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Richard is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. His character has been shown from Seasons 1 through 3. His name was discovered in dialogue from S.O.S. He appears prominently in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815.

Before the Crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

Richard had problems behaving in school, because he was constantly passing notes to his friend, in an attempt to answer the teacher's questions. (All My Fault)

In September of 2004, Richard's best friend Sadler told him about a healer, Isaac, in Australia that could make it so that Richard could speak. Following the tip, Richard went to Australia to see Isaac. However, Isaac was unable to heal Richard. (Healing) One night, while in Sydney, Richard saw Locke storm out of Rico's pawn shop. A day later, Richard saw Dexter, Daisy, and Jason getting mugged. (Volume)

A few hours before boarding Flight 815, Richard sent a text message to Sadler saying that he was coming home and Isaac hadn't healed him. (All My Fault) At the airport, the next day, Richard overheard many conversations and bumped into many of his fellow castaways-to-be. As he waited for his plane, Ryder sat down by him and began to talk to him, reading Richard's lips for replies. (Gate 23) Soon after, Ryder and Richard parted ways. (We're the Good Guys) On the plane, Richard saw Claire and Kate, shortly before the turbulence started. (Membata)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

Richard woke up after the crash. Immediately after he got up, Boone ran over to him to get a pen. In response, Richard impulsively said "yes" without realizing that he could. (Volume) About two weeks later, Richard heard about Hurley's golf course and decided to check it out. (Pre-Med)

About three weeks later, Richard went for a run with Janelle. After seeing Locke and Boone go into the jungle, Richard and Janelle followed them to the hatch. The next day, Richard talked to Craig about how good it felt to go for a run. Soon after, Richard defended Janelle when Larry started harassing her. The next day, Richard got a fish from Jin. Immediately after that, Janelle asked him why he stuttered so much. He came clean to her and told her that he had been mute before the crash. (Volume) A few days later, Richard saw someone sneak into Jack's tent. He later heard a gun shot. A couple days later, Richard helped carry Sophia's bags to the caves. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 46-63)

Two days after the hatch was opened, Hurley gave Richard some fish crackers. Two days later, Shannon asked Richard if she knew where Michael and Walt had left their belongings. The next day, Richard walked through the jungle with Larry. After Larry said he wanted to ask Libby on a date, Richard suggested that Larry not be so upfront. Soon after, on their way back to camp, they found Amon and carried him back to the beach. (Real Estate) Then they went to find Amon's friends. (Complications)

About a week later, Richard saw Kate, Locke, Jack, Ana Lucia, and Sawyer talking about dealing with the Others who they believed were responsible for Sun getting attacked. Sooon after, Richard talked to Janelle and Craig about Sun's attack. (Let It Go) About a week later, Bernard recruited Richard, Jerome, and Craig to help him with his S.O.S. sign. (Big Scoop)

Season 3 (Days 72-76)

Four days after the discharge, Richard talked to Craig about finding Sawyer, Kate, and Jack. Later that day, they set off into the jungle along with Larry. After walking through the jungle a short way, Richard, Craig, and Larry saw Nikki, Locke, Sayid, Paulo, and Desmond standing around Eko's body. The next day, while walking through the jungle, Larry apologized for being rude to Richard, who forgave him, because he knew that Larry really liked Janelle. Then he offered Larry some advice for getting on Janelle's good side. Soon after, they found the Flame Station and saw Mikhail leaving it. They explored the station and Richard found a trap door in the living space. (Moment of Distraction) The next day, Richard, Larry, and Craig took guns and books from the Flame Station. They left the station right before Mikhail and Bea showed up. (By the Book) Two days later, Richard, Craig, and Larry returned to the beach. (Crime Scene)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

Not sure he would be able to speak if he left the Island, Richard did not get excited, like everyone else, after Jack called the freighter. As a result, that night, Richard decided to go with Locke during the split. (Choose Your Battles) The next day, while walking through the jungle, Richard got confused when Locke said that Charlotte would be very useful. (Hostage Situation) Later that day, at the Barracks, Richard saw Kate, Sayid, and Miles getting captured. The next day, Along with Steve, Richard was sent to the Staff Station by Tracy to meet with Verena. A day later, Richard and Steve met with Verena, Craig, and Lance at the Staff Station and received four guns to help keep them safe. (Hardest Decision)

The next day, Richard got upset when Ben got released and relayed the news to Doug. (The Kahana) Two days after that, during the attack on the Barracks, Richard took refuge inside Faith and Tracy's house. Son after, he saw Claire's house blow up. (Class Newsletter) He waited inside the house for the rest of the day, except for when the monster appeared, until the mercenaries were gone. After the mercenaries were gone, Richard, Steve, Faith, and Howard began heading towards the beach. Because they got tired, Richard and Steve stayed at the Arrow station while Howard and Faith continued. (Healing)

After resting, Richard and Steve continued to the beach and finally returned. After returning, Verena noticed them and gave Howard's camera to Richard. Early the next day, while the fire was still burning, Craig woke Richard up. By accident, Richard took a picture of the fire. To his surprise, a red-headed man was standing by the fire in the picture. The next day, after the freighter exploded, Richard, Howard, Verena, and Lance saw the smoke rising from the wreckage. They heard the chopper nearby. As they watched it draw closer, the sky lit up. (Membata)

Season 5

After the light cleared, Verena screamed and Richard asked what was wrong. She pointed out to them that the camp was gone. (Ageless) After two more flashes of light, Verena gave Larry and Dexter a gun each. Then Richard returned his guns to her and gave her Howard's camera. After another flash of light, during the flaming arrow attack, Richard saw Janelle trip, while trying to run away. He stopped her help her up, but was hit in the back with a flaming arrow in the process. (Just Survive)


Richard appeared to Ryder in a dream, telling him that he could find Ariel near the Pearl Station. Then he told Ryder that after he found Ariel, he had to get Dawn off of the Island. (Reading Lips)


  • He has visited The Arrow and The Flame.
  • He has seen The Staff and The Swan.
  • He was the seventh character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the seventh main character to die in Lost 4Ever.
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