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Sophia is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Her character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815.

Before the Crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

In High School


Sophia was a fan of DriveShaft.

Sophia was a fan of DriveShaft because she thought Charlie was a drug-free rock star. (Complications)

On her sixteenth birthday, Sophia participated in a gymnastics meet. After completing her routine, her mother fell over in pain. Her mother died later that day. Her father blamed Sophia for her death. (Ashes to Ashley)

In her junior year of high school, Sophia met Andrew Wilson. The day after meeting Andrew, Sophia tried out for cheerleading, but twisted her leg during her routine. She was comforted after her failure by Andrew. (Tryouts) About a month later, Andrew was tutoring Sophia on her birthday when Sophia's dad kicked him out of the house, thinking that he was going to get Sophia pregnant. The next day, at school, Andrew gave Sophia a locket that he had intended to give her the day before. (A Friend Indeed)

The time eventually came for graduation, Andrew gave Sophia a ride to the ceremonies. (Emotional Support) Sophia heard Tanya Connor, one of her classmates, insult her, wondering how Sophia had graduated. (See the World) Before the end of high school, Sophia got her yearbook signed by Andrew. (Regrets)

After High School

Months after graduating, Sophia left her home, with barely a word from her father. (Emotional Support) Sophia bought a train ticket and traveled to the west coast where she got the cheapest ticket she could find, in order to try to see the world. The ticket was bought was to Australia. After a few weeks in Australia, Sophia found herself out of money. However, she was taken in by Lindsey Littleton, who had an extra room for her. (See the World)

Sophia became good friends with Lindsey Littleton, occasionally helping her in the garden. One day, after months of living with Lindsey, a drunk man came to their door, looking for his daughter. He was finally forced away by another woman. A few days later, Sophia got an email containing the obituary of her best friend, Andrew Wilson. The "death" of her friend destroyed her spirits and she decided to leave Sydney. (Class Newsletter)

Sophia got up early, intending to leave without Lindsey noticing. However, Lindsey was already awake. Sophia explained that she was going home. Lindsey told her that she would be missed. Then she gave Sophia some money for a taxi. Once Sophia was at the airport and her bags had been checked, she started to cry. (Gate 23)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

Day 1 - During the immediate aftermath of the crash, Sophia heard a bald man yell at a blonde woman to get away from a running engine. Immediately after, Sophia saw a man get sucked into the engine. That night, Rosed tried to comfort Sophia, but Sophia was sure they were going to die. When Steve and Scott needed Rose's help, she told Sophia to just shout if she needed her. Later, Sophia got up and walked around. She heard Charlie talking to Claire. (Flight 815)
Day 2 - Sophia intervened in a conversation between Verena, Howard, and Arzt, stating her belief that Jack, Kate, and Charlie wouldn't come back alive. She was offended when Sawyer injected in the conversation. Later that day, she saw Dexter staring at the wreckage. She asked what he was doing and he explained that he was contemplating going to look for his girlfriend, because she may not have even been on the plane. Sophia wondered how he could be so optimistic, but he didn't know. (Flight 815)
Day 3 - Sophia heard Sayid give out assignments to the group. That night, she heard Sawyer shoot an injured man. (Break a Leg)
Day 4 - Early in the morning, Sophia heard a dog whistle and saw Vincent run over to Locke. Later that day, she volunteered to go with Verena and Howard to look for Amon. While looking for Amon, Sophia heard the sounds of the monster. Because of fear, she was frozen in place as Howard and Verena left. However, the monster spared her and she saw something good in the black smoke. After reuniting with Verena and Howard, the group headed back to the beach, planning to look for Amon again the next day. On their way to the beach, they saw the pilot's body hanging in a tree. That night, Sophia heard the boars rummaging in the wreckage. (See the World)
Day 5 - Before anyone else got up, Sophia, Howard, and Verena left to look for Amon. Instead of finding Amon, they found the Staff Station. They saw three people leave the station and then they explored the station, finally leaving after finding nothing useful. (See the World)
Day 6 - While talking about where Amon could have gone, Sophia, Verena, and Howard heard some shouting about someone drowning. After it was clear the woman was dead, Howard, Verena, and Sophia headed into the jungle where they found Amon, who had passed out. (See the World) That night, Sophia heard Jack's "live-together-die-alone" speech. (Picture Perfect)
Day 7 - Sophia got water from the caves for Amon and was there when he awoke and told them what he remembered. (Picture Perfect)
Day 9 - Sophia was at the caves when Shannon brought Boone to Jack after getting beat up by Sawyer. After hearing about Shannon's asthma, Sophia asked Verena to do something, since she was a nurse. (Pre-Med)
Day 11 - After Verena and Howard returned, Sophia reported that Sun had found a natural remedy for Shannon. (Pre-Med)
Day 13 - Sophia went to see Hurley's golf course with her fellow survivors. (Pre-Med)
Day 16 - Sophia was asleep when Jack and Kate returned with Charlie. (Camera Case)
Day 24 - Sophia went to look for Amon with Verena, but they had no luck. (Tryouts)
Day 26 - While looking for Amon, Sophia came across the Staff Station, where she met Alex, who told her to send someone toward the station the next day so that they could find Claire. (Tryouts)
Day 27 - Sophia was at the beach after Janelle found Amon. She went with Verena to the caves later that day to get some water for Amon. While at the caves, she heard Locke and Boone asking if anyone had seen Vincent. Taking the opportunity, Sophia sent them in the direction of the Staff Station in hopes of them finding Claire. After sending them in the right direction, Sophia told Faith that Amon was back. It wasn't long after that Locke and Boone returned with Claire. (Tryouts)
Day 28 - Sophia, Verena, and Janelle talked about Claire's return. (Life Support)
Day 29 - After Scott's funeral, Sophia saw Claire confront Shannon about why everyone was staring at her. (Life Support)
Day 32 - After seeing Jin get upset, Sophia asked Janelle why he was angry. Janelle explained that it was because Sun was wearing a bikini. That night, Sophia and Faith saw Paulo digging a hole in the ground. (Language Barrier)
Day 33 - After Sun defended Jin in English, Sophia heard Locke's speech about the Others. (Language Barrier)
Day 36 - Sophia saw Locke talking to Claire. Then Verena sat down by her and said that she thought she was going crazy because she was seeing things. Sophia suggested going to talk to Jack, which Verena was going to do, but Jack had run off with Sayid and Charlie. (Volume)
Day 37 - Sophia talked to Verena and Howard about Amon's disappearances. She suggested that maybe Amon had been lying to them. (Volume)
Day 41 - Sophia worried about Boone's condition. However, after she heard Claire was in labor, she ran to the beach to get Verena to help deliver Claire's baby, but by the time Sophia got there, Claire had already given birth. (Gate 23)
Day 44 - When Danielle visited the survivors' camp, she mentioned her daughter, Alex, by name. At the mention of Alex's name, Sophia remembered meeting her at the Staff Station. Later that day, Sophia helped with the raft launching. After seeing the black smoke, Jack told Sophia, Janelle, Verena, and Faith to go to the caves and wait for them there. When Charlie came around with paper for the message bottle, Sophia didn't bother writing a message, because the only name that came to mind was her alcoholic father. Later that day, Richard helped carry Sophia's bags to the caves. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

Day 44 - Shannon asked Sophia if she'd seen Vincent, but Sophia hadn't. (Ashes to Ashley)
Day 45 - Sophia looked for Amon with Janelle. While in the jungle, they heard whispers and Sophia saw a vision of her mother. She was confused when Janelle couldn't see the vision as well. After Janelle decided to go back to the beach, Sophia ran through the jungle, looking for her mother, but instead found the Orchid Station. A raggedly dressed man approached her when she was there and Sophia told him about the vision she'd had of her mother. He told her to leave the station and never tell anyone about it. (Ashes to Ashley)
Day 47 - Sophia saw Shannon freak out after seeing Walt in her tent. (Real Estate)
Day 48 - Sophia saw Jin, Bernard, and Libby arriving at the beach. (Real Estate)
Day 50 - Sophia talked to Amon briefly after he woke up at his tent. (Complications)
Day 52 - Howard told Sophia and Verena what he'd learned about Amon. Soon after, Dexter told them about Michael running off to find Walt. (A Friend Indeed)
Day 53 - Sophia worried because Howard, Lance, and Amon hadn't returned. Verena tried to comfort her, but Sophia decided to go after them anyway. Janelle decided to go with her and showed them her gun, which scared them. In the jungle, Sophia and Janelle heard the whispers and saw Andrew. Sophia was amazed that Janelle could see Andrew. Later, after walking through the jungle more, Sophia told Janelle that it was her birthday and she believed that nothing good ever happened on her birthday. (A Friend Indeed)
Day 54 - Sophia and Janelle found Lance, Amon, and Howard. Amon gave Sophia one of his guns and they began heading back to the beach. (A Friend Indeed)
Day 55 - Sophia, Lance, Howard, Janelle, and Amon returned to the beach and were met by Verena. They went to the Swan Station and told each other how they had obtained their guns. (A Friend Indeed)
Day 58 - As she walked through the jungle with Verena, Sophia saw Sayid talking to Danielle. (Let It Go)
Day 59 - Sophia talked to Verena and recalled when Verena said she thought she was going crazy. Then she told Verena about seeing her mother, and, later, her friend in the jungle. Soon after, Howard turned up and told them that Amon had disappeared again. A short time later, Sophia, Verena, and Howard met up with Faith, Janelle, Dexter, and George at the kitchen tent. While there, they told the group everything they'd pieced together since the crash about Amon's disappearances. They decided to wait until Amon came back and then interrogate him. (Settlement)
Day 62 - At the pallet drop, Verena told Sophia that she had seen a teenage boy in the jungle. Sophia immediately knew she had seen Andrew. Later that day, she heard Chris ranting about the Others and asked him what was going on. He told her that he "knew" his brother was being held captive in the hatch. (Big Scoop)
Day 63 - Sophia helped Tracy and Rose stock the kitchen with food from the pallet drop. Later that day, Sophia found Amon in the jungle and carried him to the caves. Then she told Howard that he was found and he went to interrogate Amon. (Big Scoop)
Day 64 - Sophia saw Jack yelling at Sawyer at the beach. She later saw Hurley coming out of Bernard and Rose's tent. (My Brother's Keeper)
Day 65 - Sophia attended Ana Lucia and Libby's funeral and saw Desmond's boat. (I Was There)

Season 3 (Days 68-91)

Day 68 - Sophia greeted Locke and Charlie when they returned with Eko. (Pinky Swear)
Day 79 - While talking to Tracy, Sophia saw Amon fall into the sand. Soon after, she helped carry Amon to the Staff Station. She watched helplessly as Verena tried to stop Amon's memory flashes. (Memory Lapse)
Day 80 - After Amon remembered talking to Ryder, Sophia helped him over to the ultrasound to retrieve a walkie that Ryder had left for them. (Memory Lapse)
Day 87 - Sophia asked Faith if she'd seen Amon or Howard. Then they talked with Janelle about if they could trust Juliet. Then Sophia asked Janelle how things were going with Larry. (Careful What You Wish For)
Day 90 - Sophia watched as Charlie and Claire shared their final kiss goodbye. (Family Roots)

Season 4 (Days 91-97)

Day 91 - While everyone else talked excitedly about going home, Sophia knew she didn't want to leave the Island. That night, at the cockpit, Sophia decided to go with Locke. (Choose Your Battles)
Day 92 - Sophia saw Charlotte's arrival to the Island. (Hostage Situation)
Day 96 - While putting clothes on the line, Sophia saw Andrew in the distance and ran off after him. Steve followed her into the jungle. While in the jungle, Andrew admitted to being one of the Others. (The Kahana) Instead of pressing that subject, Sophia asked Andrew how he was there, since he was supposed to be dead. (Class Newsletter)
Day 97 - Andrew explained that he'd faked his death at Alpert's order. Then he told Sophia that he only appeared to be nineteen-years-old. Andrew told them to go back to the Barracks. Before they parted, Sophia and Andrew shared a kiss. Sophia and Steve returned to the Barracks just in time to see Doug's death. To avoid getting killed, Sophia hid by Claire's house. After Tracy and Jerome were killed, Sophia went into Claire's house. However, not long after, an RPG was shot from the tree line, destroying Claire's house and killing Sophia. (Class Newsletter)


After the mercenaries had left the Barracks, Howard searched the wreckage of Claire's house and recovered Sophia's body. (Healing) He took her body back to the beach with him and buried it with Verena, a short distance from the beach. (Membata)

Her uncle, Stephen Brooks, repeatedly had dreams of Sophia blaming him for her father's suicide. (The Future)

When Andrew realized that they, the people who had left the Island on the Via Domus, needed to get ready to return to the Island, he visited Verena, who didn't want to return. She asked him to give her a good reason to return. Andrew said because Verena loved Howard. He explained that he knew she loved him, because she looked at Howard the same way Andrew used to look at Sophia. (The Prestige)


  • She was the fourth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • She was the third main character to die in Lost 4Ever.

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