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Larry is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. His character is not featured on the show, but is depicted in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. He was also mentioned by Janelle in her diary and he appeared in the spin-off novel, Secret Identity.

Before the Crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)


When Larry was ten-years-old, he heard his drunk father abusing his mother. After hearing a noise outside his room and the front door closing, Larry ran into the kitchen to find his mother dying after his dad had accidentally killed her. After her death, Larry went to live with a foster family. (That's a Maybe)

In University

On his first day of university, Larry's foster-parents dropped him off at his dormitory and invited him to visit them any time. (That's a Maybe) Later that day, Larry met his roommate, Craig, who he would become good friends with. (Only Too Well)

A few months later, after getting a truck from his foster parents for his birthday, Larry invited Craig to go on a road trip with him that summer. (That's a Maybe) While filling up for gas, at one station, during their trip, Larry and Craig bought fake necklaces from a man. As Larry was getting too excited while driving, he took his eyes off the road for just long enough to veer off the road and get them in an accident. (Moment of Distraction) Some time later, Larry's foster-parents and Craig's aunt and uncle visited them in the hospital. Larry's foster-dad immediately blamed him for the crash, but Craig lied and took responsibility. (That's a Maybe)

One day, about a year later, Larry was spotting Craig at the gym when Craig got a call from his uncle about his aunt's critical condition. (Ageless)

After about four years in university, Larry was studying at the library with Craig when he saw Jenna break up with her boyfriend. (You've Got Mail) Shortly after, she started to date Craig, but about four months, Jenna broke up with Craig. After it happened, Larry tried to convince Craig to give up on her and move on, but he wouldn't do it. As a result, Larry went with Craig to Australia. At the Sydney airport, when they arrived, Larry flirted with some flight attendants. The day that Craig went to see Jenna, Larry heard what she said to him. (Let It Go) The day before they left Australia, Larry called Jenna and told her that they were leaving. (Coming to Terms)

At the airport, the next day, Larry tried to cheer Craig up, but ended up getting upset with him instead. (That's a Maybe) On the plane, Larry woke up due to turbulence. He saw Craig's upset expression and tried to comfort him, but couldn't. Since Craig wouldn't listen to him, Larry turned to a bald man on the other side of him and tried unsuccessfully to strike up a conversation. As the plane hit more turbulence, the tail was ripped from the plane. Larry shut his eyes, not wanting to see it. (Membata)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

Day 2 - Larry got in an argument with Howard, Verena, Sophia, Sawyer, and Arzt. (Flight 815)
Day 9 - Larry asked Janelle out, but she laughed at the suggestion. (That's a Maybe)
Day 21 - When everyone started moving up the beach, Larry grabbed Janelle's dive bag and initially wouldn't give it back. However, Amon intervened and punched Larry in the face. Then Larry gave Janelle her bag back. (Camera Case)
Day 36 - Larry hit on Janelle and asked her on a date. Richard intervened and saved Janelle from further harassment, for the time being. (Volume)
Day 44 - At Jack's request, Larry prepared tracks to get the raft into the water. That night, he stayed at the beach with Janelle, Jerome, Howard, and Verena while everyone else went to the caves, but fell asleep before too long. Later that night, when it was dark, their fire went out and the group heard whispers. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

Day 44 - After lighting some torches, Larry went to the caves with Jerome, Janelle, Verena, and Howard. (Ashes to Ashley)
Day 49 - Larry told Richard that he wanted to ask Libby out on a date, but Richard suggested that Larry not be so upfront. Soon after, Larry and Richard found Amon in the jungle and carried him back to the beach. (Real Estate) Then they went to find his friends. (Complications)
Day 58 - Larry confronted Craig about how he was being so obsessive about the Others. He compared the current situation to the situation with Jenna. (Let It Go)

Season 3 (Days 68-91)

Day 72 - Larry talked with Elliot about making a rotary grill for the boar they catch. Later that day, Larry woke up from a nap to the sounds of the monster. He found Craig and Richard talking about looking for Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. The group of three decided to go look for them. While walking through the jungle, they saw Locke, Nikki, Desmond, Paulo, and Sayid standing around Eko's body. (Moment of Distraction)
Day 73 - While trekking through the jungle, Larry apologized for being rude to Richard, who suggested that Larry try to be nicer around Janelle. The group came across the Flame Station, from which Mikhail was just leaving. After looking through the station for a little bit, Richard found a trap door in the living space. (Moment of Distraction)
Day 74 - Larry, Craig, and Richard took some guns and DHARMA books. As they left the Flame Station, they saw Mikhail and Bea arriving. (By the Book)
Day 76 - Larry, Richard, and Craig returned to the beach. Larry showed Janelle the binders they'd brought back. (Crime Scene)
Day 77 - Larry went fishing with Janelle and offered to just be her friend, instead of trying to be her boyfriend. Later that day, Elliot told Larry and Janelle about Hurley playing ping-pong against Sawyer. (Crime Scene)
Day 89 - After hearing about Naomi, Larry told Janelle about her and that they were going to get off the Island soon. (Family Roots) Soon after, Larry told Dexter about Naomi's arrival. (The Angel)
Day 90 - When the group left the beach, Larry offered to help Janelle with her bag, but she got upset with him, thinking that he was trying to hit on her. (Just Survive)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

Day 91 - At the radio tower, Larry told Craig that he was excited to go home and finally set down, instead of dating around. That night, when the camp split into two factions, Larry went with Jack. (Choose Your Battles)
Day 95 - Larry showed Chris a necklace he'd found in the luggage and told him that he planned to give it to Janelle for Christmas. After he gave it to her, she thanked him with a kiss on the cheek. (The Kahana)
Day 98 - Larry watched Bernard and Rose berate Charlotte and Faraday about whether they would be rescued. Soon after, he saw Jack pass out. (Healing)
Day 100 - After Lance found out he missed a trip to the freighter, Larry told him to make sure he was on the next trip, which Lance said he would make sure of. Chris broke in and accused Lance of not caring about his friend as much as he claimed. Larry watched the argument, worried they would get in a fight. (Membata) Later that day, after seeing the wreckage of the freighter, Larry asked Chris where Janelle was and found out she was on the zodiac raft. Soon after, the sky lit up. (That's a Maybe)

Season 5

During the Time Flashes

Shift #1 - After the light cleared, Larry saw the zodiac raft returning. (That's a Maybe)
Shift #2 - Thinking she was cold, Larry offered his jacket to Janelle. She declined. Then the sky lit up again. (That's a Maybe)
Shift #3 - In anticipation of what could be coming, Verena gave Larry a gun. The sky lit up soon after. (Just Survive)
Shift #4 - Larry was grouped around his fellow survivors as Bernard tried to start a fire. Soon after, he saw Neil get hit with a flaming arrow. Then, as the camp was attacked with flaming arrows, Larry ran from the beach. After Janelle tripped, Richard went back to help her, but was killed. Janelle lamented over his body and Larry ran over to get her away from the beach. After escaping the beach, Larry asked Janelle if she'd seen any of the other survivors. (Just Survive) The next morning, Larry and Janelle found Elliot and Dexter. Soon after, Larry heard Elliot talk about his previous experience with time traveling. After Elliot was done, the group encountered Oscar, who Dexter knew was a murderer. (The Inconstant) After Oscar admitted to being a murderer, he told them that the Hostiles were going to the creek. As a result, the group decided to head towards the caves instead. Some time later, the sky lit up. (A Second Chance)
Shift #5 - After the light cleared, Larry started protesting going to the caves, in case they had already arrived on the Island. (A Second Chance) Some time later, Larry heard Boone yelling to Locke from the beechcraft. That night, Larry went with Elliot into the Pearl Station and saw Desmond on the monitor. They left the station soon after. (Reading Lips)
Shift #7 - Soon after, Larry, Oscar, and Elliot found Dexter and Janelle with Susan, Peter, Marc, Ariel, and Nancy. Later, after hearing a noise, Susan raised her gun to shoot, but Larry got upset with her, referencing Dexter getting shot. Soon after, Jeff, Lance, and Andrew found them and Andrew brought Dexter back to life. (Family Matters) The next morning, the group heard the monster and Larry ran from it with Janelle and Jeff. (Conditional)
Shift #14 - The light cleared. Soon after, Larry, Janelle, and Jeff found Lance, Zander, and Nancy. Just then, they saw a giant statue above the trees. (The Dreamer)

After the Time Flashes

74 Day 1 - Larry, Janelle, Zander, Lance, Jeff, and Nancy heard some Hostiles, including Marc, talking nearby. (The Dreamer)
74 Day 8 - After a week apart, Larry went with Janelle and Jeff to try to find some of their people. (Tales from the Tail)
74 Day 11 - At night, after making camp at the caves, Larry heard Janelle shivering. He walked over and put his jacket over her, to keep her warm. (That's a Maybe)
74 Day 13 - In the jungle with Janelle and Jeff, Larry heard Marc and another Hostile talking. (Wonderwall)
74 Day 16 - Looking for their people, Janelle was hit by a tranquilizer dart. Larry picked her up and tried to take her to safety, but was also hit by a dart. (The Angel)
74 Day 17 - Larry woke up in a dark room and was visited by Micah, who asked him how he got to the Island. Larry faked amnesia to avoid telling Micah about Flight 815. After Micah left, Jeff woke up and Larry, Jeff, and Janelle met Eli, who was also in the room. They put together a lie to tell Micah when he returned. When he returned, Jeff rattled off their story and Micah offered to let them stay with DHARMA. 74 Day 21 - Larry went to work at the Arrow Station. On his way back to the Barracks, Larry found Lance, Nancy, and Oscar, told them about their coverstory and took them to the Barracks. (That's a Maybe)
74 Day 23 - Larry met with his fellow time travelers to discuss finding the rest of their people. (That's a Maybe)
74 Day 24 - After getting a call from Ariel after she found Zander, Dieter, and Elliot, Larry told Micah of their arrival. (That's a Maybe)
74 Day 27 - While taking a walk with Janelle, Juliet ran over to Larry. Janelle and Larry explained their situation to Juliet and found that they had lied as well. (That's a Maybe)
74 Day 34 - Larry looked for Susan and Peter. After failing to find them, Larry returned to his house and found that Janelle had fallen asleep reading a book. He put the bookmark in her page, pulled the blankets over her, and kissed her on the forehead. Then he whispered that he loved her. (That's a Maybe)

75 Day 9 - Larry had breakfast with Eli and Oscar. During breakfast, Eli told them the truth about the Phoenix Project. (...In Time)

76 Day 2 - While recording a video for their friends in the future, Larry commented, hoping that the batteries would last until they found it in the future. (Time Capsule) After returning from the lagoon, Lance told Larry that he'd found Craig's body and buried it near the Staff Station. Larry declined the opportunity to go see it. (Heroes)

77 Day 1 - Sitting on a bench at the Barracks, Larry asked Janelle if they could be more than friends and Janelle said maybe. (That's a Maybe) Later that day, Chris found Larry, just as he was about to leave for the Arrow. Chris told Larry that Elaine had gone missing and that he had to find her. Larry agreed to help find her and went into the jungle to find her. Finally they found her in the arms of a Hostile. Larry shot the Hostile. As Chris retrieved Elaine, someone shot Larry, killing him. (Heroes)


After returning Elaine to the Barracks, Chris went back into the jungle and buried Larry's body. He apologized for getting Larry involved. Soon after, Chris told Janelle and Elliot about Larry's death. Janelle regretted not opening up more to Larry. (Brothers in Arms)


  • He was the fourteenth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the tenth main character to die in Lost 4Ever.

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