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Janelle Granger is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and one of the background DHARMA Initiative members. Her character is not featured on the show, but is depicted in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. She also wrote the Season 1 diary and appeared in the novel entitled Secret Identity. She lived for a few years without her father, because he'd had an affair. Later, her mom permitted him to return. When she was older, she moved to Los Angeles and learned to surf. She became friends with Joanna and Jim. In the years prior to Flight 815, she was assaulted twice. With the settlement from one assault, Janelle traveled to Australia with Joanna to go scuba diving on the reef. Their return flight, Flight 815, crashed on the Island. While on the Island, Janelle kept a diary of the happenings. She survived through the time flashes and joined DHARMA along with several other survivors. She was forced to flee the Barracks with several others after a failed break-in on the Phoenix Project. She was last seen outside the Swan construction site with Ariel, Sally, Steve, and Simon.

Before the Crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

Growing Up

When Janelle was about ten-years-old, her father was kicked out of the house, by her mother, for having an affair, which resulted in him having a son with another woman. Years later, her mom permitted him to return to live with the family. (The Answer)

Meeting Joanna

Early in 1995, Jim, one of Janelle's coworkers, introduced her to Joanna, who he was dating. (Conditional) Janelle only agreed to meet Joanna because she felt "guilt-tripped" into it because of Jim's "condition". However, she later told her sister that she liked Joanna anyway. (Second Trimester)

Trip to England

In February of 1996, Janelle took a vacation to England, where she saw a man playing guitar on the street corner. While there, she met a street photographer who offered to take her picture, which he did a few days later. (By the Book)

Incident in Louisiana

In December of 2001, Janelle was visiting her parents in Louisiana. While going for a walk one day, she was the victim of an attempted rape. Fortunately, she was rescued by an unknown person. As a result of the attack, she spent a week in the hospital before testifying against her attacker in court. (Just Survive)

Half a year later, Janelle attended her sister's wedding. At the reception, Christine offered to set Janelle up on a date with Chris, Mitch's cousin, but Janelle declined the offer. (The Answer)

Her Second Assault


After her two assaults, Janelle never felt safe without a gun.

After being nicotine-free for one month, Janelle planned a party to celebrate. When she returned to her apartment that night, she was mugged. After defending herself, the mugger shot her in the arm and kicked her in the face and in the chest. He was running away when the police showed up. Joanna ran over to Janelle and consoled her. (Language Barrier) Shortly after his arrest, the mugger escaped custody. (Settlement) A month after the attack, Janelle was at the mall with her sister, when Christine noticed that Janelle had her gun with her. She asked Janelle about it and Janelle explained that after what happened to her a month before and what happened to her in Louisiana, she didn't feel safe anymore. (Dive Bag) Almost a year after the mugger escaped, he was caught again and Janelle got a settlement from her attack. She decided to use her settlement to pay for a trip to Australia. (Settlement) She originally planned to take her sister, Christine, with her, but couldn't because Christine was pregnant. (Second Trimester) Instead, Janelle went with Joanna, leaving her dog with Christine while she was gone. Christine and Mitch came to the airport to see Janelle and Joanna on the day of their departure. (Dive Bag)

Janelle saw Eko shouting at Charlotte Malkin at the airport.

After a day of surfing in Sydney, Joanna felt a pain in her ear and went to get it checked, only to find out she had an ear infection. Because it meant should couldn't go surfing or scuba diving, Joanna said they needed to head home. On their last night in Sydney, Janelle got some coffee from the hotel restaurant, where she met Dr. Alpert, who knew she was headed to Los Angeles. Before she could how he knew her destination, he was gone. (Settlement)

Shortly before leaving the hotel on the day of their departure, Janelle packed her gun in her dive bag. (Membata) Later, at the airport, Janelle and Joanna talked about whether they should leave already. After hearing Eko yell at Charlotte Malkin, Janelle wondered, vaguely, how her sister was doing with her dog. (Gate 23)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 2-44)


Janelle was horrified when she realized Joanna had been swept out to sea.

The day after the crash, Janelle met Dexter. (Secret Identity) That night, Janelle tried to comfort Joanna who thought that the group with the transceiver would not come back alive. (Break a Leg) The next morning, Dexter consoled her, at Jack's request, because she was over-stressed. (Secret Identity) The next day, Janelle talked to Dexter again. She told him that the recent events were overwhelming her. Then Dexter asked if she had any siblings. She told him about her sister and her brother. Dexter told her that he didn't have any siblings. (Family Matters) Two days later, Janelle was horrified when Joanna was caught by a rip-tide and ended up drowning. (See the World) Three days after that, Larry asked Janelle on a date, but Janelle laughed and ridiculed him, thinking the idea was ridiculous. (That's a Maybe)
Jack Sayid dragging luggage

While moving up the beach, Janelle lost her dive bag.

More than a week later, at the caves, Janelle talked to Verena about Claire's disappearance. The next day, while moving up the beach, Janelle lost track of her dive bag. Larry had taken it. He refused to return it, but then Amon intervened and punched Larry in the face, retrieving it for Janelle. Later that day, Janelle went for a run and had a rest at the golf course. She fell asleep and woke up when it was dark. She heard whispers and ran back to the beach as quick as she could. The next day, after going for a swim, Janelle was asked by Howard if she'd seen Verena and Janelle told him that she'd seen Verena heading to the caves with Faith. (Camera Case)

During a morning run, Janelle found Scott's body.

Four days later, Janelle saw Locke teaching Walt to throw knives. The next day, Janelle saw Charlie punch Sawyer in the arm. She went for a run soon after. While running through the jungle, she came across Amon and brought him back to the beach. She was at the caves that night after Locke found Claire. (Tryouts) The next morning, Janelle, Sophia, and Verena talked about Claire's amnesia. A day later, during her daily morning run, Janelle tripped over something. She was horrified to see that she had tripped over Scott's body. The next day, Janelle wrote it her diary and talked to Verena, saying that she didn't know why Charlie felt guilty about killing Ethan. (Life Support) Two days later, Janelle saw Jin yelling at Sun for wearing a bikini. She went for a run later that day. That night, she saw Walt with matches.

Janelle and Richard followed Locke and Boone out to the hatch.

The next day, Janelle listened to Locke's speech about the Others after Sun defended Jin in English. (Language Barrier) A day later, while out for a swim, Janelle realized that Boone and Locke hadn't brought any boar meat back lately. She decided to follow them the next day. The next morning, about to leave for her routine run, Janelle was met by Richard who wanted to go for a run with her. Together, they followed Locke and Boone into the jungle and saw the hatch. The next day, Larry hit on Janelle, but Richard intervened, making fun of Larry's idea to take Janelle on a date. Two days later, Janelle confronted Richard about why he stuttered and, eventually, Richard told her the truth, that he was mute before the crash. (Volume)

A few days later, after Locke left the injured Boone at the caves, Janelle followed him back to the hatch. (Gate 23) Three days later, Jack told Janelle, Verena, Faith, and Sophia to go to the caves and wait until he got back. Later that day, Janelle put her address in the message bottle. That night, instead of going to the caves, Janelle stayed at the beach with Verena, Larry, Jerome, and Howard. Later that night, when it was dark, their fire went out and the group heard whispers. Throughout the chaos, Janelle worried about where her dive bag was. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

After lighting some torches, Janelle, Jerome, Larry, Verena, and Howard went to the caves to reunite with their friends. The next day, after another one of his disappearances, Janelle went to look for Amon with Sophia. While venting her frustration with Amon, Janelle and Sophia heard whispers. Janelle got confused when Sophia began yelling for her mother, who she was seeing visions of. Instead of helping Sophia, Janelle went back to the beach, leaving Sophia to look for her mother. (Ashes to Ashley)

A few days later, Janelle told Howard that Amon was back. (Complications) Four days later, after Lance, Amon, and Howard failed to return, Janelle took her gun out of her dive bag and accompanied Sophia into the jungle to look for them. Soon after, they heard whispers and then they saw Andrew. Before long, they heard the monster, which gave Andrew time to leave. Confused, Janelle asked Sophia who he was. While walking through the jungle, Janelle recalled what Rose had told her about Sophia, right after the crash. A day later, they found Lance, Amon, and Howard in the jungle.

Janelle saw Danielle arrive at the beach camp at night.

The group of five headed towards the beach. The five arrived at the beach and were met by Verena. The group of six went to the Swan Station and talked about how they had obtained their guns. They decided to keep their guns in Howard's tent. (A Friend Indeed) A couple days later, Janelle talked with Richard and Craig about Sun getting attacked, which happened earlier that day. The next day, while going through her bag, Janelle realized that her diary was missing. (Let It Go) That night, Janelle woke up to Aaron's screaming. She saw Danielle approach Claire soon after.

Looking for her diary, Janelle went through Sawyer's stash.

The next day, while eating some fish, Faith stopped to talk to Janelle. She'd heard that Janelle was missing her diary and suggested that maybe Sawyer had it. Soon after, Verena showed up and told them to meet at the kitchen tent. A few minutes later, Janelle and Faith met up with Verena, George, Dexter, Howard, and Sophia at the kitchen tent, because Amon had disappeared again. Howard, Verena, and Sophia told the group what they had pieced together ever since Amon's first disappearance. The group's concensus was to wait for Amon to return on his own and interrogate him about his disappearances. (Settlement)

Amon took Janelle and Howard to the Tempest Station.

Following Faith's suggestion, Janelle confronted Sawyer about her diary, a day later, but he replied that he didn't have it. In his annoyance, he let Janelle search his tent for it. Instead of finding her diary, Janelle found and took a gun and some aspirin. (Just Survive) A few days later, after getting Amon to agree to take him to where he'd first seen the Others, Howard recruited Janelle to go with them. A day later, they arrived at the Tempest Station. Howard was infuriated when he found out that Amon knew the Others controlled the Tempest Station and demanded the truth from Amon, holding a gun to his throat. (My Brother's Keeper) At Howard's threat, Amon began remembering his captures, so he took Janelle and Howard to find the station he had been held at. Early the next morning, Janelle, Amon, and Howard came across the Others' camp. They decided to try to find a way around it. After Amon told Howard and Janelle about one of his newly recovered memories, one of the Others tried to kill them, but Howard killed him first. The group of three ran through the jungle to escape, but Amon tripped. Janelle wanted to help Amon, but Howard said to leave him behind. Just then, Ryder intervened, telling them that Amon was telling the truth. (I Was There) Ryder took Janelle, Howard, and Amon toward the Staff Station and, after arriving there, Ryder explained to Janelle, Howard, and Amon what had happened to him since the crash up until seeing Amon on the Island for the first time. When Janelle, Howard, and Amon returned to the beach, after parting with Ryder, Verena told them about Libby and Ana Lucia's deaths and about Desmond's arrival. (We're the Good Guys)

Season 3 (Days 68-90)

Buried nikki paulo 3x14

Janelle found Chris' brother buried on the beach.

The day after the discharge, Janelle saw Chris on the beach and, after he left, she saw that he had left something in the sand. She picked it up and found out it was her diary. Later that day, she saw Locke making his sweat hut. Later that day, Janelle greeted Locke and Charlie when they returned to the beach with Eko. The next day, Janelle asked Amon and Howard if they knew anything about Chris, but only found out that he spent a lot of time by Boone Hill. Soon after, Janelle visited Boone Hill and found that Chris' brother was buried there. (Pinky Swear) A few days later, Janelle saw Desmond run out of the jungle and dive into the water to save Claire from drowning. She likened the incident to Joanna's death. (Moment of Distraction) The next day, Janelle renewed her commitment to stay fit, in case the Others showed up. After going for a swim, Janelle talked to Faith about where people had gone. Janelle showed Faith their gun stash and found that some of their people were unarmed. Later that day, Janelle confronted Chris about having her diary and not telling her. (By the Book)

A couple days later, Janelle heard Hurley yelling about a van he'd found. Later that day, Chris sat down by Janelle on the beach and opened up to her. He told her about his brother's death and about thinking his brother had been locked in the hatch. To really start their friendship, Chris asked Janelle what her credit card bill had been for, that she mentioned in her diary, and she explained that it had been for a vacation she'd taken. (By the Book) Later that day, Larry, Craig, and Richard returned to the beach. Larry talked to Janelle and showed her the DHARMA books they'd found at the Flame. Soon after, Janelle told Verena about what Larry, Craig, and Richard had found. (Crime Scene)

The next day, Larry went fishing with Janelle and offered to just be her friend, instead of always hitting on her. Later that day, Elliot told them about Hurley's ping-pong match against Sawyer, which they decided to watch. (Crime Scene) A couple days later, after seeing Amon lying in the sand, Janelle knew immediately that he was having more memory flashes. (Memory Lapse)

About a week later, Janelle talked to Sophia and Faith about if they could trust Juliet. Because she knew what the Others did to Amon, Janelle believed they couldn't trust her. (Careful What You Wish For) Two days later, Larry told Janelle about Naomi and that they could be getting off the Island soon. Janelle told him that she would celebrate when they were home. (Family Roots) The next day, while leaving the beach for the radio tower, Janelle got angry at Larry for trying to help her, because she misinterpreted his motives. (Just Survive)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

At the radio tower, soon after Jack's call to the freighter, Janelle told Dexter that she was excited to leave the Island because she could then see her sister, who she figured had had her baby. That night, when the camp split, Janelle went with Jack. (Choose Your Battles) About two days later, after Juliet and Jack returned to the beach with Faraday and Charlotte, Janelle apologized to Juliet about being so cold to her. Juliet reciprocated by telling Janelle that Christine had given birth to twins almost two months previous. (Just Survive) Two days later, Larry gave Janelle a necklace from the luggage for Christmas. She thanked him with a kiss on the cheek. (The Kahana)

The next day, Amon noticed Janelle wearing the necklace that Larry had given her. He realized it was the necklace that had previously belonged to his wife. Janelle offered to give it back to him, but Amon insisted that she keep it. Then Janelle asked Amon why he chose to go with Jack during the split. He explained that he wanted to get back to his sons. He asked the same question to Janelle. She explained that she wanted to get back to her sister, who had given birth to twins. Then George, Dexter, and Jeff found them talking. George and Dexter explained their reasons for joining Jack. When Jeff was asked about his choice, Janelle noticed Sun going through Juliet's tent, taking attention away from Jeff. (In Your Dreams)

A few days later, Janelle was woken up at night by the sound of the helicopter. Then she saw something fall from the chopper and knock down Claire's tent. The next day, along with Faraday, Elliot, Neil, Craig, and Steve, Janelle went on the second trip on the zodiac raft to the freighter. (Membata) On the raft, after seeing the wreckage of the freighter, Janelle and Craig exchanged worried looks. Just then, the sky lit up. (Ageless)

Season 5

Shortly after the light cleared, Faraday turned the zodiac raft around, taking the group back to the Island. (That's a Maybe) Janelle returned to the camp with Elliot, Steve, Craig, Faraday, and Neil after the sky cleared to find that their camp was missing. While Faraday tried to explain what was happening to Sawyer, Janelle noted to Verena that should couldn't understand what he was saying. She later helped try to start a fire. After another flash of light, Janelle was overjoyed to see that their camp was back. (Just Survive) Later, Larry offered his jacket to her, thinking she was cold, but she declined the offer. Just then, the sky lit up. (That's a Maybe)

After two more flashes of light, Janelle began to panic when their camp was still gone. That night, she was one of the survivors watching Bernard anxiously to see if he would start a fire. In the flaming arrow attack, Janelle tripped while running from the beach. She was helped up by Richard, who was hit immediately after. She was then rushed from the beach by Larry. (Just Survive) The next morning, Janelle and Larry found Elliot and Dexter. They listened to Elliot talk about his previous time travel experiences. After Elliot was done, the group encountered Oscar, who Dexter knew was a murderer. (The Inconstant) Oscar admitted to being a murderer and warned Janelle, Elliot, Dexter, and Larry against going to the creek. Instead, they headed towards the caves. Some time later, the sky lit up. (A Second Chance)

The light cleared and Larry suggested not going to the caves, in case they were in a time after the crash. Janelle dismissed Larry's idea, but the group continued on. (A Second Chance) After walking for a bit, Janelle saw Boone yelling to Locke from the beechcraft. Later that night, Janelle saw Elliot and Larry enter the Pearl Station. (Reading Lips) After another flash of light, Janelle and Dexter went looking in the jungle and found Nancy, Ariel, and Marc. Nancy figured out that Janelle and Dexter had been on Flight 815. Soon after, Susan and Peter found them and Susan thought Dexter had shot Marc and Ariel, so she shot Dexter just before the sky lit up. The sky cleared, leaving the group in the rain. As Peter tried to help Dexter, Susan apologized to Janelle for shooting Dexter, referring to him as her brother, a fact of which Janelle hadn't been aware. (Reading Lips) Susan laughed, after realizing that Janelle didn't know Dexter was her brother. In response, Janelle punched Susan in the face. Just then, Larry, Elliot, and Oscar showed up and saw Dexter's body. Janelle explained that Susan had shot him. Some time later, Janelle cried over Dexter's body and was soon forced to mourn his death. Not longer after, Andrew arrived with Lance and Jeff. Using his own blood, Andrew revived Dexter. Janelle hugged her brother in tears of happiness. Later, Dexter and Janelle talked about being brother and sister. Janelle told Dexter that their sister, Christine, had always wanted to meet Dexter. (Family Matters)

Later, after the sun had risen, Janelle heard the monster and ran off with Larry and Jeff, causing her to lose track of where Dexter was. (Conditional) After several more flashes, while looking for their people, Janelle, Larry, and Jeff found Nancy, Lance, and Zander. Just then, they saw a statue in the distance. Then the ground began to shake and the sky lit up. (The Dreamer)

Some time after the final flash, Janelle, Larry, Zander, Lance, Jeff, and Nancy saw Marc talking to one of his fellow Hostiles about two of their people being killed. (The Dreamer) A week later, after having no success finding their people, Janelle's group decided to split up. Janelle went with Larry and Jeff. (Tales from the Tail) Four days later, Janelle, Jeff, and Larry made camp at the caves and were able to get some sleep. Sometime during the night, Janelle started shivering and Larry put his jacket on her to keep her warm. (That's a Maybe) Two days later, Janelle, Larry, and Jeff heard Marc talking to another Hostile about a body they'd taken from DHARMA. Janelle told Larry that she recognized Marc from before. (Wonderwall) A few days later, while looking for her friends with Larry and Jeff, Janelle was hit in the neck with a tranquilizer and she passed out. After passing out, Larry tried to carry her to safety, but was hit with a tranquilizer as well. (The Angel)

Janelle woke up in a dark room with Larry, Jeff, and Eli. Together they formed a lie to tell the DHARMA Initiative to explain their appearance on the Island. After Jeff told their story to Micah, the group of four was allowed to join DHARMA. (The Angel) About a week later, Janelle met with her fellow time travelers at Chris and Ryder's house to discuss finding Susan, Peter, Dieter, Zander, and Elliot. A few days later, while taking a walk with Larry, Janelle encountered Juliet and learned that they had also lied their way into DHARMA. One night, a week later, Janelle fell asleep reading a novel. After Larry returned to the house, he pulled the covers over her and kissed her on the forehead, before heading to his own room. After the door closed, Janelle woke up. (That's a Maybe)

About two years later, when survivors recorded a message for their friends in the future, Janelle explained that the flashes had been over for two years. (Time Capsule)

One day, a year later, while sitting on a bench at the Barracks, Larry asked Janelle if they could ever be more than friends and Janelle said maybe. Just then, Sawyer showed up and asked them where Juliet was because Amy had gone into labor. (That's a Maybe) Later that day, Larry told Janelle that he was leaving for a bit with Chris. (Heroes) Two days later, Janelle ran over to Elliot and asked for his help in finding Larry and Chris, who hadn't returned. (A Second Chance) Just as Elliot was about to leave, they saw Chris returning and he told them that Larry was dead. Later that day, Lance, Nancy, Elliot, and Chris tried to console Janelle about Larry's death, but she just wanted to have some time alone. Later, Chris returned to try to help Janelle more, but before he could say much they started kissing. After realizing what was going on, Chris ran off. (Brothers in Arms)

Later, Nancy visited her. Janelle told her about kissing Chris. She expressed her confusion about why she kissed Chris, so soon after Larry's death. Nancy suggested that Janelle liked Chris in her heart, but her mind knew she should be mourning Larry's death. Nancy reminded her that Larry wanted her to be happy, even if it wasn't with him. That night, she visited Elliot and asked him how long it took him to get over Lisa's death. He tried to explain, but before he could finish, they saw a flaming bus crash into a house. (Burning Heart) The next day, From Oscar, Janelle found out where to find Chris. Oscar asked how she was doing, concerning Larry's death, and Janelle said she was doing better. (Burning Heart) Later that day, near the infirmary, Janelle ran over to Chris and asked why he was avoiding her. He apologized for kissing him, but she said she wasn't sorry. (Brothers in Arms) Just then, Clive and Tyson arrived and asked Chris if he'd seen Zander, but wouldn't tell them why they were looking for him. (Some Starless Night)

The next day, Janelle met with Ariel, Oscar, and Elliot to leave the Barracks, but when she found out that Ariel was in such a hurry to leave that she would leave Jeff and Chris behind, Janelle volunteered to go find them. Later, Janelle found Chris talking to Cassidy Bell. Janelle urged Chris to get going. Just then, Tyson and Craig showed up for Janelle. They killed Cassidy and tried to shoot Janelle, but Chris shot them before they could wound her. Then Chris and Janelle ran from the Barracks. (The Day After Tomorrow) Later, in the jungle, they were found by some DHARMA shooters. They were saved from the shooters by Simon and Morris, who recognized them from Flight 815. (The Kite Runner) The group of four traveled through the jungle aimlessly until they found five of their fellow survivors surrounded by Phoenix Project gunmen. Carefully, they killed the gunmen and saved their friends. Later that day, they found Howard, Ryder, and several others by the Swan Construction site. Moments after finding their friends, Micah appeared and threatened to kill their group. While Micah was distracted, Janelle escaped to the construction site with Sally, Ariel, Steve, and Simon. They arrived at the site just in time to see Jack drop the bomb down the shaft. Soon after, a magnetic force pulled their guns away from them and, soon after, they saw a bright white light. (Tuck Everlasting)


  • She was the sixth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • She was the tenth character to have a flashforward in Lost 4Ever.
  • Her niece was named after her. (Janelle Joanna Arthur)
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