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Marcus Howard Zahn
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Jen Jones - Sister-in-Law
Andrew Raymond - Brother-in-Law

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Marcus Howard Zahn is one of the background Others and one of the background Ajira Flight 316 survivors. His character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. He was raised in West Berlin and went to Whitney University, where he met his wife. After an incident with his father, Marc married Candace and joined the DHARMA Initiative as a chemist. When they arrived on the Island, they were expecting their first child. Unfortunately, just prior to their child's birth, Marc got in an accident which caused him, from that point on, to have amnesia and was drafted by the Hostiles. He was one of the Hostiles for the next thirty years until he was separated from his people by the series of time flashes which eventually allowed him to finally meet his son, which also enabled him to regain his lost memories. He was later separated from his son and left the Island with Andrew, Dawn, Dexter, Jim, and Verena. Marc stayed with Andrew for a great deal of the time after leaving the Island. About two years later, Marc boarded Flight 316 and returned to the Island. He went to the main Island with Jim, Dexter, and Verena and was last seen with Andrew and Jim, facing Tyson (who had Sam in a choke hold), in the jungle near the Statue of Taweret.

Off the Island


Marc grew up in West Berlin. When he was five-years-old, he buried a time capsule with his mother, who told him that when he was older, he would come home and dig up his time capsule and realize how much he'd changed. (Time Capsule)

In University

In the fall of 1971, Marc was walking through the campus of Whitney University with Zoran Savo, his roommate, when he saw a cute girl. He walked over to talk to the girl, who introduced herself as Candace Jones. Marc took the moment to ask her out on a date. Three months later, Candace went to Germany with Marc to visit his parents. They arrived on a Saturday and Candace left right away to go to church, because she was Jewish. After telling his father about this, Marc was told to kill Candace when she got back. When she came back, Marc's dad told him to kill her, but he refused to do it and shot his dad in the leg, instead, and left with Candace. After returning to university, Marc started working on an American accent, because he was ashamed of his German heritage. One day, after the new semester started, Marc explained to Candace why he'd shot his father. Then he proposed to her and she accepted. (Time Capsule)

Marriage to Candace

In May of 1972, Marc married Candace Jones. A year later, Candace told Marc that she was pregnant. (Faulty Memory) In the fall of 1973, Marc and Candace joined the DHARMA Initiative. Thomas Mittelwerk believed it was because they were running from what Marc did to his dad. (The Kite Runner) During their last conversation with Candace's father, Marc promised to come visit as soon as they could. (Eye to Eye)

On the Island

Working With DHARMA

In early January of 1974, Marc was heading back to the Barracks from the Tempest when he fell off a cliff and began to suffer from amnesia. He was found by Richard Alpert who told him that he was one of the Hostiles and that DHARMA was his enemy. (Faulty Memory)

With the Hostiles

In 1974, after Sawyer and Juliet killed two Others Marc told one of his fellow Hostiles that Richard was going to talk to DHARMA that night. (The Dreamer) Almost two weeks later, a Hostile asked Marc what Richard did with the body he took from DHARMA. Marc replied that he didn’t know. He just followed orders. (Wonderwall)

About three years later, Marc talked to Erik about Alpert taking Ben to the Temple and how Widmore was upset about it. Marc asked Erik if he'd heard what Ellie was saying about it, but he hadn't. The next day, he was with Widmore, Erik, and another Hostile when they found Ryder, Howard, and Zander. (Some Starless Night) He shouted at them when they failed to answer Widmore's question and watched as Ryder had a whispered conversation with Widmore. Later that day, Marc found Ariel, Oscar, and Elliot outside the Hostiles' camp. (The Day After Tomorrow) He was scared away from them when Austin and Josh intervened to save Ariel. (The Kite Runner)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

In early January 1979, Marc helped capture the remaining survivors of Oceanic Flight 164. After they awoke, Marc invited Susan and Ariel to join them, while Alpert talked to Todd, Patrick, and Peter. (Twenty-Six Years)

After the Crash of Flight 815

The day after the crash, Marc visited Dieter, Austin, and Simon at the Hydra Station. He told them that if they cooperated they would be given a place to live. (The Kite Runner) After Claire escaped from the Others, Marc helped Juliet clean up the Staff Station. (Family Matters) Almost two weeks later, Marc helped capture Walt off the raft. (The Key)

More than a month later, Marc left for the Temple with the rest of the Others. (The Future) About a week later, shortly after Locke joined the Others' camp, Andrew took Marc away from the camp. Soon after, the sky lit up. (Ageless)

Season 5

After the sky cleared, Marc continued with Andrew and the rest of their group. (Ageless) Marc approached Ariel while they trekked through the jungle and she discovered that Marc had a nosebleed. Some time after the sky lit up, Marc told Ariel that his nosebleed was getting worse. Then he noticed that she had a nosebleed too. Shortly after, the sky lit up again. (Twenty-Six Years) Marc was amazed to see the Flame Station in tact. Some time after the sky lit up again, Marc's group came across Howard and Verena, Howard recognized Marc as his father. (Just Survive) Marc denied being Howard's father, but soon began to regain lost memories and realized he was Howard's father. Soon after regaining his memories, Ariel ran over and told him that she had heard "their people from the past" and that they had to leave immediately. Marc ordered the group to scatter. While running away, Nancy tripped. Marc and Ariel stopped to help her. Marc, Nancy, and Ariel were then caught by the Hostiles. (Faulty Memory)

Shortly after their capture, Marc was able to free them from the Hostiles shortly before the sky lit up again. After the light cleared, Ariel and Marc passed out with nosebleeds. (Twenty-Six Years) After another flash of light, Marc and Ariel were found unconscious by Janelle and Dexter. After another flash of light, Marc began to wake up. (Reading Lips) Later, after Howard found him, he was given a gun and a photo of him and his wife. In the morning, Marc went to look for fruit. While doing so, he ran into a DHARMA member, called Tyson. Marc asked Tyson about "the Phoenix Project". (Family Matters) Tyson told him that another dose of "the serum" would reverse the Phoenix Project. Then Andrew showed up and Tyson recognized him. Marc killed Tyson and Andrew gave Marc a dose of his own blood, which fixed part of the nosebleed. They prepared to go find Ariel, before she could die. Their group by the Pearl Station dispersed in panic after hearing the monster. (Conditional)

Shortly after escaping the monster, Marc and Andrew rescued Dexter from the monster. They set off towards the lagoon, where they suspsected Ariel would go. After another flash, Marc, Andrew, and Dexter found the lagoon, but Ariel was not there. Elliot, Dawn, Verena, Jim, Dieter, Chris, and Craig showed up soon after. After another flash, Marc watched as Andrew had a rushed conversation with Ethan at the lagoon. After another flash, the sky lit up again right away. After the sky cleared, Dawn passed out and Marc thought it was for the same reason he had passed out. Marc stayed behind when Chris, Dieter, and Elliot left to find Ariel. The sky lit up again and the Via Domus was back. Marc rushed onto the Via Domus with Dawn, Dexter, Jim, Andrew, and Verena. Marc steered the boat until Andrew figured out the bearing. (Conditional)

Off the Island Again

Season 5

After Dawn woke up on the Via Domus, she begged them to take her back to the Island to retrieve Ryder. During this time, Marc tried to calm her down and explain that they had to leave Ryder behind. (Wonderwall) After a week in the ocean, Marc and the rest on the Via Domus found land. They went to Wal-Mart and bought a change of clothes and then proceeded to Simon’s Butchers Shop where Jill gave each of them, except Dawn and Marc, a fake name. She explained that the Oceanic 6 had lied about what happened after the crash after returning to civilization. After leaving the butchers shop, Marc went with Andrew to get a rental car and proceeded to think of a plan to get the serum from the Phoenix Project. (Home Sweet Home)

A few months later, after traveling to Copenhagen, Marc asked Andrew if he really wanted to reverse the Phoenix Project. Andrew replied, with conviction, that he did. Soon after, they had a brief encounter with Rachel Blake as she ran from her hotel room. (Wonderwall) A couple months later, after the controversy with the Hanso Foundation was over, Marc asked Andrew if he thought it would be easier to get the serum now and Andrew thought it would be easier. (The Prestige) A month later, Marc visited Phyllis Boyd, the woman who had raised his son. (Family Matters) He thanked her for raising him. Before he left, she suggested that he visit his father-in-law. (The Prestige)

In early 2007, Marc and Andrew visited Jon and Marc introduced Andrew to Jon as Daniel Abrams, Jon's son. Andrew told Jon what the DHARMA Initiative had done to him. Marc assured Jon that that it had been done before he'd ever joined DHARMA. Then Marc told Jon that he'd been on the Island, ever since they'd last seen each other and that he'd had amnesia. Jon told Marc that Howard had been on Flight 815 and Marc told him that he already knew that and that Howard and Nancy were both alive and on the Island. Shortly after, Jon died. After he was dead, Marc and Andrew left. (What I Did)

Months later, Marc wrote a letter to his mother, saying that he was going to come visit. (Time Capsule) While writing the letter, Andrew returned from visiting his mother, who had died the day before. After venting about his mother's death, Andrew said they needed to bring their people back together, in preparation for returning to the Island. (The Prestige) A month later, Marc wrote another letter to his mother, saying he was going to get on the next flight to Germany. (Time Capsule) As Marc wrote the later, Andrew returned, failing to convince Verena to go back to the Island. Marc assured Andrew that she would change her mind. (The Prestige) About a month later, Marc went to Germany and visited his mother. While he was there, he dug up his time capsule, from so many years before. (Time Capsule) Months later, Marc called Jim and told him to return to Los Angeles in order to leave for the Island at a moment's notice. The next day, Marc saw Locke heading into his hotel. (The Prestige)

The day of their return to the Island, at their hotel room, Marc talked to Andrew about the possibility of the serum not being on the Island anymore. However, they recalled a formula that had been found shortly after Flight 164 crashed. Later, at the airport, Andrew and Marc went over their plan again, in the restroom. (Flash of Light) At the airport, on the day they planned to return to the Island, Marc saw Hurley arguing with the gate agent. Soon after, he boarded the plane with Andrew. After boarding the plane, he saw Dexter and Daisy board the plane. When the plane hit turbulence, hours later, Marc closed his eyes tight in anticipation. Moments later, the plane was engulfed with light. (The Prestige)

On the Island Again

Season 5 (Days 1-5)

After the crashlanding of Flight 316 on the Hydra Island, Marc carefully got out of his seat on the plane. Later that day, Marc told his friends that they had to find transportation to the main Island. Soon after, he saw Caesar and Frank argue about their next move. (The Angel) The next morning, Marc left the Hydra Island in an outrigger with Jim, Dexter, and Verena. They took it to the lagoon, where they made camp for the night. The next morning, after getting some fruit for the group, Marc found a piece of metal with their names engraved on it. Under the piece of metal was Howard's camera bag. On the camera was a video message for them. While watching the video, Marc smiled when he heard his son's voice and when he saw his niece's face. The next day, he headed to the Barracks with Verena and Dexter to get some guns. On their way there, Marc took a picture in the jungle. He was surprised to see Alex in the picture. (Time Capsule)

Later that day, Marc arrived at the Barracks with Verena and Dexter to find his gun vault empty. Then they headed out toward the beach camp to find Howard's stash of guns. (The Kite Runner) On their way to the beach, the group encountered Jessica, who was looking for them. Because he couldn't answer her questions, Marc sent Jessica to the Barracks to find Andrew. (Tuck Everlasting) The next day, Marc, Dexter, and Verena arrived at the survivors' old beach camp. They recovered the stash of guns and DHARMA books from Howard's tent just before the Others arrived at the camp. (Flash of Light) Around that time, Andrew radioed Marc and they agreed to meet where Jacob was. They arrived at a four-toed statue, later that day, and reunited with Daisy, Jessica, Andrew, Jim, Dawn, and Derek. However, not long after they arrived, Ilana and her group arrived and showed Locke's corpse to Richard. Amongst the confusion of what was going on, Marc saw Andrew run into the jungle and followed him. In the jungle, they found Tyson, who said he was going to kill them. (Tuck Everlasting) Just then, Jim shot Tyson and ran to see Marc and Andrew. To their astonishment, Tyson healed instantly from the wound, revealing that he'd used the second dose of the Phoenix Serum. At that moment, Sam found them and demanded answers from Tyson. Marc, Andrew, and Jim told Sam not to trust Tyson. After Sam responded positively to Jim's offer to show Sonya's grave to Sam, Tyson took Sam in a choke hold and put a gun to Sam's head. (Flash of Light)


  • Marc speaks at least three languages: German, English, and Latin.
  • His American accent is feigned to cover up his German heritage. (Time Capsule) When he started suffering from amnesia, his American accent became permanent. (Faulty Memory)
  • He was the twenty-fifth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the third character to have a flashforward in Lost 4Ever.

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