Bob Jones

Bob Jones was a mid-section survivor of Flight 815. Little is known about him from the first hundred days on the Island. During the three years in which the survivors were stranded in the 1970s, Bob was with Steve. On the day of the Incident, Bob, along with Steve, Sally, Robert, and Jake, was saved by Janelle, Chris, Morris, and Simon. He was last seen near the Swan Station construction site with Peter, Ryder, Oscar, Zander, and Chris. (Tuck Everlasting)

Jed Smith

Jed was Jake's brother. Three years after his brother's plane crashed on the Island, Jed got on Flight 316 and crash-landed on Hydra Island. Shortly after the crash, Jed searched the Hydra Station with Caesar and Verena. The next day, Jed talked to Dawn while they worked on the signal fire. While working on the fire, Jed told Dawn about his brother being on Flight 815. (Flash of Light) Two days later, after Frank returned from the main Island, Jed told him about Ilana and Bram taking control over the survivors, using force. (Time Capsule) Jed was left behind on Hydra Island when other survivors left for the main Island.

Jessica Kent

Jessica was conceived out of wedlock by Susan Kent and Shane Mayhew. While pregnant with Jessica, her mother crashed on the Island, along with several others. (Doubts) She was born on the Island and, shortly after her birth, her mother married Todd Olsen, another survivor. Shortly after that, the survivors were captured by the Hostiles and allowed to join them. As a result, Jessica was raised as one of the Hostiles. (Twenty-Six Years)

In the first timeline of Flight 815, Jessica was killed by Juliet on Day 67. (The Inconstant)

Three years after Elliot traveled back in time, preventing Lisa's death, Jessica reunited with Andrew, Marc, Dawn, and Jim, who had been stuck in the time flashes. She was last seen near the four-toed statue with Dawn, Derek, Verena, Daisy, and Dexter. (Tuck Everlasting)

Lex Clarkson

Lex was a bodyguard for Zoran Savo. In the first timeline of Flight 815, Lex was a survivor of the crash. The night of the crash, Lex beat Elliot Maslow for the whereabouts of his camera. (Force Majeure) Months later, Lex was killed by Elliot Maslow at the Flame Station. (Whatever It Takes)

After Elliot traveled back in time, Lex did not go on Flight 815. He was last seen in Sydney, Australia on the day of the crash. (The Kite Runner)

Micah Dudley

Micah was the director of the Phoenix Project. In 1974, when four time-displaced survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 were captured by DHARMA, Micah interrogated them and eventually gave them permission to live among DHARMA, after Jeff lied about the circumstances of their plane crash. (The Angel) Micah was later informed when more time-displaced survivors joined DHARMA. (That's a Maybe) About a year later, Micah gave permission to the time-displaced survivors to officially join DHARMA. (Heroes)

Two years later, Chris, under the name "Bill Piper", came to Micah and told him about his encounter with Richard Alpert. Their conversation was cut short by Clive who told Micah about a situation at the Phoenix Project. (Burning Heart) A few days later, a captive Jeff Hadley saw Micah giving Tyson permission to incarcerate the other time-displaced survivors. (The Day After Tomorrow) Soon after, Micah talked to Tyson about letting Dieter join the Phoenix Project. (The Kite Runner) Hours later, Micah tracked down the time-displaced survivors and tried to capture them. He confronted Howard and Susan. During the confrontation, Howard told Micah that he had traveled back in time and that the infant Howard Zahn who Horace had taken to England, was him. (Tuck Everlasting)

Morris Patterson

Morris was a flight attendant on Flight 815. On the plane, he gave snacks to Janelle, Joanna, Chris, and Steve. (The Kite Runner) About two weeks after the crash, Morris was captured by the Others and was later permitted to live with them. (We're the Good Guys) Months later, Morris was caught in the time flashes. He was next seen three years after they ended when, along with Simon, he saved Janelle and Chris from gunmen from the Phoenix Project. (The Kite Runner) He was last seen near the Swan Construction site with Jake and Elliot. (Tuck Everlasting)

Sonya Hendricks

Sonya was bullied in school, but when her brother, Nathan, found out, he scared the bully into never touching her again. (Brotherly Love)

One day, while at the swimming pool with Nathan, Sonya twisted wrecked her ankle and fell into the pool. She was saved by Andrew Raymond, who was calling himself Travis Pryce. After getting out of the water, Sonya was helped by Sam Thomas. (Ageless) A few months later, Sam asked Sonya out on a date, but she had Nathan talk to him before she gave him an answer. (Brotherly Love)

Sam and Sonya dated for the eight years following. (Find 815) Two months before Flight 815, Sonya got pregnant with Sam's child. (Don't Tell)

Just before getting on Flight 815, Sonya gave Sam a kiss goodbye. (Love You Madly) On the plane, Sonya told Ryder that Joseph had been found. (We're the Good Guys) Sonya survived the initial crash of Flight 815 but she died the next day. (Some Starless Night)

The mystery of her disappearance was Sam's motivation for joining the crew of the Christiane I. (Find 815) It was also Nathan's motivation for joining the crew of the Kahana, weeks later. (Port of Suva) Years later, it was also Sam's motivation for getting Kristi the security tape from Gate 23. (The Question) The location of her resting place was also Sam's motivation for going to the Island. (Two Pieces)

Susan Olsen

Susan Kent was the girlfriend of Shane Mayhew and she lived with him in Singapore for a short time getting pregnant with his child. After Shane decided he didn't want to raise the child with her, Susan left to move home. (Doubts) Her flight was Oceanic Airlines Flight 164, which crashed near the Island. On the Island, she met Todd Olsen. A couple months after the crash, Susan gave birth to Jessica Kent. A short while after Jessica's birth, Susan married Todd on the Island. They were later captured along with their fellow survivors by the Hostiles, who they joined. (Twenty-Six Years)

Decades later, after Flight 815 crashed on the Island, Susan helped in the capture of Walt Lloyd off the raft. (The Key) Later, she was caught in the time flashes with her fellow Flight 164 survivor, Peter Maxwell. During the flashes, she met up with the survivors and her Others, Andrew, Ariel, and Marc. (Family Matters) After the time flashes were over, she ran off with Peter, leaving Howard alone, not feeling able to trust him because he'd shot her husband. (Wonderwall)

Three years later, Susan and Peter rescued Ryder, Howard, and Zander from DHARMA shooters. While rescuing others from shooters, Susan was shot, but helped by Howard. She was last seen by the Swan Station construction site with Howard. (Tuck Everlasting)

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