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Lance is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. His character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. He was mentioned briefly by Hurley in "Raised by Another" while talking to Ethan.

Before the Crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)


When Lance was three-years-old, his mother went to Singapore with the church women's group. Ten days later, on the day she was supposed to return, her plane crashed and Lance saw his dad crying after he found out. Two years later, his dad remarried. A year after his dad married, Lance learned that his step-mother was not his real mother. Four yeras later, Lance's step-mother gave birth to twins. Years later, at his high school graduation, Lance refused to dance with his step-mother because she wasn't his real mother. (Brothers in Arms) After returning home, Lance was approached by Zander, who got after him for making their step-mother cry. Upset, Lance stomped off to his room. (Some Starless Night)

With the Newspaper

Lance started working at the newspaper in the spring of 2002. His first assignment was to work with Nancy and Eli on a story in Florida. On the plane ride to Florida, Lance told them about his family life. (The Dreamer) A few months later, Lance asked Nancy out on a date for the first time. (Burning Heart)

In September of 2004, Lance was assigned to work with Doug at a conference in Sydney where Dr. Arreglo would be speaking. (Big Scoop) The day before leaving for Australia, Lance played a game of pool with Doug and lost. He challenged Doug to a rematch, but in a game of ping-pong instead. (Brothers in Arms) In Australia, Lance and Doug had to leave the conference a little early because of protests that were going on at the conference. (Big Scoop) The day before they left Australia, Lance went for dinner with Eli, Nancy, and Doug. The next morning, in a rush, Lance urged Eli to hurry so that they wouldn't miss their plane. (The Dreamer) He bumped into Faith briefly at the airport. (Big Scoop) Later that day, Lance, Nancy, Eli, and Doug gossiped about the people they saw that the airport. (Membata) On the plane, Lance woke up because of the turbulence. Before he could fall back to sleep, the plane broke apart and crashed. (Brothers in Arms)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

Lance woke up on the beach after the crash. After walking aroundm, in shock, Lance found Doug and realized that the tail, where Eli and Nancy had been, wasn't anywhere nearby. (Brothers in Arms) A few days later, Lance noticed Joanna drowning in the ocean. (See the World) Two days later, Lance asked Amon if he was moving to the caves. Amon said he wasn't. Lance told Amon that he thought the caves were a blessing that they should use. (Keep Their Secret) About a week later, Lance and Doug went looking for fruit in the jungle. Doug went ahead of Lance and, while he was by himself, Lance saw a vision of his mother telling him that Naomi had just wanted to love Lance, but he never gave her a chance. Moments later, Doug returned to find Lance with tears in his eyes. (Brothers in Arms) A few weeks after that, Boone asked Lance if he'd seen Vincent, but he hadn't. (Tryouts) A few weeks later, Lance helped prepare the raft for launching. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 52-63)

About a week after the hatch was opened, Lance volunteered to go with Amon and Howard when they decided to go after Michael, who had run off to find Walt. Instead of finding Michael, Lance, Howard, and Amon found the Tempest Station. They searched the station and found an armory with guns and some DHARMA binders. (Complications) The next day, Howard woke Lance up in the morning so that they could leave the station before the Others showed up. Before leaving, Lance took two guns and a DHARMA binder. He heard Juliet talking to Colleen outside the station as they left. A day later, in the jungle, Lance, Howard, and Amon encountered Sophia and Janelle, who had gone to look for them. He gave a gun to Sophia. They arrived at the beach a day later and, with Verena, went to the Swan to talk about how they had each obtained their guns. (A Friend Indeed) About a week later, Lance saw Jack beat Sawyer at poker. The next day, Lance found lots of useful items at the pallet drop. A day after that, down the beach, Lance found a cable buried in the sand, while taking a walk. He followed the cable into the water and eventually saw an underwater building. (Big Scoop)

Season 3 (Days 70-90)

Three days after the discharge, Lance, Howard, and Amon decided to find the Barracks and try to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. They took George and Dexter with them as well. (One Ambition) Three days later, Lance, Howard, George, Amon, and Dexter arrived at the sonic fence. They figured out immediately that the fence was dangerous. (Moment of Distraction) Three days after that, the group saw Jack, Juliet, and the Others arrive at the sonic fence and proceed to the Barracks. After deciding that it wasn't safe to visit the Barracks after all, they headed back to the beach. They arrived at the beach just in time to see Hurley play Sawyer at ping-pong, the next day. The next day, Lance played Doug at ping-pong and told him where he had been for the past week. (Crime Scene)

The next day, Lance helped Doug, Verena, and Sophia carry Amon to the Staff Station. The next morning, Lance went back to the beach to find out what Tracy had discovered from Sawyer about his capture. He later returned to the Staff Station to report that the Hydra was on another Island. That night, after saving Amon, Lance helped Doug carry him back to the beach. (Memory Lapse) Ten days later, at night, despite Jack's assurance, Lance was worried that their plans to ambush the Others hadn't worked. (Family Roots)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

At the radio tower, Lance told Doug that he was excited to go home so that he could get some new job opportunities. (Choose Your Battles) In his mind, however, he wanted to go home so that he could apologize to his mother-in-law. (Brothers in Arms) That night, when the camp split, Lance went with Jack. (Choose Your Battles) Two days later, Verena recruited Lance to go with her to give Locke's group some guns, in case they got into trouble. Along with Craig, they set off for the Staff Station. The next day, Lance, Verena, and Craig arrived at the Staff Station and gave Richard and Steve four guns. On their way back to the beach, they saw Juliet talking to one of the Others. (Hardest Decision)

A day after that, Lance told Verena and Jeff that Kate was back. (Home Sweet Home) The next day, Lance overheard Sun talking to Faraday about getting off the Island. (The Kahana) Two days later, Lance listened to Charlotte and Faraday argue with Bernard and Rose. (Healing) Later that day, Lance overheard Chris talking to Faith. After hearing that Doug's body had been left behind at the Barracks, Lance got upset with Faith, who told Lance, in reply, that if it was up to her, she would have left all four bodies behind. (Membata)

Two days after that, Lance heard from Larry that the zodiac raft had left. Larry told him to get a spot on the next trip, if he was upset. Lance said he was going to get a spot on the second trip. Chris overheard Lance's statement and criticized him, saying that he didn't care about Doug as much as he claimed. Later that day, Lance, Richard, Howard, and Verena saw the smoke rising from the wreckage of the freighter. Suddenly, they heard the chopper coming closer. As they watched it draw closer, the sky began to light up. (Membata)

Season 5

After the light cleared, Lance noticed that the chopper was gone. He found out, soon after, that the camp was gone. (Ageless) After two more flashes of light, in anticipation of what was happening to them, Verena gave Lance a gun to help keep him safe. After another flash of light, in fear of what was happening, Lance got in an argument with Chris about their chance of survival. Chris claimed that Lance was just upset with Howard still, for not bringing Doug's body back from the Barracks. That night, he narrowly avoided being hit with a flaming arrow as he ran from the beach. (Just Survive) The next morning, Lance went to the creek with Faraday, Charlotte, Miles, and Jeff. After arriving, Lance and Jeff accidentally tripped bombs and were killed. However, twenty-one minutes later, Andrew injected them with his blood, bringing them back to life. (Faulty Memory)

A few flashes later, immediately after the light cleared, Andrew began running through the jungle with Lance and Jeff right behind him, because Andrew said someone needed their help. Eventually, they found Elliot, Larry, and some other near the Pearl Station, gathered around Dexter's dead body, which Andrew then revived. It was then that Lance reunited with his girlfriend, Nancy, who he had assumed was dead. Later on, that night, Zander, Ryder, and Howard found them. Lance was surprised to be reunited with his brother. (Family Matters) The next morning, after hearing the monster, Lance ran into the jungle with Zander and Nancy. (Conditional) At some point before this, Lance asked Dexter to do a favor for him off the Island, regarding his family. (Central Park)

After several more flashes, Lance, Zander, and Nancy found Jeff, Janelle, and Larry. Then the group of six saw a giant statue in the distance. Then the ground began shaking and the sky lit up again. (The Dreamer)

A few hours after the flashes ended, Lance heard Marc talking to another Hostile about two of their people being killed. (The Dreamer) A week later, Lance, Nancy, Jeff, Janelle, Zander, and Larry talked about finding their people and eventually split up to look for their friends. Lance went with Zander and Nancy. Later that day, they found the beach adjacent to the Hydra Island. Soon after, they encountered Oscar, Dieter, and Elliot who had been running from some DHARMA shooters. (Tales from the Tail) About a week later, while at the beach, the group heard some DHARMA gunmen nearby. Lance ran into the jungle with Nancy and Oscar to escape them. (The Angel) About a week after that, Lance, Nancy, and Oscar were found by Larry in the jungle and taken to the Barracks. On the way to the Barracks, Larry explained the cover story they'd created and the situation Howard, Ariel, Chris, and Ryder were in. (That's a Maybe) Two days later, Lance met with his fellow time travelers to discuss finding the rest of their people, including Lance's brother, Zander. The next day, Lance waited by the Processing Center, after Ariel found Zander, and was the first to greet him when he arrived. (That's a Maybe) Four days later, Lance overheard Zander and Nancy talking about the Phoenix Project. After pressing them for information, they told him what they knew about the project. (Burning Heart)

Two years after joining DHARMA, Lance and the other time traveling survivors recorded a video for their friends in the future. Lance spoke during the introduction to the video. (Time Capsule) Later that day, Lance left the video time capsule by the lagoon and, while he was there, he found Craig's body. He buried it about a mile from the Staff Station. When he returned to the Barracks, later that day, Lance told Larry about finding Craig's body and offered to take him to it. (Heroes) The next day, Lance asked Micah about the Phoenix Project, but received no answers, just as his brother had predicted. (Burning Heart)

One day, about a year later, Lance tried to cook dinner for Nancy, but ended up burning it. The next day, he went to the processing center to greet the new recruits with Nancy, Dieter, and Jeff. While there, Lance saw Sawyer arrive with Hurley, Jack, and Kate. Soon after, he saw Phil and Pierre talk to Kate and Jack, respectively. A day after that, Lance tried to help console Janelle after Larry's death, but was unsuccessful. (Brothers in Arms) That night, Lance, Nancy, and Zander helped clean up after an incident involving a flaming van. They talked about why anyone in DHARMA would help their prisoner escape. Zander suggested that maybe it was one of the time travelers, who knew Sayid wasn't a Hostile, but Lance guessed that someone might have found out about the Phoenix Project. Despite his brother's warnings, Lance and Nancy decided to try to sabotage the Phoenix Project in order to change history. The next day, they put their plan into action, but while Nancy was downstairs at the Phoenix Project, Lance was killed by Paul Stevens. (Burning Heart)


Because of Lance and Nancy's attempted sabotage of the Phoenix Project, members of the project began going after their friends, who were forced to flee from the Barracks. (Some Starless Night) (The Day After Tomorrow)

Alternate Timeline

Flash-sideways Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 lands at LAX)

After getting off the plane in Los Angeles, Lance was seen by Elliot to be arguing with his brother, Zander, because Zander wouldn't talk to their dad. A few minutes later, Lance saved Elliot from an attacker. Finding out why Elliot had been attacked, Lance offered to help get the story about Savo out. They went to the newspaper and got Elliot's story into printing. After the story was into printing, Lance and Elliot went to Lance's home, where Elliot met Lance's mother, Julia. The next day, Lance and Elliot saw a news report about Savo being arrested. The next day, Lance took Elliot to the airport, where they heard about Lisa's body being found. (Score to Settle)


  • He was the tenth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the eleventh main character to die in Lost 4Ever.

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