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Nancy is one of the background tail section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Her character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. Her name was mentioned briefly in "The Other 48 Days" after she was captured by the Others.

Before the crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)


When Nancy was seven-years-old, her parents and grandmother died in a car crash. From that point on, Nancy was raised by her paternal grandfather. Four years later, her grandfather sold his company to get a job at the newspaper, in order to spend more time with Nancy. (Burning Heart) Also, she claimed to have been a girl scout. (Tuck Everlasting)

Working for the Newspaper

In early 2001, Nancy was put on a story with Eli in Paris. (Burning Heart) A year later, Nancy was put to work with Lance and Eli on a story that took them to Florida. Some time after this trip, she began dating Lance. (The Dreamer) A few months later, Lance asked Nancy out for the first time. A few months after that, Nancy met Doug, who was new at the paper. (Burning Heart)

In September of 2004, Nancy was assigned to work with Eli on a story involving Widmore Industries in Sydney. (Big Scoop) The day before they left for Australia, Nancy and Eli hung out with Lance and Doug at the home of Doug's brother. Nancy jokingly comforted Lance after he lost of game of pool against Doug. (Brothers in Arms) The day before they left Sydney, Nancy went for dinner with Lance, Doug, and Eli. The next morning, in a rush to get to the airport, Nancy told Eli to hurry up or else they'd be late for the plane. (The Dreamer) On the way to the airport, Nancy called her grandfather and asked him to pick her and her friends up from the airport. (Eye to Eye) At the food court, Nancy, Lance, Doug, and Eli talked about how their seats had been split up. (Membata)

On the Island

After the tail broke off, Nancy fell into the water and swam to the shore, where she was helped by an African man. Soon after, she found Eli and they realized that Lance and Doug were nowhere nearby. (Burning Heart) Three days later, Nancy went to look for fruit with Zander. While in the jungle together, Nancy found out that Zander was Lance's brother. (Tales from the Tail) A few days later, Zander apologized to Nancy for his misconceptions about her relationship with Lance. (Some Starless Night) A few nights after that, at night, Nancy was kidnapped by the Others. The next day, Nancy woke up in a cage at the Hydra Station. Soon after waking up, Alpert talked to Nancy and Eli. He told them that Lance and Eli were alive. (Dream a Little Dream) After being returned to her cage, she told Zander that Lance was alive. (Some Starless Night) About a week later, Nancy joined the Others and moved into the Barracks. (We're the Good Guys)

At the decoy camp, Nancy saw Dawn stumble. She helped Dawn to her feet and walked with her to Juliet's tent to get a pregnancy test. She went with Dawn to use the pregnancy test and was happy when Dawn found out she was pregnant, but confused because Dawn wasn't happy. Then Dawn explained that all pregnant women on the Island die. She made Nancy promise not to tell Ryder, because if he knew he would stop at nothing to get her off the Island. (Wonderwall)

Along with the rest of the Others, Nancy went to the Temple, after a failed attack on the beach. (The Future) Nine days later, after Locke joined their camp, Nancy was taken by Dieter away from the camp. Not long after, the sky turned purple. (Ageless)

Season 5

Shortly after the light cleared, Andrew tried to explain that they were jumping through time. Nancy was confused by this concept. (Ageless) Two flashes later, after seeing the Flame Station, Nancy suggested going to the beach to see if the survivors needed them. At night, after another flash, Nancy's group encountered Verena and Howard, who Nancy realized was her cousin. (Just Survive) Later that night, Nancy sat down beside Howard and told him that she was his cousin. They began to bond, telling each other about themselves. The next morning, Nancy watched as her uncle, Marc, recovered his memories and realized Howard was his son. Soon after, the group was scared away from their camp by some Hostiles. While running away, Nancy tripped. Ariel and Marc stopped to help her and the three got caught by the Hostiles. (Faulty Memory) In a flash of motion, Marc freed them from the Hostiles just before another flash of light. After the light cleared, Nancy watched as Marc and Ariel collapsed with nosebleeds. (Twenty-Six Years) After another flash of light, Nancy was yelling for help when she was found by Dexter and Janelle. Nancy realized that they were survivors of Flight 815. Soon after, Susan and Peter showed up. Thinking that Dexter, who was holding a gun, had shot Ariel and Marc, who were on the ground, Susan shot Dexter, as the sky lit up. After the light cleared, Nancy suggested finding Andrew because he could help Dexter in his critical condition. (Reading Lips) Later that night, Lance, Jeff, and Andrew found the group. Nancy was overjoyed to be reunited with Lance, her boyfriend. Later, after Ryder, Howard, and Zander showed up, Nancy told Ryder that Dawn was pregnant. (Family Matters) The next morning, after hearing the monster, Nancy ran off into the jungle with Lance and Zander. (Conditional) Several time flashes later, while still in the jungle, Nancy, Zander, and Lance found Jeff, Larry, and Janelle. Then the group saw a large statue in the distance. Then the ground began to shake as another flash started. (The Dreamer)

Later, the day after the time flashes ended, while in the jungle with Janelle, Larry, Jeff, Lance, and Zander, Nancy heard two Hostiles talking. She realized that one of them was her uncle. (The Dreamer) A week later, after not being able to find their people, the group decided to split up to cover more ground. Nancy went with Lance and Zander when they split. Later that day, they found a beach across from the Hydra Island. After clarifying, for Lance, that it was where they'd held Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, three people emerged from the jungle: Elliot, Dieter, and Oscar. (Tales from the Tail) About a week later, the group ran into the jungle after hearing a group of DHARMA gunmen. After running away, Nancy found herself with Lance and Oscar. (The Angel)

About a week later, Nancy, Lance, and Oscar were found in the jungle by Larry, who was going to the Barracks from the Arrow. Larry took them to the Barracks with him. On their way to the Barracks, Larry radioed Howard to let him know of their arrival and Nancy was overjoyed to hear her cousin's voice in the reply. (That's a Maybe) While with DHARMA, Nancy worked as a chef. (Heroes) A couple days later, Nancy met with her fell time travellers in Chris and Ryder's house to plan how to find the rest of their people (Elliot, Dieter, Zander, Peter, and Susan). (That's a Maybe) About two years later, while recording a video message for their friends in the future, Nancy recalled that Faraday told them that DHARMA did experiments with time travel. (Time Capsule) The next day, Nancy listened to Lance rant about the Phoenix Project, after talking to Micah about it. (Burning Heart)

One day, three year after joining DHARMA, Nancy gave some food to Zander, Eli, Howard, and Elliot at the mess hall. (Heroes) That night, she planned to have dinner with Lance, but he burned it, by accident. Even though he failed, she said she still loved him. The next day, Nancy went with Lance, Jeff, and Dieter to greet the new recruits. She saw Sawyer arrive with Jack, Kate, and Hurley. Soon after, at the processing center, Nancy saw Dr. Chang talking to Jack and Phil talking to Kate. The next day, after finding out about Larry's death, Nancy helped console Janelle about it. (Brothers in Arms) Later that day, Nancy went to check on Janelle and found out she had kissed Chris. Janelle asked her what was wrong with her, because Larry had just died. Nancy guessed that Janelle's mind said to cry over Larry, but her heart said to love Chris. Then she reminded Janelle that Larry wanted her to be happy, even if it wasn't with her. (Burning Heart)

That night, Nancy and Ariel ran over to the burning wreckage of the DHARMA van and tried to help put it out. After the fire was put out, Nancy heard Horace say that one of them had helped the Hostile escape. After he was done talking, Nancy asked Zander and Lance why any of them would help him escape. Zander suggested that it was one of them that knew Sayid wasn't a Hostile. Lance, however, suggested that it could be because someone found out about the Phoenix Project. During the conversation that ensued, Nancy expressed her shock that people were'nt more curious about what the Phoenix Project was. Then she agreed to help Lance sabotage it. The next day, Nancy and Lance went to the Phoenix Project and Nancy went down the stairs of the Phoenix Project to sabotage it while Lance stood watch. (Burning Heart) Once inside the Phoenix Project holding cell, Nancy tried to release Andrew, but they saw Lance fall down the stairs after being shot. She tried to hide, leaving the room, after telling Andrew to bring a group of them away from the camp after Locke joined them. (Tuck Everlasting) Just as Nancy left the room, Tyson found her outside the room and shot her. (Burning Heart)


Because of Nancy and Lance's attempted sabotage of the Phoenix Project, members of the project began going after their friends, who were forced to flee from the Barracks. (Some Starless Night) (The Day After Tomorrow)

Twenty-seven years after her death, Nancy appeared to Oscar in a dream, telling him to board the Kahana. (A Second Chance) A few days later, she appeared to him in a dream again, telling him to save "her", just after Oscar had seen Dawn and Faith in a dream. (Breakout)

Alternate Timeline

Flash-sideways Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 lands at LAX)

After Flight 815 landed in Los Angeles, Nancy went to the baggage claim, where she met Howard. After finding out that he had no family, Nancy offered to let him come have dinner wither her and her grandfather. Howard declined the offer, because it wasn't his family, so it wouldn't be the same. Ironically, Nancy and her grandfather are his family. (We're Back)

Later that day, Nancy was taken to the hospital by Zander and Howard, because she'd passed out at the airport. She was looked after by Dr. Peter Maxwell. (Sinking Feeling)


  • She speaks at least some French. (Twenty-Six Years)
  • She was the twenty-ninth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • She was the twelth main character to die in Lost 4Ever.

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