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Howard Jonathan Zahn is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and one of the background DHARMA Initiative members. His character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815.

On the Island


About a year after his birth, Howard was taken from the Island.

Howard was born on the Island, but his mother died in childbirth. In her dying breath, she named him Howard Jonathan Zahn, after his father and her father. (Family Roots) After his birth, Howard was taken care of by Opal and Mike Nelson. Some time after his birth, Ryder, who had traveled back in time, suggested to Mike that they take baby Howard to an orphanage in England. (That's a Maybe) Some time within the next year, Howard was taken by Horace from Opal and Mike and away from the Island. (The Day After Tomorrow)

Off the Island

At the Orphanage

About a year after his birth, he was taken to an orphanage in Cambridge, England by Horace Goodspeed. (Family Roots)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

When he was ten-years-old, Phyllis Boyd, the woman who owned the orphanage, rescued him from Damon Cross and Tony Jameson, some bullies. (The Letter) Later that day, Phyllis told Howard that she knew his mother wasn't a prostitute, like Tony and Damon thought, because Horace had told her so. (The Day After Tomorrow)

Five years later, Ms. Boyd gave him a photo of his parents, which Horace had given her. (Family Roots) While Howard looked at the photo, later that day, his friend, Danny Johnson, saw him with the picture. Danny suggested that Howard's dad might be alive, since they'd never found him. The thought gave hope to Howard's mind. (The Day After Tomorrow)

Four years later, Howard left the orphanage. Before he left, Ms. Boyd gave him a camera, as a parting gift, and told him to come back and visit sometime. (The Letter)

As a Street Photographer


Howard took the photo of Desmond and Penny.

When he was twenty-two years old, Howard made a living by taking pictures of tourists, including Janelle. (By the Book) Howard took a picture of a man and a woman on the streets of London. (Picture Perfect) Shortly after taking their picture, an African American man gave him a list of people to talk to about DHARMA, including Widmore, Hanso, Mittelwerk, Paik, and Savo. (Family Roots)

Looking for DHARMA

A year after getting his list from Abaddon, Howard talked to Charles Widmore, who failed to give him any new information about DHARMA. (Family Roots) Widmore would later claim to have worked with Howard's mother, though this was a lie, since Widmore was on the Island until years after Candace's death. (Reading Lips) (Dead is Dead) It's likely he only said it, because Ryder had told him about that conversation in 1977. However, Widmore had known Marc, as they had both been with the Hostiles. (The Kite Runner)

A year later, Howard went to Copenhagen and talked to Thomas Mittelwerk, who also failed to give him any new information, though Howard suspected he was hiding something. (Family Roots) However, Mittelwerk had been told at one point that Marc had been asked, by his father, to shoot Candace. (The Kite Runner) About a year later, Howard flew to Norway and talked to Alvar Hanso, who told him that he had only met his parents once, the day they joined DHARMA. He also told Howard that his mother had been six-months-pregnant at the time. (Family Roots)

Howard photographed a band for their CD cover. Afterwards, he returned to his apartment. A woman called him and offered him a job with Oceanic Airlines, taking pictures of landmarks around the Pacific Rim. (Picture Perfect) He took the job, immediately because he knew it would get him to see Paik and Savo. (Family Roots)

Working for Oceanic

While in China, Howard got a call from Georgia Cavanagh, sending him to South Korea. While in South Korea, Howard went to see Mr. Paik, but got no answers from him. (Hostage Situation) However, Mr. Paik used to golf with Howard's grandfather. (Eye to Eye) After finishing up in Seoul, Howard was sent to Australia, the last location on the list Howard had obtained from Matthew Abaddon. (Hostage Situation)

Howard took pictures of Ayer's Rock and then headed toward Sydney. After arriving in Sydney, Howard drove to his hotel and saw a drunk man hit another man with his car door. The next day, after taking pictures of the Sydney Opera House, Howard got a call from Ms. Cavanagh, telling him that his next assignment was in Los Angeles. (Camera Case) The day before he left Australi, Howard arranged a meeting with Zoran Savo. Howard asked him about DHARMA and his parents, but got no answers. (Hostage Situation) However, Savo witheld the fact that he had been friends with Howard's father. (Faulty Memory) Later that day, after talking to Savo, Howard wrote a letter and mailed it to Ms. Boyd, telling her that he was going to visit soon. (The Letter)

The morning of his departure from Sydney, Howard was given his plane ticket by one of the hotel employees. As he left the hotel, Howard saw Michael and Walt arguing in the hallway. (Gate 23) At the airport, he put his camera in his suitcase, thinking it would be safer there. (Membata) On Flight 815, Howard got a drink from a flight attendant. Then he heard someone tapping their ring on the armrest. Shortly after, the man ran down the aisle bumping into a man in a suit. Howard took out a disposable camera to take a picture out the window. Suddenly, turbulence started, throwing people into the air. (Flight 815)

On the Island Again

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

112911 0138a pre

The first survivor Howard met was Hurley.

During the immediate aftermath of the crash, Howard passed out. He was woken up that night by Hurley, who gave him some food. Later, Verena gave him his camera, which had been found in the wreckage. He heard the monster in the jungle shortly after. Sometime, the next day, Howard adjusted his camera lens, preparing to take some pictures of the Island. Soon after, he got in an argument involving Sophia, Verena, Sawyer, Larry, and Arzt. The argument was broken up by Walt.

A mysterious picture of Christian Shephard was the first of many mysterious pictures that Howard took on the Island.

Later, Howard was taking pictures of the beach when he ended up with a mysterious photo of a man in a suit. Soon after, Verena showed up and told him about a trek to higher ground. They rushed to the makeshift camp in an attempt to join the trek, but the transceiver party was gone when they arrived. Shortly after returning to the camp, George approached them and told them about Faith saving his life. Then Howard took a picture of the plane wreckage which mysteriously had Dexter standing in it. (Flight 815) The next day, Howard followed Dexter into the jungle and saw Dexter having a hallucination involving Boone and Shannon. He got a picture of Dexter's hallucination as Dexter saw it. Following Dexter's epiphany after recovering his luggage, Howard looked at the photos he'd taken on the Island. The ones involving Dexter had changed to reflect what had actually been there. (Break a Leg)
Pilot Part 1 Pilot Dead

Howard, Verena, and Sophia saw the pilot's mangled body.

The next day, Verena, Howard, and Sophia went into the jungle to look for Amon, who had disappeared. While in the jungle, the group encountered the monster. Howard tried to get a picture of the monster, but was pulled away by Verena. After the monster disappeared, Howard, Verena, and Sophia found the pilot's body in a tree.

Howard found the Staff Station and realized that he'd finally found DHARMA.

The next day, Sophia, Howard, and Verena went into the jungle again and, while taking a break to eat some fruit, Howard found the Staff Station. (See the World) He compared the symbol on the Staff Station door to the symbol on the back of his photo. After realizing that it was indeed DHARMA's symbol, Howard realized he'd found DHARMA, after eight years of searching. (The Day After Tomorrow) The three saw a group of three Others leave the Staff Station shortly after. Once the Others were gone, Howard, Sophia, and Verena explored the Staff Station before going back to the beach. (See the World)

The next day, Howard saw Joanna drowning while talking to Verena and Sophia. Shortly after, they went into the jungle and found Amon. (See the World) They carried Amon back to the beach and looked for Jack to help Amon. That night, Howard listened to Jack's "live together, die alone" speech. The next day, Howard gave Amon some water and talked to him briefly after he woke up. Soon after, he saw Michael yelling at Jin, who was handcuffed to the plane wreckage. Later, he heard Arzt talking with Michael and Hurley about moving to the caves. The next day, Verena came running to the beach to tell Howard that Jack was trapped in a cave-in. Howard ran towards the caves to help him, but got lost along the way and found the hatch instead. (Picture Perfect)

The next day, Verena came to get Howard. They went into the jungle to find the Staff Station, in hopes of finding medicine for Shannon. Howard and Verena arrived at the Staff Station, a day later. After failing to find any medicine in the station, they heard some Others arrive at the station. They listened to the Others talk about someone who had told them about the survivors' camp. Verena and Howard returned to the beach, the next day, to find out that Sun had made a remedy for Shannon. Two days later, Howard went to the hatch and took pictures of it. On his way back to the caves, he encounted a woman and heard whispering, which prompted him to run faster. (Pre-Med) He went to the caves and told Verena about what he’d heard. (Mother’s Day)


Howard was one of the first survivors to find the Pearl Station.

Three days later, Hurley talked to Howard during his census. Later that day, after hearing about Ethan not being on the plane, Verena told Howard that Ethan must have attacked Claire. (Mother’s Day) Four days later, Howard went into the jungle to look for Claire and discovered the Pearl Station. He climbed into the station and fell asleep in one of the chairs that night. The next morning, Howard woke up suddenly at the Pearl and noticed Desmond on the Pearl Station monitor. Later, while walking through the jungle more, Howard noticed a trail of ash on the ground.
3x20 Jacobs House

Howard saw Ben at the cabin.

A little while later, Howard found an old cabin with a man inside. Howard took a picture of the man, who seemed to be talking to a chair, and after looking at the picture, Howard saw that someone was in the chair. Suddenly, something appeared in the window, scaring Howard away. Around noon, the next day, Howard arrived at the beach. From Janelle, he found out where Verena was. He ran off and showed her the picture from the cabin. However, soon after showing her the picture, George showed up and told them that Amon had run off into the jungle. (Camera Case)

Two days later, Howard talked to Faith and George about Amon's disappearance. Later that day, while looking for Amon, Howard heard the monster, but saw it nowhere nearby. Soon after, Howard took a picture of a stream. The picture had dead Shannon in it. Three days later, Sophia told Howard and Verena that Janelle had found Amon. After Amon woke up, Howard told Amon that with Claire missing he had to be more careful. (Tryouts) A few days later, Howard was at the golf course when Hurley tried to befriend Jin. The next day, Howard was amazed when Sun defended Jin in English. Soon after that, Howard heard Locke's speech about the Others. (Language Barrier) A few days later, Howard talked to Verena and Sophia about Amon's disappearances, mentioning what they'd overheard the Others say at the Staff Station. (Volume)\

A few days later, Howard took pictures of the hatch. The pictures had parts of Locke's dream in it. (Gate 23) Four days later, Howard helped launch the raft. He didn't put a message in the bottle, because he felt he didn't have any ties to anyone away from the Island. That night, Howard stayed at the beach with Jerome, Verena, Janelle, and Larry as everyone else went to the caves to hide from the Others. After it got dark, their fire went out and they heard whispers. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

After lighting some torches, Howard headed to the caves with Verena, Janelle, Larry, and Jerome. On the way to the caves, Howard took a picture of the trees and found Walt in the picture. The next day, Howard talked to Chris about the night before. After seeing that Chris wasn't paying attention, Howard walked away. Just then, Faith found him and told him that Amon had gone missing again. Soon after, Howard went to look for Amon with George. Instead of finding him, they found Desmond and followed him to his boat and saw him sail away. (Ashes to Ashley)

2x09 horse

Howard got a mysterious picture of Kate's horse.

A few days later, Howard took some pictures in the jungle. One of them had a black horse in it. Just then, Janelle found him and told him that Amon was back. After he returned to the beach, Verena requested that Howard find out if Amon had any kids. The next day, Howard talked to Amon about their lives before crashing on the Island. He discovered that Amon had two sons. (Complications) The next day, Howard was on shift at the hatch when Amon came to visit him, telling him about dreams he'd had since the crash and how worried he was. Howard assured him that everything would be okay. (Sibling Rivalry) He later told Verena and Sophia what he'd found out about Amon. Soon after telling them, Dexter told them about Michael running off to find Walt. Howard, Amon, and Lance decided to go after Michael. Instead of finding Michael, they found the Tempest Station. Inside the station, they found an armory and a bunch of DHARMA binders. (Complications)

The next morning, Howard, Amon, and Lance woke up in the Tempest Station. They took guns and binders with them. They almost ran into Juliet and Colleen as they left the station. The next day, on their way back to the beach, they found Janelle and Sophia who were looking for them. The group of five arrived at the beach a day later. They met up with Verena and went to the Swan Station where they talked about how they had obtained their guns. They decided to put their guns in Howard's tent. (A Friend Indeed) A few days later, Howard discovered that Amon was missing again and reported the news to Sophia and Verena. Soon after, he met at the kitchen tent with Verena, Janelle, Sophia, Dexter, Faith, and George. Howard, Sophia, and Verena told the group everything they'd pieced together since Amon's first disappearance and they decided to wait until Amon returned and then interrogate him. A day later, Howard assured Verena that Amon would return on his own, as always. Verena told Howard about seeing her husband in the jungle and about Sophia seeing her mother and her friend in the jungle. Just then, Bernard ran over and told them that Sun was pregnant. Soon after, Verena ran into the jungle and Howard followed after her, confused at her actions. (Settlement)


Howard was one of the survivors at the pallet drop.

Howard chased Verena through the jungle all night until they realized they were lost. They heard whispers and saw a teenage boy, who told them which way to go to find the beach. They arrived at the beach a day later. Upon their arrival, Howard and Verena found many of their fellow survivors heading to the pallet drop. At the pallet, Doug gave Howard some film for his camera. The next day, Howard saw Rose trying to give Hurley a box of cookies. Later that day, Sophia found Howard and told him that she'd found Amon and left him in the jungle. Howard grabbed some rope and one of their guns and headed toward the caves. (Big Scoop) Howard tied Amon up and when he woke up, Howard asked him questions about his disappearances, torturing him to try to force answers. Annoyed with a lack of answers, Howard held a gun to Amon's bare foot and demanded answers. Finally, Amon agreed to take Howard to where he'd first seen the Others. They went to the beach to get supplies and Howard recruited Janelle to go with them. While trekking through the jungle, Howard told Janelle that he was sure Amon was lying to them. When the group arrived at their intended destination, Howard was infuriated that Amon hadn't warned him and Lance that the station belonged to the Others. He held his gun to Amon's throat and demanded answers from him. (My Brother's Keeper) The threat started a process that got Amon to remember his captures. After Amon mentioned a station that he was kept at, Howard decided to find that station. They made camp at the shore near the Tempest that night. (I Was There)
Med station corridor2

Ryder explained his situation to Howard, Janelle, and Amon at the Staff Station.

The next morning, Howard, Amon, and Janelle continued trekking through the jungle and found the Others' camp. While trying to find a way around it, Amon recovered another memory and relayed it to Howard and Janelle. An Other that had been following them prepared to shoot Amon, but Howard killed the Others first. After taking the Other's gun and walkie, they ran through the jungle, but Amon tripped. Howard told Janelle to leave him, because he'd lied to them. Suddenly, Ryder intervened, using his knowlege of Howard to calm him, and told them that Amon hadn't been lying. Then he said that he had been at the airport and that the Others didn't have Amon's son. (I Was There) Ryder took Howard, Janelle, and Amon toward the Staff Station to talk. After arriving at the Staff Station, Ryder told them what had happened to him since the crash up until seeing Amon at the Hydra the first time. Then they parted ways. (We're the Good Guys) On their way back to the beach, Howard, Janelle, and Amon saw Eko climbing into the hatch. When they arrived at the beach, Verena told them about Ana Lucia and Libby's deaths and about Desmond's arrival. Later that day, Howard heard the noise from the discharge and saw Claire narrowly avoid getting hit by the hatch door. (We're the Good Guys)

Season 3 (Days 68-91)

3x12 ParAvion SonicBarrier

When they went to find Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, Howard's group encountered the sonic fence.

After Locke built his sweat lodge, Howard got a picture of Locke's hallucination of Boone. He greeted Desmond and Hurley when they returned from the jungle. (Pinky Swear) Two days later, Howard talked to Lance and Amon about going after Jack, Kate, and Sawyer with Dexter and George. Soon after, they saw Desmond constructing his lightning rod. (One Ambition) The next day, while walking through the jungle, Amon asked Howard why they were going to the Barracks. Howard said they were going to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. (The Future) Later, while taking a rest in the jungle, Howard took a picture of the trees, but a priest appeared in the photo. (One Ambition) A couple days later, Howard, Amon, Dexter, Lance, and George arrived at the sonic fence, but didn't pass through it because George thought they didn't look safe. Howard took a picture of the pylons and Libby appeared in the picture, as a nurse. (Moment of Distraction) A few days later, they saw the Others and Jack arrive at the fence. Howard managed to get a video of Juliet turning the fence off, giving him the pass code. Then they headed back toward the beach. (Crime Scene)

Howard saw Hurley and Sawyer play ping pong.

The next day, they arrived at the beach just in time to see Hurley play Sawyer at ping-pong. The next day, Howard told Verena about seeing Jack with the Others without a bag over his head. The next day, Howard looked at a photo of his parents, which had the Pearl Station logo on the back of it. (Crime Scene) A few days later, Howard didn't recognize Juliet when she arrived at the beach. Later, Howard talked to Jack about the Others leaving the Barracks. After being sure they were gone, Howard left for the Barracks with Amon, after telling Verena to radio him if anything major happened. (Vacation)

While trekking to the Barracks, Amon asked Howard why they were going to the Barracks again. Howard told him that he wanted answers. They arrived at the sonic fence the next day. Howard opened the video he'd taken of Juliet turning off the fence in order to know the code to turn off the fence. They got to the Barracks later that night. Howard found his parents' old house and slept on their porch swing. Amon woke Howard up in the morning. After he was awake, Amon asked Howard to, if he never got off the Island, to tell his brother, Eddie, to take care of his kids, because they wouldn't have any parents. Later that day, Howard searched for his file. When Amon asked him why he wanted a file about himself, Howard replied that he wanted to prove he was born on the Island and that he never wanted to leave it, which meant he couldn't talk to Amon's brother for him. Just then, Verena radioed them and told them not to go to the beach after they were done, because the Others were coming, but instead to go to the radio tower. They searched the Barracks for another day before he finally found his file, which proved that his parents had worked for DHARMA and that he had been born on the Island. Then Howard and Amon ran as fast as they could to the radio tower and arrived just in time to see Jack making the call to the freighter, which upset Howard, because he didn't want to leave his birthplace. (Family Roots)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

As everyone else got excited about going home, Howard lamented the situation, because he didn't want to leave, because the Island was his home. Because of that, he went with Locke when the group split that night. As Howard led Ben through the jungle, heading toward the Barracks, Ben told Howard that he'd seen him come to the radio tower just in time for the call to the freighter. He likened Howard to his father. (Choose Your Battles) Two days later, Howard asked Locke if he could speak with Ben and Locke asked him why. Howard explained to Locke that he had been born on the Island and Ben had known his parents, so he wanted to learn more about his parents. In response, Locke told Howard to give him a day to think about it. (Hardest Decision)

A few days later, Howard asked Doug if he'd gathered firewood for a hot dog roast they were going to have. During the attack on the Barracks, Howard took refuge in Faith and Tracy's house along with Faith, Steve, and Richard. Soon after, Howard went outside to find Sophia, who was hiding by Claire's house. As he ran towards Claire's house, Howard saw Claire's house blow up, with Sophia inside. Not able to see any bodies in the wreckage, Howard returned to Faith's house. (Class Newsletter) After seeing Sawyer retrieve Claire from the wreckage of the house, Howard gained hope, thinking that maybe Sophia was alive. That night, after hearing the monster, Howard, Steve, Richard, and Faith went outside, momentarily, before returning to the house. (Healing)

Shortly after midnight, Howard went to the wreckage of Claire's house and found Sophia's body. He returned to Faith's house with the body and suggested returning to the beach. While trekking through the jungle, they found the Arrow Station, where Steve and Richard stayed to rest, while Howard and Faith continued toward the beach. (Healing) They arrived at the beach, later that day, where Verena met up with them. Howard and Verena took Sophia's body into the jungle and buried it. He left his camera with Verena, not looking at it after his return from the Barracks. (Membata)

A couple days later, Howard saw Faraday return to the beach after taking a group of people to the freighter. Verena sat down by him and asked him why he wasn't rushing to get on the boat. He asked her the same question and she explained that she was worried about him. Howard told Verena that Sophia didn't deserve to die and explained to her that he had been born on the Island and didn't want to leave it, because it held answers about his past. Verena offered to stay, figuring that if her mom had lasted that long, she would survive a little longer. Later that day, Howard, Verena, Richard, and Lance saw the smoke rising from the freighter. He heard the chopper approaching and as he watched it draw closer, the sky lit up. (Membata)

Season 5

The light cleared and Howard noticed the chopper was gone. (Membata) He told his friends about this observation. Just then, Verena screamed, pointing out that the camp was gone. (Ageless) Later that day, Howard told Verena that he worried they were in danger. Verena decided to get the guns she'd given to Steve, which comforted Howard slightly. Then she reiterated her promise to help him find his past. (Just Survive)

After a few more flashes, after the flaming arrow started raining down, Howard began to run from the beach but then he realized he didn't have his backpack, so he ran back to get it and almost got hit by an arrow. After seeing the arrow next to him, he ran past Rose and Bernard and away from the beach. He managed to get away from the beach with Verena and, soon after leaving the beach, they ran into Ryder, Dawn, and some of the Others, including Marc, who Howard recognized as his father. (Just Survive) However, due to amnesia, Marc denied being Howard's father. Later that night, as he tried to calm himself, Nancy sat by him and introduced herself as his cousin. They talked with each other throughout the following day, telling each other about their lives before the crash, specifically why they had never met. Nancy told him that their grandfather, Jonathan Jones, was still alive. Later, he watched as Marc screamed in agony as his memories returned. Then Marc realized that he was Howard's father. Not longer after that, Ariel told Marc that there were some Hostiles nearby. Howard ran away from the campsite with Eli, Verena, Jim, Ryder, Zander, and Dawn, not realizing that Ariel, Marc, and Nancy had been left behind. Immediately after seeing them get captured, Howard decided to go after them with Zander and Ryder. However, soon after going after them, they were caught by four Hostiles, but Howard managed to kill one of them. Soon after, they were saved by an unknown shooter. The sky lit up soon after. (Faulty Memory)

After the light cleared, Howard saw that the four dead Hostiles were gone. (Faulty Memory) Soon after, while walking through the jungle, Howard talked to Ryder about Dawn and Ariel. Howard commented on how odd it was that Dawn crashed on the same Island that her mother was on. Ryder replied, commenting on Howard crashing on the Island where he was born. Later, when Zander asked how they would find Ariel, Marc, and Nancy, Howard replied that the Island would help them. Soon after, Ryder collapsed from exhaustion. When he woke up, he told Howard and Zander that he knew where to find Ariel, Nancy, and Marc. Just then, the sky lit up. The light cleared and Ryder, Howard, and Zander started running through the jungle. (Reading Lips)

After another flash, Howard, Zander, and Ryder continued running through the jungle, in the rain. They stopped for a moment to catch their breath and it was then that Howard realized his nose was bleeding. Some time later, Howard, Zander, and Ryder arrived at the Pearl Station and found Marc, Nancy, Ariel, and some others nearby. Later on, Howard told his dad that he thought he'd lost him. He gave his father the picture that Ms. Boyd had given him when he was a teenager. He also gave his dad a gun, to keep him safe. Soon after, before Elliot left with Oscar, Ryder, and Ariel, Howard gave him a rifle, in case he needed it. (Family Matters)

Later that morning, after the sun had risen, Howard saw his father returning from gathering fruit and preparing to leave again. He asked his dad where he was going and found that he was going to find Ariel. At that moment, the group heard the monster and, in panic, Howard ran into the jungle with Susan and Peter. (Conditional)

Later, a week after the flashes ended, Howard woke up to find out that Susan and Peter were gone. Howard ran off to find his friends and came across Eli, Chris, Dieter, Ryder, Elliot, Ariel, and Oscar. Moments later, Eli was shot by an unseen DHARMA shooter. In panic, Howard ran off with Ryder, Ariel, and Chris. (Tales from the Tail) A week later, Chris gave Howard his camera back. Soon after, Howard, Chris, Ryder, and Ariel were found by four new DHARMA recruits. In self defense, they killed the recruits and took on their identities, joining DHARMA. Howard took on the name "Ian Payne". (Wonderwall) After returning to the Barracks, Howard was assigned to live in the house that had formerly belonged to Zahn family. (The Day After Tomorrow) While with DHARMA, Howard worked as a cartographer. (Photograph)

About a week later, after Larry found Nancy, Lance, and Oscar in the jungle, he radioed Howard and told them of the arrival. A couple days later, Howard met with his fellow time travelers at Chris and Ryder's house. It was then that Howard learned that it was because of Ryder that he had grown up in the orphanage. During the discussion, soon after, about finding the rest of their people, Howard explained that not all of the DHARMA personnel were level-headed. (That's a Maybe)

About a year later, Knowing that Horace was leaving the Island to take baby Howard to the orphanage that day, Howard gave him a photo he'd found in his house, of his parents. A week later, Horace returned to the Island and Howard asked how it went with baby Howard. Horace asked why he was so interested and Howard said that he could really relate to baby Howard. (The Day After Tomorrow)

About a year later, Howard recorded a video of his fellow survivors leaving a message for their friends in the future. During the recording, Larry questioned whether the batteries would last thirty years. Howard explained that the electromagnetic properties of the Island would act like a giant battery charger. (Time Capsule)

About a year later, Howard had breakfast with Eli, Elliot, and Zander. After Elliot and Zander left, Eli told Howard about his twin dreams and how they were haunting him. (Heroes) A couple days later, after hearing Tyson and Clive talk about finding Zander, after Lance and Nancy's attempted break-in at the Phoenix Project, Howard ran to Zander's house to get him out before they arrived. However, they broke into the house before they could escape. After making a lie to get suspicion away from himself, Howard knocked Tyson out and killed Clive to allow himself to escape with Zander. Almost to the sonic fence, Howard and Zander ran into Dieter and explained the situation to him. Just then, Tyson showed up with Eli and told Dieter to kill Howard. As Dieter was about to kill Howard, Eli tackled him, giving Howard time to shoot Tyson. After Dieter got up and killed Eli, he was about to shoot Howard when Zander shot him. That night, Howard heard his dad talking to Erik. (Some Starless Night)

Early the next morning, Howard and Zander decided to head to the beach. Some time later, Howard and Zander found Ryder in a crashed DHARMA van and helped him out of the van. Then the three proceeded to a creek so that Ryder could wash out his arm, which had some glass in it. (The Day After Tomorrow) Suddenly, they were surrounded by a group of Hostiles, including Erik and Marc. The three soon found out that the leader of the group of Hostiles was Widmore. (Some Starless Night) After Ryder spoke to Widmore for a minute, they left and Howard was sad to see his dad leave, but he knew that his dad wouldn't recognize him anyway. Later, he told Ryder about his previous encounter with Widmore. (The Day After Tomorrow)

Later that day, they were attacked by some DHARMA shooters. Howard killed one of them, but in killing him, Howard ran out of ammunition. Soon after, Howard ended up face to face with the single remaining shooter. As he prepared to shooter Howard, Susan and Peter intervened to save Howard, for the second time. (The Kite Runner)

Later, Howard, Ryder, Zander, Susan, and Peter came across Ariel, Oscar, Elliot, Josh, and Austin, who were being held at gunpoint by some shooters. They attempted to rescue their friends, but Susan was shot and Josh was killed in the process. As they pressed on, hiding from DHARMA, Howard helped Susan walk, though she had insisted they leave her behind. Some time later, they arrived at the Swan construction site. Soon after, Micah arrived with some more shooters and, while they were distracted, Howard ran off with Susan, but they were confronted by Micah, who overheard Susan using Howard's real name. Knowing that his cover was blown now, Howard told Micah that he was the same Howard Zahn as the baby that had been taken from the Island two years before. Micah didn't believe him and pulled the trigger on his gun. The bullet stopped an inch from Howard's heart and by some unknown force the bullet was pulled through Micah's body, killing him. Just then, their guns were pulled from their bodies past Micah's corpse. Later, they arrived at the construction site just in time to see a white light coming out of the shaft. (Tuck Everlasting)


  • Howard inherited his mother's eyes and his grandmother's eyes. (Eye to Eye)
  • He was the second character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the fifteenth character to have a flashforward in Lost 4Ever.

Howard's Camera

While on the Island, Howard's camera has been used to take many pictures, often showing parts of dreams and visions. The follow chart displays the weird pictures that have been taken:

Picture Photographer Chapter Taken Notes
Howard Flight 815 Shows Christian Shephard on the beach. (Walkabout)
Howard Flight 815 Showed Dexter by the plane wreckage. Dexter disappeared in the picture after he confronted his doppleganger. (Secret Identity)
Howard Break a Leg Showed Boone and Shannon as Dexter and Daisy, respectively. It turned into a picture of Boone, Shannon, and Dexter after Dexter confronted his doppelganger. (Secret Identity)
Lost jacob2
Howard Camera Case Shows Ben talking to "Jacob", who is sitting in his chair.
Howard Tryouts Shows Shannon after being attacked by the monster in Boone's hallucination. (Hearts and Minds)
1X19 BooneVision
Howard Gate 23 Shows Locke's dream, including the beechcraft, Boone, and Locke's mother. (Deus Ex Machina)
2X01 WaltJungle
Howard Ashes to Ashley Shows Walt covered in water, as Shannon saw him. (Man of Science, Man of Faith)
2x09 horse
Howard Complications Shows a black horse, just like Kate saw in her past and on the Island. (What Kate Did)
Howard Pinky Swear Shows Boone outside Locke's sweat lodge. (What Kate Did)
Howard One Ambition Shows Yemi standing in the jungle. (The Cost of Living)
4x08 HelloLibby
Howard Moment of Distraction Shows Libby, dressed as a nurse, on the other side of the sonic fence. (Meet Kevin Johnson)
Richard Membata Shows Horace standing behind the campfire. (Cabin Fever)
Marc Time Capsule Shows Alex standing in the jungle. (Dead is Dead)
6x04 HelloCreepyBoy
Howard Brothers Under the Sun Shows young Jacob in the jungle with bloody arms. (The Substitute)
Howard Brothers Under the Sun Shows adult Jacob in the jungle. (Lighthouse)

Howard's camera also contains a video of the time-traveling survivors, who were stuck in 1976, which they recorded to tell their friends and family in the future that they were alive. (Time Capsule)

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