr. Ockham informed him that the expedition would be delayed due to a broken chart plotter, Tyson told Ockham that was unacceptable, and that his employer's requests were made clear. After Sam Thomas successfully fixed the equipment and was granted a spot on the ship, Tyson questioned Sam as to his interest in the Sunda Trench, suggesting that perhaps Sam was running away from something. Ockham told Tyson that they needed Sam on board, as the destination might be hazardous to the electrical equipment. Talbot consented, adding that he would install security measures. (Find 815)


Tyson's project

One time, Sam noticed Tyson leaving his room. Tyson seemed to be short of breath and covered his nose with a handkerchief. Taking his chance, Sam searched Tyson's room, and found out that Tyson was working for The Maxwell Group. A confidential research brief from the Maxwell Group, entitled 'Proposed Salvage of "The Black Rock" Shipwreck', showed that the Maxwell Group is a division of Widmore Industries. As Sam left the room, Tyson spotted him and questioned him why he was in there. Sam lied that he was just closing the door for him. Tyson then accused Sam of looking for something, suggesting that it was something other than the Black Rock. (Find 815)

Not much later, Tyson's suspicions were confirmed as he found out that Sam was entering specific coordinates in the presumably broken chart plotter. He warned Sam once again, that he had no idea what he was involved in or who he was dealing with. When Sam confessed that someone from Tyson's employer - the Maxwell Group itself - gave him the coordinates, Tyson just smiled and told him to stay away from those coordinates. To Mr. Ockham, Tyson claimed that the coordinates were found by Sam in his cabin and were insignificant. Reportedly they were just one set of hundreds of other entries, recorded by Magnus Hanso in the Black Rock's journal which was in possesion of Tyson's employers. (Find 815)


Tyson on the newscast

Against Tyson's warning, Ockham and Sam steered towards the coordinates that Sam had received via the coded mail. However, what they found there was not Black Rock, but the presumed wreckage of Flight 815. Tyson didn't seem surprised, and smiled. (Find 815)

After they all had returned home after the discovery, Tyson broke his son, Oscar, out of jail. (Breakout) Later that same day, Tyson gave a radio interview and also appeared as the spokesperson for the salvage mission on television, expressing pseudo-sincere sympathy for Sam. The grieving Sam watched that interview with amazement. (Find 815)

The Oceanic 6 Era

Three years after the expedition on the Christiane I, Tyson called Sam, still under the name of Oscar Talbot, and convinced him to go to Los Angeles so that they could go to the Island, saying that Sam couldn't get over Sonya until he saw where she was buried. Some time later, Tyson met Sam when he arrived in Los Angeles. A few days later, Tyson told Sam to get on Flight 316 to go to the Island. The next day, Tyson boarded Flight 316 and sat next to Sam on the plane. Moments later, Tyson saw Marc and Andrew board the plane and he dodged behind his book, to avoid behind seen by them. (Two Pieces) Just before taking off, Tyson saw Ben board the plane. He remembered Ben's treachery to the DHARMA Initiative. (Flash of Light) Hours later, the plane hit turbulence and there was a flash of light that filled the plane. (Two Pieces)

On the Island Again

Season 5 (Days 1-5)

As soon as Sam woke up on the plane wreckage, Tyson rushed him off the plane and toward an outrigger, which they took to the main Island. As it was getting dark that night, Tyson told Sam that he didn't know where Sonya's grave was, but he knew how to find out. The next morning, Tyson woke up Sam with a kick in the chest. Tyson and Sam continued through the jungle until they came to the sonar fence. Leaving Sam at the perimeter, Tyson went to the Barracks and returned half an hour later. (Two Pieces)

The next day, walking through the jungle again, Sam asked Tyson where they were going and Tyson pulled a gun on Sam, asking where to find the formula. Scared, Sam told Tyson that the formula was in two halves. The first half was at the Arrow. They set off toward the Arrow, where they arrived the next day. After Tyson went into the Arrow and retrieved the first half of the formula, he asked Sam where they other half was. Sam told Tyson that he wouldn't tell him, but Tyson threatened him with the gun again. Sam tried to resist, but he eventually caved and told Tyson that the formula was at the Zahn house in the vault. With that information, Tyson knocked Sam out and headed back toward the Barracks. (Two Pieces)

The next Tyson found Andrew at the Barracks and followed him to the Statue of Taweret, where Andrew saw him and chased him into the jungle, with Marc on his tail. In the jungle, Tyson revealed himself to them. Marc couldn't see how Tyson was alive, after shooting him in 1988. With a smirk, Tyson told Marc and Andrew that he remembered Marc shooting him and that he was now there to kill them. (Tuck Everlasting) Just then, he was shot by Jim, who then ran over to Marc and Andrew. However, Tyson healed instantly, scaring Jim, Marc, and Andrew, who compared him to Andrew, but Tyson claimed he was much better than Andrew. Just then, Sam found them and asked Tyson for an explanation of what was going on. Tyson promised to show Sam where Sonya's grave was, but Jim cut in, saying that he knew where to find it because he was the one who dug it. Angry with the way things were going, Tyson took Sam in a headlock and put a gun to his head, threatening Sam's life if Andrew, Marc, or Jim did anything. (Flash of Light)


  • Tyson is the only living member of the Phoenix Project left.
  • He was the twentieth character to have a flashback in the Ajira Chronicles.

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