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Samuel Christian Thomas is the main character in the storyline of the alternate reality game Find 815. He also appears prominently in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815.

Before 815 Crashed


Sam was born to Danielle Thomas and Todd Olsen. (Two Pieces)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

One night, when he was seven-years-old, Sam couldn't sleep. He got up and he heard his parents talking in the living room. His mom was filing a report about a fugitive they'd caught. His dad started talking, asking what if he was a fugitive. She told him not to joke about that. He replied that he wasn't joking. She stumbled and he revealed that he'd drugged her and that he was sorry. After that, he left them. About a month later, Sam and his mother were told that Todd had been captured and was being deported to the United States, on Flight 164. However, a few days later they received word that his plane had crashed. (Two Pieces)

After Meeting Sonya

One day, when he was twenty-five-years-old, Sam was at a swimming pool when a girl, Sonya, slipped into the pool and wrecked her ankle. He watched as a teenage boy rescued her. After she was out of the water, Sam helped her and introduced himself to Nathan, the girl's brother. (Ageless)

Months after their meeting, Sam asked Sonya on a date, but due to her past experience, she wasn't sure about Sam, so she had Nathan talk to him first. While getting a drink with Nathan, Sam told Nathan that he would do whatever he could to be with Sonya for the rest of his life. Nathan could tell he was being completely honest. (Brotherly Love)

For their seventh dating anniversary, Sam and Sonya traveled to Los Angeles to spend some time together. (Language Barrier)

One day, in September of 2004, as a plane arrived in Sydney, Sam saw one of the passengers flirting with Sonya. Sam got after the man for flirting with Sonya, but Sonya told him to calm down. (Let It Go) The next day, at their apartment, Sam told Sonya that Nathan wanted to have dinner with them the next day. At that moment, he noticed something was wrong with her. Caringly, he kissed her and said he loved her. (Love You Madly)

On the day of Flight 815, after early boarding was called, Sam found a man with a broken leg waiting still. Sam forced him onto the plane, despite the man's arguments about waiting for his son. (Gate 23) After finally getting the man on the plane, another man came up to Sam with a note that the man had dropped and asked him to call the number on the note when the man's son was found. Sam told Sonya to deliver a message to that man when the boy was found. (We're the Good Guys) Later, at the gate, Sam kissed Sonya goodbye, just before she got on the plane. (Gate 23) Right after the plane left, Sam started searching for the boy. (Love You Madly) Hours later, Sam found him and called Captain Norris, to have Sonya deliver the message. Then, Sam called Eddie, the boy's uncle, to retrieve him. (Powers) After Eddie picked up his nephew, Sam said goodbye to Hunter Murphy who was heading home. (While You're Gone)

After Flight 815 Crashed

Sometime after Hunter left, someone called him from LAX and told him that Flight 815 had never arrived and had been declared lost. After that Sam called Hunter and told him the bad news. The last thing Sam heard from Hunter's end of the line was a large splash. (Love You Madly)

About two weeks after the crash, Nathan called Sam and tried to comfort him, but Sam turned the conversation to how Jenna was handling the crash, since her ex-boyfriend had been onboard. A couple days later, Nathan called Sam again to see how he was dealing with the crash. Finding out that Sam was doing badly, Nathan invited Sam to have dinner with him and Jenna. Sam denied the invitation. At that point, Nathan got after Sam for not returning calls to his parents, as he had been like a son to them. Then he asked Sam if he was planning on proposing to Sonya and Sam confirmed Nathan's guess. The next day, Sam had dinner with Nathan, Jenna, and Nathan's parents. Nathan's parents told Sam to call them if he needed anything. (How You Feel)

The E-Mails From No One


Sam on GMN World News

Sam was shattered by the disappearance and possible death of Sonya, and conveyed his disapproval publicly about Oceanic Airlines and their decision to call off the search for Flight 815. This proved embarrassing for the airline who, after repeated verbal and written warnings, dismissed Sam from his position within the company due to his "derogatory and unauthorised comments". (Find 815)

Sam was determined to find out the truth about the plane's disappearance no matter the cost, and his room was seen to be covered in maps and information that he hopes will help him in finding the plane. After his appearance on the news, Sam received an email from someone who said that he knew Sonya. Attached in the email was an image of her, but Sam noticed incongruities in the image. Sam found four hidden messages upon closer inspection of the image: Sunda Trench, Christiane I, Black Rock and "Tell no one - Grave Consequences". By replying and then examining source code from an automated response, Sam discovered that the email had something to do with The Maxwell Group, and found the "Sunda" Islands on his maps. (Find 815) Around that time, Nathan called him and said that they'd seen him on television. At that time, Nathan told Sam that, at the time of the crash, Sonya had been pregnant with Sam's child. (Don't Tell)

Sam contacted his friend Tracey Rogers for help, and was informed that the Christiane I was in fact a salvage boat docked in Jakarta, preparing to leave on a mission to find a shipwreck in some of the deepest waters on the planet. Deciding that his only option was to board the ship and investigate himself, Sam used his aviation contacts to get on a flight short-notice from Sydney to Darwin, and then on to Jakarta. (Find 815) Before leaving Australia, he left a note for Nathan and Jenna at his apartment. (The Future) At the same time, he attempted to find employment at another airline, Austral Air. (Find 815)

Getting on the Christiane I

Under the guise of a traveler who just wants to get away, Sam found the Christiane I and attempted to join the crew on their expedition. The ship's captain, Mr. Ockham, however refused to take on what he described as cash-strapped tourist, saying that Sam would just be dead weight. When the boat's chart plotter broke, Sam managed to fix it, convincing the captain that he could and would earn his keep as a crew member. Sam also met Oscar Talbot, the expedition supervisor representing the company behind the salvage mission. Talbot seemed immediately skeptical of why Sam wants to join the crew, having already gained knowledge of everyone else on the ship due to having "too much at stake" in the operation. Talbot also momentarily unnerved Sam by stating that he must have a perfect girlfriend. Though Talbot disapproved of Sam joining the expedition, he conceded due to Ockham's warning that more electrical equipment could require fixing because of the remote region they are journeying to, making Sam a valuable asset. After having joined the crew, Sam received another mysterious email. (Find 815)

With his place on-board the vessel now assured, Sam now turned his attention to the Black Rock message on the image of Sonya. He contacted Tracey asking if she had any further information for him, and also gave her Talbot's name for further research. She replied that she was still working on Black Rock, but had uncovered some details about Talbot, including that he had some suspicious connections to diamond trade. She advised Sam to avoid Talbot. Around the same time, Sam picked up a news broadcast on his radio the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Notably, the broadcast appeared to be a primary source from around the time of her disappearance in 1937. Emailing the Broadcasting Authority, Sam was told that the transmission was probably caused by amateur radio enthusiasts who liked to play historical recordings. However, Sam's video camera also malfunctioned around this time, suggesting some electronic interference just like Ockham warned. (Find 815)

Tracey later contacted Sam, giving him some details about Black Rock. These details prompted Sam and Tracey to surmise that the Christiane I's mission was to find the wreckage of the ship called the Black Rock. Believing that the mission was in fact innocent, Sam decided that there are no answers about what happened to Flight 815 on the ship, and resolved to leave the boat at the next port. (Find 815)

The Mystery of the Maxwell Group

Sam found Ockham and told him he wishes to leave the ship at Christmas Island, but was informed that the ship could not go off course in its search for the Black Rock. Sam questioned exactly how much Ockham knew about Talbot's employers, and learned that Talbot represents a "syndicate". Sam later saw Talbot leave his quarters, and snuck in undetected. He found a document for the expedition, with the logo of the Maxwell Group on its cover. Talbot found Sam leaving his room, raising his suspicion and mistrust that Sam was not who he said he was. (Find 815)

Sometime later, Sam noticed that more electrical equipment appeared to be malfunctioning. He contacted Tracey about it who said it was probably lightning or even shortwave electromagnetic energy. Sam also investigated the origins of the name Maxwell, with the pioneer of electromagnetism James Clerk Maxwell being especially noteworthy. Sam resolved that it may be worthwhile to stay on the Christiane I after all, considering the now established link between Talbot and the Maxwell Group. Furthermore, he was managed to decipher the mysterious email he received just after joining the crew: a set of co-ordinates. Sam planned to pinpoint these co-ordinates on the ship's chart plotter. (Find 815)

Finding the Mysterious Co-Ordinates


Sam confronting Talbot (Find 815 clues/January 21)

On the ship deck, Sam managed to hack into the ship's chart plotter, and found that the mysterious co-ordinates were pointing to a location within the ship's search grid. Talbot later questioned Sam after finding a piece of paper with the co-ordinates on. Sam admitted that the co-ordinates came from the Maxwell Group, but Talbot warned that Sam had no idea who was dealing with and should stay away from the co-ordinates. (Find 815)

One night, Sam was walking along the deck and notices strange green lights out at sea. Contacting Tracey, Sam was told that they were probably an aurora caused by magnetic forces around the atmosphere. However, auroras usually occur around polar regions and should not fade as quickly as the one Sam saw. Tired of the confusion and riddles that abound on the Christiane I, Sam decided to find Black Rock by going to those co-ordinates, which in turn could help him find the answers he wanted. (Find 815)

Finding Oceanic Flight 815

Sam confided in Ockham about the co-ordinates and his suspicions that the Black Rock was in that location. Ockham decided to let Sam investigate the grid reference. Talbot confronte Sam just as they reached the co-ordinates. Talbot claimed that Sam took the co-ordinates from his captain, and that they were merely one grid reference as part of a number documented in the Black Rock's journal which his employers were in possession of. Talbot ordered Ockham to return the ship to its planned grid sweep, but suddenly the sonar sounded to signal that something was in fact at these co-ordinates. As the crew prepared to investigate the source of the sonar response, Sam heared Sonya's voice while out on deck. Ockham assured him, however, that it was just the wind playing tricks. After the weather cleared, Sam piloted an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and discovered that the source of the signal was not Black Rock, but the supposed wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815. While Ockham looked stunned and Talbot pensive, Sam bursted into tears at the discovery.

After the Christiane I

The world now learned of this discovery, and Oscar Talbot appeared on television discussing the "extraordinary twist of fate" that led to Sam finding the plane. (Find 815) As the report ended, Sam realized that he had been set up by Talbot. Just then, his mom called and told him that she'd Talbot mention him. Then she mentioned Tracey visiting her about spending Christmas together. Just then, Sam realized he should call Tracey. He quickly ended the phone call with his mother and called Tracey. He asked her to find information on Widmore Industries. Not long after, she called back and told him about the Kahana, which was still looking for a boat pilot. Sam quickly called Nathan and convinced him to take the position in order to find the real wreckage of Flight 815. (The Question) After Nathan agreed, Sam gave him the phone number to call for the job. (The Call) The next day, Nathan stopped by Sam's apartment as he left for Fiji and asked him to talk to Jenna for him, who was now upset. (The Question)

Two days later, Nathan called Sam from the boat and explained his concern that he didn't think they would find anything about Flight 815. Sam insisted that it was connected to 815 and compared Nathan's situation to his own on the Christiane I. (The Question) Before hanging up, Sam told Nathan to be careful. (Brotherly Love)

After the Rescue of the Oceanic 6

Early in the morning, a week into 2005, Sam updated his website, letting people know that, while the reporters were done with Flight 815, he still lacked answers. (The Question) Sometime during the following month or so, Sam got a job with Pan Pacific Airlines. (You've Got Mail)

Almost a year after the crash, Kristi Cullen called Sam and told him about some dreams she'd had after the crash and how she had an idea of how to expose the Oceanic 6. Kristi asked Sam to get her a copy of the surveillance tape from Gate 23 on the day Flight 815 left, as a favor from Sam, in return for telling him if Sonya was dead or alive. (The Key) Sensing he was still scepticle, Kristi asked Sam if he ever trusted Talbot and Sam said he never had. (The Question)

Some time later, Sam contacted Sean Dowling and managed to get a security tape from him, claiming he wanted it because it would show him the last time he kissed Sonya. Sam proceeded to send the tape to Kristi and assured her that it was indeed the key to exposing the Oceanic 6. Then he asked her for an answer as to whether Sonya was dead or alive. Kristi said that Sonya survived the crash, but died the next day. Angry at Kristi for using him, Sam threw the phone at the wall and broke down in tears, because of Sonya's death. (The Question)

After the new year had started, Jenna called Sam to check on him, to make sure he was okay. Sam told her that the Oceanic 6 were lying, but he refused to tell her how he knew. (You've Got Mail)

One day, three years after Nathan left for Fiji, Sam got a call from Jenna, who asked if he'd heard anything from Nathan, but he didn't. Jenna tried to reason that maybe the Oceanic 6 were telling the truth, but Sam insisted that they were lying. (The Future) After he hung up, Sam got a call from Talbot, telling him that he should come to Los Angeles so that he could get to the Island. Talbot claimed that Sam could never fully get over Sonya's death until he visited her resting place. After hanging up the phone, Sam thought for a moment. He called David Massingham and got a ticket to fly to Los Angeles. (Two Pieces)

Some time later, Sam left a note at his apartment for Jenna, which she found later, and he flew to Los Angeles. He was greeted by Talbot. A few days later, Talbot called Sam and told him to be on Flight 316 to go to the Island. (Two Pieces) The next morning, Sam went to take a taxi to the airport, but the first one he tried to get into already had someone in it. He took a different taxi instead. Shortly after arriving at the airport, Sam bumped into Jed Smith. (Flash of Light) While waiting for Flight 316 to board, Sam talked to a man who called himself Harold Preston. Sam mentioned Sonya to Harold, who said he'd met her briefly. Later, Sam boarded the plane and Talbot sat next to him. Ten hours later, the plane hit turbulence and a flash of light filled the plane. (Two Pieces)

On the Island

Sam woke up in the plane wreckage and was rushed away by Talbot, who took him to an outrigger, which they took to the main Island. After arriving on the main Island, Talbot told Sam that he didn't know where to find Sonya's grave but he knew where to find out. The next morning, Sam was woken up suddenly after Talbot kicked him the chest. After reluctantly getting up, Sam and Talbot walked until they found a set of black pylons. Talbot crossed the pylons, leaving Sam behind, and he returned half an hour later. (Two Pieces)

The next day, while walking through the jungle, Talbot pulled a gun on Sam and asked where the formula was. Suddenly, remembering a past experience, Sam told Talbot that it was in two parts and the first part was at the Arrow. Talbot pushed him onward to the Arrow. When they arrived at the Arrow, the next day, Talbot went inside and retrieved a piece of paper. Then he asked Sam where the other half was. Trying to stand up for himself, Sam told Talbot that he wouldn't tell him. Talbot pointed the gun at Sam's head and threatened to shoot him if he didn't tell him. Finally caving under pressure, Sam told Talbot that he could find it at the Zahn house in the vault. Talbot knocked Sam out and left him there. (Two Pieces)

Sam woke up a day later and started wandering through the jungle, shouting for Talbot. Suddenly, he heard a gunshot and ran toward the noise. To his astonishment, he saw that Talbot had been shot, but was healing instantly from the wound. Sam demanded answers from Talbot, who promised, again, to show Sonya's grave to Sam. One of the men nearby, who Sam had met shortly before the crash, told him not to trust Talbot, who he was calling Tyson. The man told Sam that he could show him where Sonya's grave was, because he'd dug it. Believing him, Sam asked to be taken there. Suddenly, Tyson put him in a headlock and pointed a gun at his head. (Flash of Light)


  • He was the sixteenth character to have a flashback in the Lost Chronicles.
  • He was the eighth character to have a flashforward in the Lost Chronicles.
  • He was the thirteenth character to have a flashback in the Ajira Chronicles.

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