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James Daniel Reeves is one of the background tail section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and one of the background survivors of Ajira Flight 316. His character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. However, he was mentioned in "The Other 48 Days" after being captured by the Others. He was born with a serotonin disorder, causing him to suffer from depression. In high school, he was friends with Amon and Eddie. He later dated Joanna and was friends with Janelle. After Joanna refused his engagement proposal, they broke up. Jim later fatefully ended up on the same plane as Janelle, Amon, and Joanna, though he never saw any of them on the Island. He survived for 100 days on the Island before the time flashes started. After more than ten flashes, Jim escaped the Island, along with five others, on the Via Domus. After escaping the Island, Jim reunited with his brother. After almost two years away from the Island, Jim decided to board Ajira Airways Flight 316 in hopes of returning to the Island. He was last seen on the main Island near the four-toed statue.

Before the Crash

Early Life

Jim was born with a serotonin disorder, causing him to suffer from depression. He often refered to his disorder as his "condition". (Conditional)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

He became friends with Eddie and Amon Jefferson during his freshman year of high school. (Sibling Rivalry) A couple years later, he spent a week in the hospital because of his condition. (Not Okay) Later, after they'd graduated, he attended Amon and Rachel's wedding reception. At the reception, Amon took Jim aside and asked if his "condition" was acting up. (Conditional)

Relationship with Joanna

While going for a run one day, Jim met Joanna at the park. She was reading "Lord of the Flies" for a class she was taking. Jim took this opportunity to ask Joanna out on a date. (Conditional) Later, Jim introduced Janelle to Joanna. Janelle only agreed to meet Joanna because of a "condition" that Jim had, but she ended up becoming good friends with Joanna anyway. (Second Trimester)

In November of 1996, Jim found Andrew being mugged in an alley in Los Angeles. After getting someone to call the police, Jim tried to save Andrew, but instead was stabbed in the leg. The next day, Joanna visited him and called him a hero for what he did the day before. (Ageless)

After two years of dating Joanna, Jim decided to propose to her. She declined and he took it personally, thinking she said it because of his "condition". He left in rage, causing them to break up. (Conditional)

After Breaking Up with Joanna

Shortly after the breakup, Jim quit his job and moved to San Diego to get away from her. While packing, his brother visited him and, getting irritated with him, Jim yelled at his brother and told him that he was an accident. (Not Okay)

During a visit to Los Angeles, Jim told Eddie that his uncle wanted to hire him, because he was starting a company and needed someone with a mechanical engineering degree. Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call from Amon telling them that Rachel had gone into labor. (Sibling Rivalry)

About three years later, at Jim's request, Blake came to visit him in San Diego for a week. Despite Jim's best attempt to rebuild his relationship with his brother, Blake refused to forgive Jim for what he'd said, three years before. (Not Okay)

Years after his break up with Joanna, Jim flew to Sydney to help Jerome pack, as he was about to move to California to go to school. When Jim arrived in Sydney, Jerome's cousin, Murphy, picked him up from the airport. (Passed Away) Jim was later seen at the Sydney airport with Jerome. (Gate 23)

On the Island

During the first night on the Island, Jim was woken up at by Eko's efforts to escape from some kidnappers and asked Eli what was going on, but found out nothing. (Felt So Real) Almost two weeks later, Jim was captured with eight other tail survivors on this night by the Others.
Ep3x02-Sawyer's Cage

Jim was held in this cage with Zander, Eli, Zack, Josh, and Morris.

The next day, Jim woke up in one of the cages at the Hydra station. As one of the Others opened the cage to let Eli out, Jim twitched to make a run for it, but changed his mind. (Dream a Little Dream) After a couple days in the Hydra Station cages, Richard Alpert let Jim out and talked to him in Ben's office and told him that the Island healed Jim's serotonin disorder. (Conditional) A few days later, Jim moved into the Barracks and joined the Others. (We're the Good Guys)

Months later, after remembering who Amon was, Ryder asked Jim for some assistance in helping him. (Reading Lips) The next day, Jim got Howard and Amon's files to give Ryder some assistance in helping Amon. He offered to take the fall if someone found out what they were doing. (Tales from the Tail)

Season 3 (Days 69-91)

Jim got in a fight with Sawyer at the Hydra quarry. (Pinky Swear) Weeks later, Jim offered to help Ryder with his bags as they trekked through the jungle. (Careful What You Wish For) After the failed raid on the survivors' camp, Jim headed towards the Temple with the rest of his people. (The Future)

Season 4 (Day 100)

Shortly after Locke joined the Others' camp, Jim was taken by Dieter into the jungle. He saw the sky light up. (Ageless)

Season 5

Jim was in a short daze after the light cleared. (Ageless) After two more flashes of light, Nancy suggested going to the beach to see if they needed help. Jim nodded in agreement of her suggestion. In the night, after another flash of light, Jim's group ran into Howard and Verena, who had narrowly escaped the beach camp. (Just Survive) After the group encountered them, Jim listened while Andrew suggested that they get some rest. After Marc, Nancy, and Ariel got captured, Ryder, Howard, and Zander decided to save them. Jim, Eli, Verena, and Dawn went to find Verena's people after parting with Ryder, Howard, and Zander. The sky lit up shortly after. (Faulty Memory) On the way to the beach, Jim told Verena that her mom was alive and her cancer was gone. (Reading Lips) After two more flashes, Jim asked Verena the status of Joanna, Janelle, and Jerome. (Family Matters)

After Elliot, Ariel, Oscar, and Ryder arrived at the beach, the group discussed what to do next. When a group of DHARMA gunmen showed up at the beach, Jim ran into the jungle with Verena, Dawn, and Chris.

Jim narrowly avoided a confrontation with the monster.

He encountered the monster which narrowly missed Dawn. While rushing his group along, the sky lit up again. After the sky cleared, Jim, along with Elliot, Dawn, Dieter, Chris, Verena, and Craig, met up with Dexter, Andrew, and Marc at the Lagoon. Then the sky lit up again. Jim listened to Andrew have a rushed conversation with Ethan before the sky lit up again. Jim noticed that the Via Domus had disappeared. The sky lit up again right away. Jim ran over to Dawn after she passed out, right after the flash. He stayed behind at the dock when Dieter, Chris, and Elliot left to help Ariel. He stood in terror when the DHARMA gunmen started to attack. Luckily, the sky lit up again soon after. After realizing the Via Domus was back, Jim helped Dexter carry Dawn onto the boat, before leaving the Island right away. (Conditional)

After the Island

Season 5

After a week on the Via Domus, Dexter began to get irritable and Jim told him to calm down. Luckily, the group found land soon after. They went to Wal-Mart so that each of them could get a new set of clothes. After Andrew paid for the clothes, he showed them a newspaper showing Hurley being arrested. Their next stop was a butcher's shop where Jill gave them fake passports, giving each of them a new identity. After she explained the Oceanic 6's cover story, Dawn brought up the topic of seeing her family, which Marc immediately opposed. Jim, Dexter, and Verena, however, were in favor of the idea. Andrew told them to be careful and not tell too many people that they were alive. Later that day, Jim tried to call his brother, but was not allowed to make the call on a payphone. After failing to remember his parents' phone number, Jim bought a plane ticket to Sydney, for a couple months later, to visit his high school friend, Eddie Jefferson. (Home Sweet Home) The next day, Jim visited Andrew to get some help, since he had nowhere to stay. Andrew gave him the address of Kristi Cullen, who was Blake's mother-in-law. A day later, Jim found Kristi's house and explained who he was and Kristi revealed that she had "seen" him after the crash. (Tales from the Tail)

While staying with Kristi, Jim told her about the flashes and about George's death. (One More Time) About two months later, Jim left Kristi's home and boarded his plane for Sydney to see Eddie. (Tales from the Tail) Two days later, Jim visited Eddie and told him that six of them had escaped the Island. (Faulty Memory) The next day, Eddie took Jim to see his brother, Blake. When he arrived, Jim found out that Blake’s wife, Cynthia, was pregnant. (Wonderwall) A few days later, Jim told his brother that his condition had been healed on the Island. (Not Okay)

After the baby was born, Blake told Jim that they were naming it George Scott Reeves, after Cynthia’s father. (Wonderwall) Months later, Blake was taking care of his son when he found Jim in the kitchen. Blake could tell something was wrong with Jim, despite his insistence that he was fine. Soon after, Blake had Eddie talk to Jim to find out what was wrong. (Not Okay) Jim told Eddie that his serotonin disorder had returned and that, eventually, he'd have to go back to the Island. Eddie promised that when that time came, he would go with Jim to the airport if he had to. (Sibling Rivalry) Blake noticed that Jim still hadn't fully unpacked his suitcase. Jim explained that he was going to go back to the Island eventually and he needed to be able to leave quickly. (The Prestige)

In early 2008, Marc called Blake's house looking for Jim. Initially, Blake got defensive, worried that someone knew Jim was alive, but Marc quickly explained that he had left the Island with Jim. After Jim was given the phone, Marc explained that he had to get to Los Angeles so that they could leave for the Island at any moment. (The Prestige) Two days later, Jim said goodbye to Blake and Cynthia. (Not Okay) Later that day, he flew to Los Angeles with Eddie. While waiting for their plane to leave, they saw Jack, who was boarding the same plane as them. Two days later, at a hotel in Los Angeles, Jim and Eddie saw a news report about Hurley's escape from Santa Rosa. (The Prestige)

A couple days later, Jim got a text message from Andrew about going back. He went outside the motel room to call Andrew. After half an hour, Eddie went to check on Jim and found him unconscious. Not knowing what to do, Eddie left him unconscious in the room until the next morning. After deciding to read the text from Andrew, Eddie found out that Jim's flight left in a couple hours. Frantically, he tried to wake Jim up. Finally, it worked. (Sibling Rivalry) After he was finally awake, Eddie told Jim about Flight 316 leaving shortly. As quick as they could, they got Jim to the airport. (Flash of Light)

Later that day, Jim saw Verena in front of him in line at the airport. He offered his condolenscences to her about her mother, who he heard had died. Then they saw Caesar and Jack by the counter. (The Prestige) In the waiting room before boarding the plane, Jim talked to Sam, who was nervous about the flight. During their conversation, Sam mentioned that Sonya had been on Flight 815 and Jim said he had briefly known her. (Two Pieces) Later, Jim saw Dexter and Daisy when they boarded Flight 316. Later, as the plane hit turbulence, Jim began holding onto his armrests, in anticipation of what was to come. (The Prestige)

On the Island Again

Season 5 (Days 1-5)

After a crashlanding on the Hydra Island, Jim helped Verena out of her seat. Later that day, he saw Caesar and Frank arguing about what they should do next. (The Angel) The next morning, Jim showed his friends where an outrigger was hidden. Jim took the outrigger to the lagoon on the main Island with Marc, Dexter, and Verena, where they made camp for the night. The next morning, they found Howard's camera, buried in the ground. On the camera was a video message from their friends. While watching the video, Jim smiled when he saw Janelle. The next day, Jim took the outrigger back towards the Hydra Island to get his friends. (Time Capsule)

He arrived at the Hydra Island later that day and took Andrew, Derek, Daisy, and Dawn to the barracks in the outrigger. After arriving at the Barracks, at night, Jim went to Marc's house with Daisy to check to see if they were still at the Barracks. Inside the house, Jim found a note from Marc saying that they were heading to the beach. The next morning, Jim was with Dawn, Derek, and Daisy when Dawn found Tracy's body. (The Kite Runner)

After Dawn found the bodies, Jim noticed that one of them was Jerome. He suggested that they bury the three bodies, out of respect. Soon after, Jim watched as Andrew radioed Marc and then he left for the four-toed statue with the group. Just before leaving, Jim saw a weird look in Andrew's eyes. He asked if Andrew was okay and he lied, saying he was. On their way to the statue, Jim listened to Andrew as he explained to Daisy why he didn't want to be immortal. Later, the group arrived at the statue and reunited with Marc, Verena, and Dexter. Around that time, Ilana and her group arrived and revealed Locke's corpse to the crowd. (Tuck Everlasting)

At that time, Jim asked Dexter for a gun and then he realized that Marc and Andrew had disappeared. He went into the jungle to look for them and found them face to face with Tyson. Hearing Tyson's plan to kill them, Jim shot Tyson. To their surprise, Tyson healed from the gunshot wound right away. Just then, Sam stumbled upon them and asked Tyson for an explanation. Tyson repeated his promise to show Sonya's greave to Sam. Not trusting Tyson, Jim told Sam that he knew where to find Sonya's grave, because he'd dug it. At that moment, Sam asked Jim where the grave was. To their horror, Tyson took Sam in a headlock and pointed a gun at his head. (Flash of Light)


  • He was the twenty-third character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the first character to have a flashforward in Lost 4Ever.

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