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Tracy is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Her character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. She was briefly mentioned by Sawyer in "Exodus, Part 2".

Before the Crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

At an unknown time in her life, Tracy's father was killed when he went overseas with the military. (Marital Issues)

In early summer of 1993, Tracy married Mark Peterson. About a year later, she gave birth to their first child, a girl, who they named Melanie. About three years after Melanie's birth, Tracy gave birth to another child, a boy, who they named Samuel. (Marital Issues)

Four years later, after the bombings of the twin towers in New York City, Mark decided that he wanted to go overseas with the military. Tracy was upset by the idea, because she didn't want him to die, like her father had. (Marital Issues) She talked to Dawn about it. Dawn suggested that Tracy talk to Mark calmly about it. (Reading Lips) Tracy and Mark got in an argument when she tried to talk to him about it. (Marital Issues) Mark's deployment was delayed because he failed a medical test. (Reading Lips)

Two and a half years later, Tracy told Dawn that Mark had changed his mind about going overseas and decided to stay with Tracy and their kids instead. (Reading Lips) Two months later, Tracy was given a trip to Australia for Mother's Day from her kids and husband. The night she arrived in Australia, she turned on the television in her hotel room and immediately fell asleep. (Mother's Day) The next day, she woke up to Amon and Nikki's episode of Expose. That day, she went sight-seeing and went to see an art exhibit by Jeff Hadley. (Vacation) On the day she was returning from Australia, Tracy got out of the hotel later than was ideal, but made it to the airport on time. (Gate 23)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 13-44)

About two weeks after the crash, Tracy saw Howard arrive at the caves, covered in sweat. Two days later, Tracy was awoken by Claire's screams in the morning, while it was still dark. Later that day, she questioned Jack about Claire's dreams, claiming that it couldn't have been Claire's pregnancy, because she, herself, had been pregnant twice and that had never happened to her. That night, Claire's screams woke everyone up again. Tracy wasn't sure, but she thought she saw someone disappear into the bushes. The next day, Tracy heard Jack and Hurley talking about doing a census. (Mother's Day)

Ten days later, Tracy heard Kate and Charlie talking about Claire's diary, which had gone missing. Tracy immediately thought that Sawyer might have it. (Tryouts) A few days later, Tracy saw Sayid digging a grave for Scott. Nearby, she saw Chris visiting his brother's grave. She stood by Steve at Scott's funeral, later that day. (Life Support) About ten days later, Tracy went looking for fruit with Amon, Chris, and Faith. (In Your Dreams) A few days after that, Tracy heard Jack directing his fellow survivors in order to get the raft launched. Later that day, Tracy wrote a letter for her husband for the message bottle. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 48-63)

A few days after the hatch was opened, Tracy heard a gunshot in the jungle. (Real Estate) A week later, while with Verena, Tracy saw Hurley and Sawyer playing cards. Tracy commented that Hurley and Libby would be a cute couple. Verena likened them to Tracy and Steve, but Tracy told Verena that she was just friends with Steve, because she was married. (A Friend Indeed) The next day, Tracy helped Verena fix her shelter. (One More Time) A few days later, Tracy helped Rose stock the camp kitchen with food from the pallet drop. (Big Scoop)

Season 3 (Days 77-90)

Ten days after the discharge, Tracy helped carry the ping-pong table out of the jungle. When Sawyer played Hurley later that day, Tracy was sure that Hurley would win. (Crime Scene) Two days later, Tracy and Sophia saw Amon fall into the sand. Later that day, Verena asked Tracy to talk to Sawyer about where he had been held by the Others. The next day, Lance found out from Tracy that Sawyer had been held on another Island a couple miles off the coast. (Memory Lapse) The next day, Tracy got worried when Nikki appeared to drop dead. Later that day, Tracy went to get some crackers from the kitchen tent, but ended up causing an argument between Rose and Bernard. (Vacation) A day later, Tracy asked Doug how Amon was doing and reminded him not to give Amon any aspirin. Later that day, Tracy enjoyed boar meat that Sawyer prepared for the camp. (Vacation)

After Juliet arrived at the camp with Jack, Kate, and Sayid, Tracy asked Howard if he recognized Juliet when she arrived, but he didn't. The next day, Tracy watched as Juliet gave Claire some medicine. Later that day, Tracy welcomed Juliet to the camp by giving her an Apollo Bar. Juliet told Tracy about a memorial service her husband had held for her. (Vacation) About a week later, when Sawyer and Sayid told the camp about Naomi, Jack and Juliet revealed that the Others were going to attack the beach. Tracy wondered why Jack hadn't been totally honest with them from the start. The next day, while preparing for the Others to come, Tracy saw Karl arrive at the beach. (Family Roots)

Season 4 (Days 91-97)

At the radio tower, Tracy told Chris she was excited to see her husband and kids again. That night, at the cockpit, Tracy decided to go with Locke, instead of Jack, because she trusted Charlie too much to ignore his warning. (Choose Your Battles) The next day, Tracy witnessed Charlotte's arrival on the Island. (Hostage Situation) Later that day, Tracy saw Sayid, Kate, and Miles arriving at the Barracks. The next day, Tracy answered the walkie when Verena called, looking for Howard. Soon after, Tracy sent Steve and Richard to the Staff Station to meet up with Craig, Verena, and Lance. (Hardest Decision) Three days later, Tracy saw Sophia run into the jungle and sent Steve after her. (The Kahana) The next day, after seeing Doug get shot, Tracy came to look at his body, but was shot as a result of it. (Class Newsletter)


Tracy's body was left at the Barracks when Howard, Richard, Steve, and Faith left. (Healing)

Almost a year after the crash, Kristi Cullen called Tracy's husband, Mark, and told him that Tracy had survived the crash, despite what the Oceanic 6 said. (The Future) A few months later, Kristi asked Mark to keep the lie a secret to protect Tracy, because neither of them were aware of her death. (One More Time)

About two years later, her body was found by Daisy, Dawn, Jim, and Derek. (The Kite Runner) Soon after, they buried her body near the edge of the Barracks. (Tuck Everlasting)


  • Tracy has not been known to visit any of the DHARMA stations, though she did live at the Barracks for a few days.
  • She was the fifth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • She was the second main character to die in Lost 4Ever.

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